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How to Stay Motivated and Never Give Up

freakyHow do I stay motivated and never give up?

That is the one question I hear the most from guys looking to start their own business or improve their skills with women.

Having the motivation to continue persisting despite what your emotions or feelings may be telling you is the KEY ingredient to succeeding at ANYTHING in life.

Most people don’t fail in life because of a lack of smarts or intelligence, most people fail in life because they don’t want success badly enough.

In other words, most people don’t have enough drive to stay motivated and never give up because they lack a big enough “Why”

What is your exact reason for wanting to accomplish a particular goal? What benefits will you achieve once you accomplish that goal?

The answer to these questions will reveal the key ingredient to help you stay motivated and never ever give up.

How to Stay Motivated and Never Give Up (Even When The Going Gets Tough)

What is your motivation?

I can certainly tell you my motivation for wanting to start my own business and work for myself.

I can certainly tell you my motivation for wanting to learn how to pick up women and get a girlfriend.

My motivation for starting my own business was due to me wanting to live a life of FREEDOM.

I did not want to punch a 9 – 5 time clock working to make someone else rich. I did not want to wake up at 5 a.m every morning just to sit in traffic. I did not want to live a life full of regrets and what if’s.

My motivation for wanting success with women was very similar.

I did not want to go home alone every night just to masturbate and watch internet porn. I did not want to remain bitter, resentful, and hateful towards women. I did not want to date and settle for a mediocre woman.

Me despising these things was all the motivation that I ever needed. I kept these thoughts at the forefront of my mind to keep me super productive. But I ALSO visualized my success before I ever actually achieved any sort of remote success.

You have to answer the “Why” in order to stay motivated and never give up, and it also has to be a very personal answer that causes your mind to think and supercharges your productivity.

Why do YOU want to quit your day job?

Why do YOU want to learn how to attract women?

Why do YOU personally want to build muscle and get into shape?

These are all questions that YOU must personally ask and answer yourself. Nobody can answer them for you, the onus is entirely on you.

Why You Should Never Give Up

The people who master the ability to “Never Give Up” are the men who go on to accomplish great and remarkable things.

  • Success is all about having the will and the drive to pass all of the tests that life will throw your way.
  • Success is all about overcoming the obstacles that will inevitably come your way.
  • Success is all about wanting to achieve a certain goal no matter what it takes.

Again, how badly do you want it?

Badly enough that you are willing to sacrifice 3 hours of sleep.

Badly enough that you are willing to wake up 2 hours earlier every day.

Badly enough that you will keep on trying no matter how many times that you fail.

How many times are you willing to fail before you achieve the success that YOU want?

If you ask me, you need to be 1 stubborn SOB to guarantee your success at any particular goal that you set for yourself. You need a blind and inescapable obsession with it. Something that drives you to take action everyday regardless of the results you see.

How to Stay Motivated and Never Give Up

Staying motivated is all about having a strong enough reason to want to accomplish a certain task or goal.

Staying motivated is all about developing an obsession with success that CANNOT be stopped.

A drive that is SO strong that you cannot do anything else. Eventually wasting hours everyday watching television WILL become boring. Wasting hours everyday socializing with your friends that ain’t going no-where WILL become boring.

Once your obsession kicks into overdrive, you will become allergic to bullshit. Other weak men who argue and complain will become invisible to you. You will begin to feel invincible because you simply ARE.

Stay motivated, never give up on your goals or your dreams, keep on persisting, and success will find you in the future. If you never give up, it is absolutely inevitable.

– Malcolm Thomas

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