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How to Talk to Girls On the Phone

phone gameYou are walking down the street or you are in a bar/club and you spot this smoking hot girl with dark black hair and a Persian look…

You grab your balls and muster up the courage to talk to her (she looks a bit bitchy which gave you butterflies)…

It turns out she’s a really nice woman you would actually want to get to know more about and you would love to talk to her; even after sex…

She’s the kind of girl you wouldn’t mind waking up beside and spending an hour with her in the morning, just talking…

Let’s go back to the end of the conversation:

You finish talking to her and now you ask for her phone number so you could meet up with her another time. She says she would love to hang out with you again and offers you her phone number.

Feeling this rush of accomplishment, you go back to your life and continue on with what you were doing before but with a new drive. You feel desired, sex-worthy, and you feel this boost in your ego that practically propels you into doing more and trying to accomplish more; you have just number closed a girl.

But suddenly reality hits; you have never number closed a girl before and this is your first time being successful doing it. You have no clue what to say on the phone if you do call her and you desperately want to meet up with her.

Talking to a girl on the phone may seem scary at first, probably because you have never done it before. We, humans, are scared of what we can’t control and we are also scared of the unknown; both of these concepts are taking place when you talk to a girl, which is why most men get approach anxiety.

Don’t worry though, talking on the phone means it’s OK if you have bad body language but there is no way you could get away with bad tonality and bad voice projection.

Nervousness will happen because it’s your first time talking to a beautiful girl on the phone but remember, all you can hear is her voice so you shouldn’t be as nervous when talking to her when compared to having a conversation face to face.

She won’t be able to see how nervous your body language is and she won’t be turned off by it; all you need to do is keep your voice steady.

Now you are at home wondering and already planning out the date; you haven’t even called yet. The phone is sitting in your pocket like a dead weight; you know it’s there and you know you need to call. You have decided where you want to take her and how the date will go but you still have no clue what to talk to her about on the phone.

Talking on the phone is similar to talking in real life but you are not face to face during the interaction. Phone conversations should be to the point and you shouldn’t waste hours just talking on the phone; save that for the date.

Usually I would start a phone conversation with a simple question like “hey, how’s your day been?” After this I would transition into a story or something I saw “you know what, I saw a cat with eyes like yours”. This can be used to tease her and get a high energy conversation going.

As soon as the conversation ends (if it drags on for a while it’s your job to end it) you ask her out. When I say ‘you ask her out’ I don’t mean literally ask her. For this part it would be best to get her to tag along.

You could say that you are going to watch a movie with some of your friends and she could tag along or you could also say you are going to this club and you want her to show you around. These two are just examples and you can change them up according to your plans that day.

Another way you could ask her out is, you could tell her that you are going to be going to a ‘meeting/important task’ and after you are done you would like it if she joined you for some coffee for an hour before you go do the rest of your daily activities.

The reason why I avoid asking a girl out and implying that it’s a date is because it may make it awkward for her. She might be thinking that if you take her on a date, she has to return the favor by giving up her body to you.

If I asked a girl to coffee, she would freak out mainly because her previous first dates have usually been awkward so she will expect the same from this one. First dates with beta chumps usually involve a lot of awkward silences and awkward physical contact; they rarely end with a kiss.

One of the earliest mistakes I made when I was a newbie was demand that they go out with me without caring about their schedule. Some of you might think that’s alpha but being alpha might cost you the date.

The pick-up community also says you must lead but leading is not the same as commanding. Leading is making the plan and guiding someone to go in the right direction; it doesn’t mean commanding someone.

Talking to a girl on the phone is actually easier than talking to her in person and you can end the conversation anytime you want so there is no reason to be scared.

Phone conversations should be just you babbling about random stuff, while teasing and making her laugh a little, and then asking her out.

– Flamingace

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