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How to Raise Your Standards and Improve the Quality of Your Life

standareIn this article, we are going to talk about raising your own standards and improving the quality of your life.

How many of you accepted the fact that you will work a 9-5 job in the future for the rest of your lives?

How many of you accepted that you must build your own business and live a life full of FREEDOM?

As a result, people have different standards that they hold themselves up to.

For some individuals, working a 9-5 is their standard as to the life they want to live, but other individuals desire a standard where they are able to make enough passive income to live off of.

A standard is simply something you accept as normal or “average”. I’m sure many of you would not prefer to have the standard of working a 9-5 job as your standard am I right?

One of the main keys to growing as an individual is to RAISE your standards!

Why do you think many millionaires and billionaires continue to thrive to make more money every year?

It’s because they raise their standards to make even MORE the next year and so forth.

If you are making X amount of money right now, why don’t you try to make a little bit more? Raising your standards can raise the quality of your life.

Tony Robbins, a life success coach, states that if you want a better life, raise your standards (some peoples standards are to pay the bills, and they find a way). When you decide something as an absolute MUST, you will find the way. If you must make money to feed the family, then you will find a way to do so. If your standard is that you’re an athlete, then you will maintain your identity as an athlete.

Individuals follow through on who they identify themselves as. If you think of yourself as a person who is always on time, you will always try your best to make it on time whether it is for an appointment, date, etc.

If you identify yourself as someone who does not get nervous around women, then you will act in a way that appears calm and relaxed, and women will notice this and this will reinforce the identity you created for yourself.

After you raise your standards in your mind, you must take action to get you to REACH those standards. If you do not back up those standards with taking the required habits or rituals, in other words if you don’t follow through with ACTION, those standards will never become a reality.

Here’s a small exercise you can do to help you get started:

1. Write down your new standard (For example, my new standard is to bring my weight down to 160 pounds)

2. Write down the actions you will take to achieve your standard (For example, I will exercise two-three times a week and I will try to eat as healthy as possible)

3. Follow through with the actions to achieve your new standard and reach it!

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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