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How to Talk to Girls: The Definitive Guide

tyrThe #1 thing that most guys struggle with is learning how to talk to girls. It is THE #1 question that I get from various different men.

I constantly hear complaints from men daily such as:

“What should I say to a girl after I approach her?”

“What do you say to girls after you approach them?”

“What can I talk about with girls when I first meet them?”

“How do I talk to girls?”

“What should I say to keep the conversation going?”

“How can I prevent the conversation from dying out (and the woman walking away)?”

Literally, I get questions like this thrown at me every single day. Like, if you were to ever take a quick look at my email inbox, you would see NOTHING but questions from men wanting to know how to talk to girls.

So clearly, men (lot’s of men) need some help in this department. As a matter of fact, most men flat out tell me that the #1 reason why they don’t ever approach women is due to them not knowing what to say.

So today, I plan on ending this painful struggle that ALL men are experiencing. Today, I am going to show you in plain english how to talk to girls.

How to Talk to Girls: The Definitive Guide

Let me start out this guide by first telling you that in order to successfully talk to girls you do not NEED to talk about any ONE specific topic.

There are many guys who have this fantasy in their head that all women respond positively to the same subjects and nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, some women enjoy talking about certain topics and some other women enjoy talking about different topics. There is no one size fits all.

However… There IS one thing that ALL women have in common…

ALL women LOVE to talk.

If you have ever approached a girl or hung out with a girl and got the impression that she does not like to talk, then your impression is FALSE.

The real truth is that the girl who you approached or hung out with on a date just did not feel all that comfortable talking to YOU.

This could be for a wide variety of different reasons. Maybe she felt like the 2 of you had nothing in common, perhaps she got the impression that you judge her, perhaps you were displaying horrible body language.

The point is: ALL women love to talk, but only with certain types of people.

So we have very quickly established that there is NO one size fits all topic that you MUST talk about with women AND we have also established that women LOVE to talk.

So how can these tips enable you to communicate with women more effectively?

How to Talk to Girls: Less is More

Right now, I am going to share with you the #1 mistake that causes lot’s of men to go home alone, get rejected, and stay single.

Talking too much.

“Say what?” 

Yep. The sad truth is that most men are guilty of talking TOO MUCH which causes many women to lose attraction for these men.

What happens is that a guy will approach a woman and start talking to her. Maybe he will open her with a direct compliment and begin bantering with her for a bit. The girl will become increasingly more and more attracted to the man UNTIL…

He continues to talk. And talk. And talk.

Now mind you, the girl originally became attracted to the man BECAUSE he had the balls to talk, however…

The man keeps on talking without doing anything else.

He is not sexually escalating. He is not getting her phone number. He is not even touching her.

He simply continues to talk and talk and talk without any direction.

The girl eventually becomes annoyed and gets turned off by this man and she very quickly storms off and exits the conversation.

After all of this happens, the man blames HIMSELF for not knowing what to say to a girl. And he goes on to tell his other buddies who came out with him that night, that he NEEDS to learn how to talk to girls.

But really, did the girl reject this man because he did not know what to say?

Did the woman recklessly toss him into the friend zone because of his inability to say the right thing?

Of course not! She rejected him because he talked TOO MUCH.

And that my friends, is one of the most surefire ways to keep yourself single, unattractive, and lonely. Talking too much.

But if talking too much does not help you attract girls, then what actually does?

How to Talk to Girls (and Get Them Attracted to You)

The biggest problem (and sticking point) that most guys run into whenever they try to talk to girls is that they try to FORCE a conversation. And to women, this just feels SO unnatural.

But not only that, women you try to talk to girls and force a conversation, it ends up feeling manipulative. Contrived. And very try-hard.

And doing this DOES NOT WORK!

I do not know if men think logically to themselves that they are going to MAKE this girl become attracted to them, or MAKE this girl “like” them, or MAKE this girl feel connected to them, but either way, this strategy does NOT work.

It does not bring girls closer to you, it only sends them running the OTHER way.

You cannot FORCE a woman to “like” you. You cannot FORCE a woman to become attracted to you. And you equally cannot FORCE a woman to want to talk to you.

Now before I show you how easy talking to girls REALLY is, I want you to first think back to how you see women in your everyday life talk to one another…

Do they try to impress one another?

Do you feel like they are trying to “get something” from one another?

Do you get a sense that they are talking to each other because they really have some type of “hidden agenda”?

No, right?

But then answer the question… When you see girls talking to one another, what exactly do you see?

I will tell you: You see them relating to each other. You see them connecting with each other. You see them developing more rapport and higher trust with each other.

