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How to Succeed With Women: 5 Rules You Must Obey

succeedLearning how to succeed with women is a journey that you must embark on if you hope to ever improve.

Succeeding with women is not some magical event that “just happens” without you putting in the necessary work, rather it is a process that becomes more and more easier as you continue to approach, talk to, and seduce women.

That being said, if you want to succeed with women, there are 5 simple rules that you must obey if you want to maximize your chances of succeeding with women instead of failing with women.

Succeeding with women is more about your “inner game” than it is your “outer game”. Here are the 5 simple rules that you must obey if you hope to attract girls with the least amount of effort.

How to Succeed With Women: Create Your Own Reality

Perception is reality and whoever has the stronger reality ultimately ends up winning.

What exactly do I mean?

Suppose you are out at a nightclub relaxing, having a good time, and hanging out with a couple of your friends.

You notice an attractive female standing nearby continuing to glance in your direction.

You have the mindset of “I am the prize and women would be lucky to meet a man like me.”

Your mindset is one of great confidence and because of this, your body language mimics this. You stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, head held high parallel to the ground.

You stroll over and approach this woman and you open her with a direct opener saying “You have a great sense of style. How is your night going?”

You and the girl begin talking and connecting with one another and as you talk, her attraction for you INCREASES. No matter what she says or does, you interpret it as her trying to win your affections and seduce YOU into bed.

When she touches you, your brain goes thinking “this girl really likes me”

When she closes the distance between the 2 of you, your brain begins thinking “this girl REALLY likes me”

When she begins playing with her hair your brain says “it’s time to invite her back to my place for a nightcap”

When you invite her back to your place, she immediately and gracefully accepts your invitation and the 2 of you begin making out and touching each other as you leave the building.

How was all of this possible?

Because the man in this example created his own reality about himself and women. His reality was “I am the prize, women want me, would be lucky to meet a man like me, and are all actively trying to seduce ME into bed.”

His actions mimicked the thoughts in his head and because he displayed lots of confidence and self-esteem, women became magnetically attracted to him as a result.

In the game of dating, the person who has the stronger frame, is the most dominant one. And if you want to succeed with women, then you must be a very dominant man. Women are attracted to men who can lead and be dominant and powerful.

Create your own reality, draw women into it, and watch your success with women soar to new heights.

How to Succeed With Women: Assume Attraction

Attractive men assume attraction every time they talk to a girl. Period.

Assuming attraction allows you seamlessly move fast and escalate to sex quickly with girls.

Assuming attraction stops you from hesitating and forces you to take action.

Assuming attraction is why so many naturals and good looking men get laid so easily.

The key to doing this is quite simple: Just assume that every girl you talk to likes you and then focus on getting them somewhere private and sexually escalating.

This is the KEY to getting a one night stand with a girl quickly. You spot a girl who you like, approach her and assume attraction, flirt with her for a couple of minutes, then invite her back to your place for a nightcap.

How to Succeed With Women: Command Women, Never Ask Questions

Women respond better to commands than they do to questions.

If you want to succeed with women, then you have to start commanding women instead of asking for permission.

Powerful men command people, they don’t ask for permission.

Here is an easy way to master this concept: Translate all the questions that you would normally ask women into statements.

Wimp way: Can I have your phone number?

Badass way: Give me your phone number

Wimp way: Do you want to go out with me?

Badass way: Let’s grab a bite to eat sometime this week

Are you beginning to recognize the difference?

Wimps ask girls for permission (in other words, they ask girls a bunch of questions)

Winners command women (in other words, they make statements and dish out orders)

Learn how to command women and you can take back control of your dating and sex life. Girls will follow your lead (happily and willingly) and YOU will be able to date and sleep with the HOTTEST women.

How to Succeed With Women: Ignore What Women Say, Watch What They Do

Pay attention to women’s actions instead of their words.

Women may all say that they want to date a nice guy… but you already know that their actions say differently.

Women may say that they want men who can pay for their dates and buy them expensive gifts… but you already know that men like that consistently go home with blue balls

Women may give you dating advice… buy you already know that as a man their advice is both worthless and ineffective

The truth is that women are always testing men to see how much backbone men have. They want to see if you will immediately give up once she tells you “No.” She wants to see if you are used to having your way and always getting what you want.

You may begin to touch women, make them horny and lusty, and they may tell you “We shouldn’t be doing this” but you can visually SEE that she is getting more and more turned on by your dirty and sex talk as well as your touching.

Pay attention to women’s actions and NOT their words and you will succeed with women more often. Do not worry about what they say, pay close attention to what they do.

Don’t listen to what women say when they talk about the kind of men they like; instead watch their behavior and look at the kinds of men they actually go for.

How to Succeed With Women: Create an Opportunity for Sex

Women love sex. Women crave sex. Women lust and hunger for sex.

The problem is that most men are unable to read their signs and give them sex.


Because women want to have sex with no consequences. They don’t want to be labeled a slut and face any social repercussions. They just want to have sex, enjoy sex, and live out all of their sexual fantasies.

To consistently sleep with high quality women, you must give them plausible deniability. You must create an opportunity for sex and make it seem like it “just happened”. In other words, girls want to feel like they did not play an active role in their own seduction.

Women like relationships, but that’s not something they need a man for. After all, women have very close relationships with their female friends. I cant stress it enough – women want a man who provides them with great sex.

And here’s another biological bummer: women usually assume the passive role when it comes to sex. So that means that you, the man, need to take responsibility for the sex by pushing the encounter steadily towards the lay.

Don’t make her take the lead. I mean, think about it: she lives in fear of the slut label and you’re expecting her to initiate sex? Its no wonder so many guys have trouble getting laid. That’s way too much to expect – a woman’s simply not going to go out on a limb that much.

For you to get laid, you’re going to have to create a situation where the woman feels like she can have sex with you without any consequences for her.

Sex with no consequences is what all women crave. As I said before, women love sex and it is up to you to give it to them.  

How to Succeed With Women

Learning how to succeed with women isn’t easy but it is very simple.

As long as you focus on :

  • Creating your own reality
  • Assuming Attraction
  • Command Women and Never Ask Questions
  • Pay Attention to women’s behavior instead of their words
  • And Create An Opportunity for Sex

You WILL succeed with women. Girls will be drawn to you, they will begin to lust after you, you will separate yourself from the pact of “average men”, and you will undeniably get laid consistently.

So make the decision to implement some of these simple rules and change your life starting TODAY.

You have all the tools you need to get the success you want and desire. You have this site which has almost 150 articles of FREE advice teaching you how to succeed with women, you have my books which arms you with even more techniques and tactics, and most importantly, you have yourself.

Keep on improving yourself, keep on developing your confidence, and continue to become that bad boy that beautiful women absolutely cannot resist.

– Malcolm Thomas

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