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How To Talk To Girls Online And Set Up Dates

Talk To Girls OnlineMen all across the world have always wanted to learn how to talk to girls online and get dates.

And, the truth be told, getting dates via online dating sites is much easier than you probably think.

It isn’t hard. It’s just that most men don’t have a darn clue what it is that their doing.

Inside this post I will show you how to talk to girls online and set up dates consistently and easily.

Talking To Girls Online- What You Need To Know In Order To Succeed…

Talking to girls online essentially comes down to being direct, smooth, and not beating around the bush.

When talking to girls online, time is against you. You’re working against the clock.

And it is imperative that you do not waste time.

How do you avoid wasting time when it comes to online dating?

These 3 simple rules:

  • Messaging and interacting with LOTS of women.
  • NOT reading women’s profiles.
  • And setting up a date the third time you message a woman.

I will explain each one below.

Messaging And Talking To Lot’s Of Women…

One thing you need to understand when it comes to online dating is this…

Online Dating Is A Number’s Game.

And the more women you message and present yourself to, the higher your success is going to be.

What this means is on every online dating blitz that you do, you should be messaging an absolute minimum of 80 women.

Implementing this ONE tip alone will automatically put you ahead of 95% of men who try to get dates using online dating.

More women will see you, which will automatically increase your chances of getting a “yes”.

Do NOT Read A Woman’s Profile…

Yes, you read that right. Do NOT read a girl’s profile.

Usually most of it, is some Disney related nonsense anyway and also what women say they want, and what they are actually attracted to are 2 completely different things.

A Woman’s profile is irrelevant, Useless, Reading it is a waste of your time.

Plus… By not reading a woman’s profile you prevent yourself from getting oneitis or emotional.

To you, she’s just a girl with a photo, nothing more, nothing less.

You Make Attracting Women Online Easy.

There’s another reason not to read a girl’s profile to and that is that by NOT reading a woman’s profile, you enable yourself to message a LOT more women in a LOT less time.

It’s simply much more efficient.

Do NOT EVER Read A Girl’s Profile.

Set Up A Date On Your 3rd Message To Her And No Sooner…

The truth of the matter is this. Until you get a woman off a dating site and meet her in a person, you don’t really exist to her.

The people in her social circle, the nerds crushing on her, her friends and family are a much bigger priority to her than you are.

So How Do You Overcome This You Might Be Asking Yourself?

Simple. Invite her out to a date FAST. On the third message to her, you should be pitching a meetup.

The meetup should be something simple like a cup of coffe or a simple bite to eat.

The point is, you get her off the dating site and meet her in person.

And here’s another truth:

If she’s interested in you even a little bit, she’s going to say “yes” to your invitation.

If she refuses to meet up with you after you send your third message to her, simply move on, because she’s not interested or not worth the effort so do not chase her.

If you can do those 3 things,

  • Message and interact with lots of women online
  • Never Read a Woman’s Profile
  • And Pitch A Date on the 3rd Message and no sooner

You will increase your chances of succeeding online dramatically. Your success rate will automatically double.

You will know how to talk to girls online and you will set up dates with them consistently and without fail.

And then after that, it’s just a matter of taking her to bed.

– Malcolm Thomas

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