In a single sentence: When women talk to each other, they are actually BONDING with one another.

So if you want to learn how to talk to girls (and get them attracted to you) then you NEED to learn how to bond and connect with women without trying to force a conversation or come across as unnatural.

And in the following paragraphs I am going to show you HOW… 

The Secret KEY to Talking to Girls (and Getting Them Attracted to You)

Here is the secret KEY to talking to girls and getting them attracted to you: Say as little as possible. And make the girl do most of the talking.

That is the secret KEY to talking to girls and effortlessly attracting them to you. And if you follow all of the additional advice that I give to you below, you will see just how EASY accomplishing this really is…

How to Talk to Girls: Ask Her Simple Questions

There is this myth that is common among the pick up artist community that you should not ask a girl ANY questions when you first begin talking to her. And this myth has actually become quite popular in the last few years. I mean, guys are now flat out SCARED and afraid to ask girls simple questions.

Here is the truth: If a girl likes you, your body language, how confidently that you walk and approached her, etc then she will not care if you ask her some simple questions. As a matter of fact, women have actually told me that they prefer this.

Ask yourself, which man in your opinion is more attractive to women?

The guy who approaches a girl and without doing anything else, immediately begins rambling on, telling stories, and trying to impress a girl…

Or the guy who smoothly approaches a woman, looks her directly in the eyes, compliments her sense of fashion, and asks her “what is she up to today?”

Of course, women will find the second guy much more attractive by a long shot. And it’s not even close.

The first man approaches a woman and immediately begins saying whatever is on his mind without a care in the world about what the woman wants.

The second man approaches the woman and instead of talking about what HE wants, he finds out what SHE wants and is interested in talking about.

So one of the keys to knowing how to talk to girls is learning how to ask very simple and basic questions.

Immediately after you approach a woman, you should ask her simple questions like:

What cool activities is she up to today?

Where is she from?

Introduce yourself by name and then ask for HER name.

You are asking her these simple questions out of common courtesy and because you are interested in getting to know her as a person.

There is no FORCED conversation that is happening. There is no routine or pick-up line that you must recite or memorize.

You are simply doing what ALL normal human beings do when they first meet and want to get to know one another: Asking questions and learning interesting facts about each other.

How to Talk to Girls: Get to Know Her

One of the strategies that women use to find out which men are REAL and which men are FAKE is seeing if those men actually take the time to get to know them.

This is why women test men. They want to find out whether or not a guy is talking to them ONLY because of their looks. And most men utterly FAIL this test.

So after you approach a girl, actually take the time and get to know her.

Ask her questions about her hobbies, her passions, her childhood, and yes even her JOB. Find out what she likes to do, find out what she hates doing, and find out what she wants and aspires to do in the future.

This is how you build an emotional connection with women and make them become increasingly attracted to you. You show an actual interest in getting to know them as a person (and a human being).

And this process does NOT take many hours to do. As a matter of fact, this can all be done in a couple of MINUTES.

Simply ask her questions, and once she answers, ask her more questions related to her previous answers. It is that simple.

How to Talk to Girls: Keep Your Mouth Shut and Escalate

Remember what I told you earlier about why most men are unsuccessful with women. They do not know how to shut up and escalate.

In truth, it really does not take much to get a girl attracted to you. You simply approach her, talk to her for a bit (asking her simple questions), and then you escalate.

Now escalating could mean MANY different things and it depends on what logistics you are working with:

If you are approaching women in the daytime, then you are probably better off progressing the interaction by getting her phone number. If you are approaching women at night time, then you are probably best off trying to get a one night stand.

Either way, to keep a woman attracted to you, you should be escalating at ALL times. Physically as well as emotionally.

Remember: Talking more does not make a girl become attracted to you. Talking less does.

How to Talk to Girls (and Never Run Out Of Things to Talk About)

That is the simple guide to talking to girls and getting them attracted to you.

You were not expecting any pick up lines were you?

Hopefully, you was not expecting me to write “say this” and “say this” and she will become instantly attracted to you, right?

The truth is that talking to girls is simple (and dare I say easy). The hard part is progressing the interaction to the next stage. Whether that is a DATE or SEX, that is the step that you should be most concerned with.

So stop stressing out over not knowing what to say to girls.

And stop writing me questions asking for advice or specific things that you can say to girls in order to get them attracted to you.

Simply approach women, ask them simple questions, relate and bond with them, keep your mouth shut, escalate, and you WILL be successful.

Asking me the question “how do I talk to girls?” is now a thing of the past.

Case closed.

– Malcolm Thomas

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