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How to Stop Being “Average” and Start Getting Ahead in Life

tttIf you want to start getting ahead in life, making more money than you ever have before, and attracting more hotter women than you have in the past, then you must stop taking advice from “average” people.

How come?

Because when you take conventional advice from average people you BECOME average.

The sad truth of the matter is that most of the conventional advice that you will receive from all of your friends and family is designed to make you fail.

Yes, it’s true: most of the advice that you will get from the people in your normal everyday life will be the same old “feel good”, “pat you on the back”, “do what you love”, type of advice.

You won’t receive advice that will force you to have to think.

You won’t hear advice that will make you want to question some of the things you may have falsely believed in the past.

You won’t get advice that will allow you to become truly successful in ALL areas of your life

If you want to learn how you can stop being “average” and become a man who is destined for great things, then you’ve got to stop listening to conventional wisdom and advice.

In essence, you’ve got to do the exact opposite of what most people suggest for you to do. You have to become different and unique. And you have got to stand out and separate yourself from the pack.

What’s So Bad About Being Average?

NOTHING is bad about being average IF… you are okay and fine with leading a very mediocre and boring life.

NOTHING is bad about being average IF… you are okay spending the rest of your life working a very boring and soul draining 9 – 5 job.

NOTHING at all is bad about being average IF… you are okay with ONLY dating average mediocre looking women and you don’t care about dating very intelligent HOT women.

In truth, being average is OKAY. There is totally nothing wrong at all about being average or even about wanting to be average.

If you are okay spending the rest of your life dating fat and overweight women, making minimum wage sweeping and mopping floors, then go right ahead and be my guest, and while you are at it… leave this site.

This site is for winners: Men who want to achieve and accomplish great things, men who aren’t okay with living typical lives and receiving advice that is based ONLY on theory or what should work.

This site is for achievers and go-getters: Men who want to make more than six figures each year, men who want to spend their time doing work that they LOVE and are very passionate about.

This site is NOT for Losers: Men who are satisfied flipping hamburgers Monday through Friday, men who are fine with being complacent in their lives and not accomplishing anything, men who are not willing to put in the necessary work in order to reap the future rewards.

So you have decided that you are interested in becoming a man who is ABOVE average?

Now the question is, how exactly do you start?

The first step to getting ahead in life and becoming successful is erasing ALL that you have learned in the past.

In other words, you will have to UNLEARN what you have learned. You have to redefine what success actually IS so that you can work towards pursuing that goal.

But that’s not all, there is also another factor at play here too and that is that you must change your mindset, thought patterns, and habits.

You must keep a positive state of mind and keep your eyes firmly on the prize which is your end-goal.

Are You Fully Committed to Becoming Someone Great?

You will never become a man who is above average if you are not fully committed to doing so.

And here’s a little secret that I want you to know: Most people have NO work ethic, NO ambition, and NO drive or dedication to do something greater.

Most people spend their free time sitting on a couch watching TV reruns and then spend the other 40 hours of the week working a dead end job that is paying them peanuts in return.

So for you, someone who is interested in becoming great at life, you have virtually NO competition.

  • Most people do not take the time to read blogs like mine and improve themselves.
  • Most people do not take the time to lift weights and work out and get into shape.
  • In reality, most people don’t really do anything AT ALL that could actually be considered productive.

In order to reach your goals and accomplish great things, you simply MUST be fully committed to achieving them.

Whether you have goals of starting your own business, making more money, traveling the world, attracting and seducing more hotter women, etc.

NONE of this can happen without you being fully and completely committed to seeing them through.

So what does this all mean?

It means that you are about to receive a set of rules and maxims that you should live by if you hope to maximize your chances of ever becoming successful.

How to Stop Being Average: Never Give Up

Average people quit and give up at the first sign of difficulty and struggle. Winners never quit and give up, they just keep on persisting until they get their desired end-goal.

The reason why most people do not have sexy fitness bodies, the reason why most people do not have their own successful business, the reason most men stay single and just cant seem to get a girlfriend is because most people in society want a “quick fix”.

  • They want to go to the gym and have six-pack abs within ONE week.
  • They want to start their own business and have their bank account filled with lots of money within ONE week.
  • They want to attract women and get laid after approaching only ONE girl.

Everybody in society chases quick fixes which is why most of the human population is always so depressed and unhappy. 

Winners, men who are ABOVE average think long term. They look at everything on a long term scale.

They have the correct mindset of:

If I keep on going to the gym, lifting weights, and eating healthy, I am BOUND to get into great shape and improve my health.

