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How to Pick Up Hot College Girls

coleegeToday I am going to reveal all of my secrets on how to successfully pick up hot college girls.

Before I do so, I want to mention that the best way to successfully approach and pick up ANY girl is to have your fundamentals handled.

Your fundamentals includes things like:

  • How sexy and confidently that you walk
  • How appealing and sexy that your voice is
  • How well you are able to converse with a woman and avoid awkward silences
  • How fast you are able to move with women who clearly show you interest
  • How sharp and well that you dress
  • Being able to look GOOD (and also feel good too)
  • How comfortable you are at touching women and sexually escalating
  • How smoothly you are able to get a girl’s phone number
  • Your ability to successfully text girls and talk to girls on the phone

This is what I am talking about whenever I mention the word fundamentals on this site. These are things that you should be doing no matter what regardless of…

  • What type of woman you are trying to attract
  • Where you are trying to pick girls up
  • Whether you are picking up girls at daytime or night time these rules STILL apply

That being said, let me arm you with a couple of tips and tactics to get you smoothly picking up some hot college girls and getting any college girl into bed fast.

How to Pick Up Hot College Girls

The first thing that you must realize about picking up cute college girls is that it is very similar to picking up and attracting younger women in general.

And what do younger women like so much about older men?

They like an older man’s experience both in the bedroom and about life in general.

They like the fact that an older man (usually) has some sort of financial security.

They like the fact that an older man is not scared to approach them and behave masculine around them.

But more than anything else, they like the fact that an older man can show them what it means to REALLY have fun from an entirely different perspective.

Not to mention that an older man knows more about her body and how it reacts to certain things, more than she ever knows herself.

So with all of that being said, let’s get away from theory and get into some much more practical tips that you can use to successfully pick up hot girls who are in college.

Tips to Successfully Pick Up College Girls

Listed below are some tips to help you pick up hot girls who are in college.

Approach girls in-between their classes.

This is HUGE.

Most guys try to approach and talk to college girls DURING their classes which is a very bad and fatal mistake.

During the class, most girls will be paying attention to the college professor and taking notes. She will NOT be trying to communicate with men who are interested in dating her at this particular point in time.

So first things first, make it your goal to ONLY meet girls in-between classes as opposed to trying to meet these girls DURING their college classes.

I know that this might sound counter intuitive but it ends up working out a LOT more better and preventing you from wasting time trying to fight for her attention against the professor. Trust me that you will ALWAYS LOSE that battle.

After a college class is over, then you should confidently approach a girl and start a conversation with her.

But you must focus on talking to her before or after her college class, not during it.

Should You Approach College Girls and Be Direct or Indirect?

I have written about direct and indirect game before but I will just say this:

When it comes to picking up college girls, you literally can use either or and the reason for this is quite simple…

With college girls (as opposed to when you are trying to cold approach girls who you happen to see on the street) you have time to move just a little bit slower.


Because she will always be going to that college campus (for at least the short-term future).

So you have time to approach a college girl and open her indirectly with something like “Hey do you know any good nearby places that you can grab something to eat around here?”

…and then following that you can easily transition into a conversation with her.

So you open a girl indirectly with the opener listed above and then immediately after she responds you begin asking her questions both about the area and also about her.

And the reason for this is quite simple: Most people enjoy sharing and offering their opinion to other people.

It makes them feel special, valued, and unique. So you should do that for women in order to make them feel more special.

Also, by you getting into a conversation with a girl in a very indirect way, you successfully avoid coming across like every other guy who is only trying to “hit on her.”

So by opening college girls indirectly, you successfully manage to do 2 things: Bypass their defensive walls and slut mechanisms AND…

Start a genuine conversation with a girl and learn interesting things and facts that you would have NEVER learned or known about before.

Now with saying that… you can also begin a conversation with a college girl by being more direct and straightforward.

Honestly, the only real downside to this approach is that you will lose SOME girls due to them not wanting to be seen and thought of as sluts out in public.

But truthfully, if approach anxiety is not a problem for you, and if you are a man who enjoys speeding up the process, then opening a college girl with a direct opener is really a great tactic to take.

Exchange Contact Information and Set Up a Date

Notice I said exchange contact information and NOT ask her for her phone number.

There is a very important reason for that.

When you ask a girl the question “Can I get your phone number?” she instantly places you into her mental box that says that you are like every other “average” regular guy who is trying to pick her up

But not only that, when you ask a girl the question “Can I have your phone number?” she immediately begins thinking of reasons for why she SHOULDN’T give you her phone number.

  • Maybe you are a terrible stalker who plans on killing her
  • Maybe you are cool NOW but once you get her phone number you will begin to act weird and needy LATER
  • Maybe you will not even call or text her
  • Maybe you will brag about her to your friends (and word around the school will eventually get around)

The exact reason does not matter, the point is, when you ask a girl for her phone number, you FORCE HER to have to think up logical reasons for why she shouldn’t give you her phone number… which is BAD.

The way around this problem is to tell girls that you want to exchange contact information with them.

This method of getting a girl’s phone number sounds much more natural, unforced, and it will lead to girls responding to your call or text a much more higher percentage of the time.

So THIS is the exact wording that you should say to college girls whom you are interested in meeting and hooking up with:

“Let’s exchange contact information so that we can get a drink or grab a bite to eat this week or the next”

…and boom just like that you have successfully exchanged phone numbers with a hot college girl and you have ALSO successfully set up a date with her too.

It is just that simple. It is just that easy.


Because you have kept it that way.

You approached her confidently and naturally. You began a natural conversation with her and managed to bypass her bitch shield.

You got her comfortable with talking to you and getting to know you. And… you have gotten her phone number and set up a date with her too.

And you have managed to do ALL of this in less than 10 minutes, WITHOUT having to recite lame pick up lines, WITHOUT having to spend money on her, and WITHOUT having to lie or pretend to be somebody that you are not.

How to Pick Up Hot College Girls

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, picking up college girls is really no different than picking up any OTHER girl.

Successfully picking up women always comes back down to the basics:

  • Being confident and taking the lead
  • Not being afraid of rejection or a woman’s potential reaction
  • Being smooth and not letting anything seem forced or planned
  • Coming across as unique, REAL, and masculine
  • And of course… TAKING ACTION!

Now go out there and pick up some hot college girls.

And of course… make sure that you have some FUN doing it!

– Malcolm Thomas

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