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How to Talk to a Girl (and Never Run Out of Things to Say)

talkinrToday I want to share with you a secret that most guys don’t know about when trying to become successful with women.

Many guys miss the opportunity to get to know a young pretty girl they might have seen in the bar or night club.

They keep on giving excuses like:

“what will i say to this girl when i approach her?” OR

“what if I am at a lost for words and don’t know what to say to her next?” OR

“How will I keep the conversation flowing and smooth?”

These are questions many “nice guys” ask when struggling to become successful with women.

But today, I am going to reveal to you this COOL technique I use whenever I am in a conversation with a girl.

How To Talk To A Girl And Never Let Your Mind Go Blank On What To Say To Her 

1) Listening Skill: That is the main reason why most guys fail when conversing with a girl.

THEY DON’T LISTEN. Yeah, that’s very important .

For you to never run out of things to say, you HAVE to be a good listener. 

You got to be very attentive to know what the girl is saying. You should listen and not talk too much in the conversation, which brings us to my next point.

2) The 30%-70% method: When you’re having a conversation with a girl you should NOT do most of the talking.


Girls are emotional and that’s why you should ask questions about her childhood, values, dreams, etc.

So what I mean is she should do 70% of the talking and you 30% of the questioning and listening.

Ask her questions that makes her talk more about herself. Not only will this help build a connection between you and her, it will ALSO help you ask her more deeper and personal questions , which bring us to my next point.

3) WORD PICK UP: As a good listener, when your mind goes blank on what to say, pick a word on what she said and ask a question, make suggestions or statements.

For example:

Girl: ….I was so scared and afraid that day.

Guy: So what kind of situation will you find yourself in life that will make you become scared?

You can see how the guy used the word “scared” to ask a question.

To wrap up, for you to keep a conversation smooth with a girl, you HAVE to be a good listener, so that you can ask her more deeper and personal questions that will make her think and build an emotional connection between you and her.

You see, what you say to a girl does not really matter, what DOES matter is THE WAY YOU SAY IT.

Until next time,

– Nemex

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