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How to Pick Up Women: The Easy 4 Step Process

how to pick up women One of the biggest things you need when learning how to pick up women and approach girls is to a solid, tested, and efficient process. 

There’s nothing more worse than when you see a pretty girl in your class, coffee shop, or grocery store and you have no idea what to say or even do.  

You start having doubts in your mind, you get a little nervous and wimp out before you even think of saying “hi”. The opportunity has blown right past you! 

A lot of guys tell you to just have “confidence” and girls tell you to “just be yourself!”. There’s a big problem with that though, a lot of guys have a lot of cleaning up to do with themselves whether it’d be their vibe, posture, or self esteem. 

You have to ground yourself in the fundamentals to be able to present yourself in a sexy way and you ALSO have to know how and where to lead the interaction

It comes down to having a solid process.

How to Pick Up Women: The Easy 4 Step Process

My Process: It’s pretty simple because the more steps you have the more likely you are to goof up the entire interaction. 

The biggest thing is to get yourself out of the house and out into the field.  Look for a girl and approach her. 

I walked up to a girl the other day and simply said “Hi..what’s your name? while doing a sexy smile and extending my hand” You just want to get into a conversation, situational openers are wonderful too because you’re focusing on what’s happening now instead of “who lies more?”. 

Once you’re in the conversation you want to:

1. Build Comfort: the biggest thing about when you meet any girl whether through cold approach or social circle is to give her the impression that you’re a cool guy and not a creep. 

You want to deliver an opener to make her feel special, and then offer your name. Don’t be afraid to have a normal conversation at first, but you definitely want to screen her and see if she fits your standards.

2. Move her: if a girl moves with you it’s a clear sign she’s interested in you. The biggest thing you want to do is build some compliance in her to move the interaction forward. Once you have that compliance, you want to take it to another level.

3a. Physically Escalate: when you have a girl alone you MUST make a move. It’s NOT an option. 

I remember having plenty of girls either trying to friend zone me or disappear completely because I didn’t physically escalate and make a move on them through romantic and sexual touch.

3b. Close: should the opportunity not arise such as you met a girl on your way to class, work, or during lunch hour, grab her phone number and set up a date. 

The biggest problem with grabbing a girls phone number is not establishing what you’re using it for. Another thing I ask girls is when is the best time to contact them, this way I’m not wasting time playing phone tag or having her miss my texts.

How to Pick Up Women: Developing and Refining a Solid Process That Gets You Results

Major Notes: Your Process Should Be Best Designed to Give You The Best Results! You should constantly be refining your process.

Filter out Bad Leads: Feelings fade fast for women, so you have to strike while the iron is still hot. 

You don’t want to hide your intentions, it’s better to be direct with women. There’s no reason to fear rejection, it’s better to get denied instantly than to get denied after investing in time for two months. 

If a girl only wants you as her texting buddy or a friend . . . move on! Women respect a man who can make them invest in him.

Set Rules: Establish when enough is enough and you’ll stop contacting unresponsive girls. I only ping a girl twice and move on.

I NEVER chase girls.

Also, promise yourself to not get roped with a girl who only wants to drain your resources aka the “friend zone”. Don’t tolerate disrespectful girls either. You want to set standards for yourself. 

Play to Win: Don’t just approach a girl to approach a girl, instead do it with a purpose. This is where a direct opener such as “Hey, just thought you were cute and wanted to say hi. I’m Dave” would be appropriate.  

 Goal in Mind: You have to know what you’re LOOKING FOR!!!

If you’re out to get laid you need to have a goal to do a certain number of approaches in a day. 

If you want a girlfriend, you need to make a list of the qualities that you want in a girlfriend and then screen out girls who don’t fit those qualities. 

You have to have a very realistic goal. Don’t just come out and say I want to sleep with a new girl every week which is possible, figure out how you’re going to go about it.

Right now my daily goal is to do about 10 to 20 approaches in a given day. The crazy thing is it motivates you to meet new women on the day to day activities that you would usually end up doing anyway.  

Which is what I want because I know that things change and life happens and girls could get busy and meet somebody else right after they met me. I want to keep and maintain a constant flow of female options.  This keeps me from thinking about ONE particular girl constantly because I have so many more to choose from. 

The best part is since I’m consistently going out and approaching women I’m constantly practicing so that when I do see a girl, I’m thinking “Oh wow, she’s really pretty, I got to go meet her” instead of what I used to think “She’s pretty, but she may have a boyfriend. I better play it safe.” 

You also need to keep a journal to track your progress!

Your own Style: You’d be surprised, I have a very unorthodox style when it comes to approaches. I do what works for ME, I aim to leave a lasting impression on a girl. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of Malcolm, myself, and the other writers.  Take our insights and make them your OWN.

Different Avenues: Find places to pick up girls and do a combination of things. 

I go to grocery stores, libraries, book stores, clubs, concerts, sporting events, gym . . . basically anywhere you are likely to meet girls. 

This also includes online, apps on your phone, and especially REAL LIFE. Do a combination of things and don’t just stick to ONE thing.   

How to Pick Up Women (Successfully Every Time)

The biggest road block to learning how to pick up women is going to be yourself.  

Because you’re the ONLY one who can go out and actually get yourself laid. 

You have to have that sexy vibe, to attract women.  You need that extra motivation to not take rejection personally! 

You also need to hold yourself accountable to a personal daily goal of doing a certain number of approaches each day. 

I don’t care if you’re tired or she’s with a friend, make the move and you’ll be glad you did. 

At the end of the day even if I don’t get a particular girl, I’m always happy knowing that I had the balls to go talk to her in the first place.

Stay focused,

– Just Dave

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