If I keep on approaching women and improving my conversational skills, I am BOUND to meet a girl who likes me back and wants to have sex with me.

Winners, people like YOU and ME look at things long term and because of that we have much more success in our lives than the average person usually has.

Good Things Comes to Those Who Take Action and Listen to their Gut Feelings

Most people supposedly dream of traveling the world and starting their own business, but then what do most people spend most of their time and life actually doing?

  • Watching stupid reality TV shows that do nothing to enhance their life
  • Hanging out on Facebook and Twitter and not getting anything productive done
  • Spend 40+ a week working a dead end job living paycheck to paycheck and living just above poverty level

What most people do is spend a lot of time procrastinating and putting important things off and they also waste a lot of time in their lives not doing anything really productive.

What most people don’t do is take action and listen to their gut feelings.

It ends up looking like this:

They have an idea that has the potential to make them a lot of money… but they keep on telling themselves that this idea would never work

They dream of quitting their job and starting an online business… but they never actually make the move or they have fears of their plan not working and failing.

The thing is, most people just sit and wait, sit and wait, and “hope” for the best, and then they wonder why their lives look the same way (or worse) than it did 7 years ago.

I want you to throw the word waiting out the window and begin to take action.

Want to approach and talk to that cute girl that you see at the Bookstore every day?

Approach her, begin talking to her and see what happens.

Afraid that she will reject you or make you feel bad?

Approach her anyway just so you can prove yourself wrong and tell your mind that women love for men to approach them and get to know them. Women are looking (and hoping) to meet a sexy man who is able to charm them off their feet. Women want to be proven wrong and have sex with an attractive and powerful man (which is you).

Want to travel overseas and start your own business?

Do it. Make the move. So what if you fail, you will learn a lot from your experience and you will learn and develop even more better ideas for an even greater business that you will eventually start.

Do NOT Follow the Typical and Conventional Advice

How can you expect a man who is working a boring 9 – 5 job and living paycheck to paycheck to give you advice on how to start a business.?

How could you expect a man who is terrible with women, hasn’t gotten laid in over 7 years, and spends his nights masturbating to porn to teach and show you how to succeed with women?

How can you expect women to give you dating advice on how to seduce them if they have NEVER been in a man’s shoes and seduced a woman themselves?

The answer to all of these questions is the exact same.

You can’t expect these people to give you real world advice that will help you to achieve and conquer.

You can’t expect to take advice from average people and NOT become average yourself.

You can’t take advice from a no-getter and expect to become a go-getter.

You must take advice from the men who are living the life that you envy.

Who are already successful at the things that you want to be good at.

Who have already seen all of the pitfalls and difficulties and can show you how to reach success much more quicker and faster.

If You Want to Be Successful Then You Have to Look Successful

I’ve spoke about appearance before on this site in the article “How Important Do Looks Matter For Success With Women?”

But this advice doesn’t ONLY apply to women. This advice applies to every single aspect of your entire life.

You have to look the part.

If you don’t place enough importance about how you look and present yourself to the outside world, then leave this site right now. This site is not for losers who want to make excuses about being too fat or too short, etc. This site is for winners who want to look their best and maximize what they already got.

Pay attention to your looks because it plays a much bigger role than you realize.

  • A man who dresses like a slob IS a slob.
  • A man who dresses unattractive IS unattractive.
  • And a man who looks unsuccessful actually IS unsuccessful.

Your looks will ALWAYS play an important factor in both the type of women that you attract and the type of success that you will get in all of the OTHER aspects of your life.

As the old saying goes “Look The Part”

Set a Goal For Yourself to Accomplish and Make It Happen

This is the part that separates the winners in life from the losers. Winners set goals for themselves and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Losers give themselves new years revolutions and then give up on their goals 1 month later.

How do you successfully set goals for yourself and make it happen?

Stop doing the unnecessary stuff and dedicate ALL of your time to your tasks and goals at hand.

Get off Facebook, stop watching stupid TV series, drop the video games, get off your ass and get to work.

If your goal is to start your own business, then begin reading business books from highly successful entrepreneurs.

If your goal is to improve with women, then leave your house right now and begin interacting with and talking to women wherever you see them.

Do whatever you have to do to accomplish your goals and make things happen. Become obsessed with becoming great and leaving behind a very powerful legacy.

In other words, put in the necessary work in order to reap the future rewards.

Stop being “average”, become ABOVE average and watch your success in life (and with women) shoot through the roof.

– Malcolm Thomas

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