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How to Pick Up Girls On Facebook

faceyA reader writes in wanting to learn how to pick up girls on Facebook:


Recently began taking the advice on your site. Reading voraciously, taking actual notes, visualizing them, and practicing them. I’m a good looking guy, but my luck has been extremely, frustratingly inconsistent… winging it most of the time instead of understanding the mistakes I kept repeating that lead to numerous embarrassing and blue-balls inducing results. Mostly just relied on “luck”; I have come to realize, however, no such thing as “luck”, I make my own luck.

Anyway, I have searched your site and haven’t found anything about picking up girls on Facebook. I mean random hot girls. I’ve tried trial an error, but the country where I am from is small, and I have to be very careful with that, as the social circles are very interlinked (one person knows of you, it’s easy for dozens of others to find out). After they accept my request (which should be a good sign), I’m not sure what do afterwards, unless she messages me first or likes a pic, indicating interest (this I can work with).

Again, because I’m not bad looking, and, as you can tell, I am articulate, and talented (I’m a musician), I have actually had luck a few times meeting random girls on Facebook, but I can never make the connection why I fail so often, and especially with the real hot ones.

In short, what is your advice on picking up hot (and I mean hot) women on Facebook? I’ve noticed the dynamic is different from online dating (I’ve been successful at that): if I try to employ similar methods, it backfires for obvious reasons – people don’t join Facebook for relationships or sex, or even to meet random people.

Anyway, very much appreciative of the work.


So… how do you actually go about picking up girls on Facebook?

Because our reader made a very good point. You cant go about picking up girls on Facebook the same way you would go about picking up girls online. They are different beasts and they both require entirely different strategies.

Well… fortunately you will not have to crash and burn, deal with rejection or frustration, because I am going to show you how to pick up girls on Facebook and show you not only how to become more successful at it but to have more fun doing it.

The Difference Between Picking Up Girls On Facebook and Picking Up Girls Online

The biggest difference between picking up girls on Facebook and picking up girls online is that when you are talking to girls online you are allowed to be much more straightforward.

When you are picking up girls on Facebook you have to be more “under the radar”.

And the reasons for this are twofold:

The women who you will meet using online dating sites are ACTIVELY LOOKING to meet and hook up with a man.

The women who are on Facebook are definitely open to meeting attractive men but are not that public and open about it which means that you cannot attempt to pick up a girl on Facebook the same way that you would go about picking up a girl online.

You have to be very subtle about your intentions yet at the same time intrigue her and make her become very curious about you.

Here are some simple steps to help you successfully pick up girls on Facebook.

Tip #1: Make Sure You Have A Killer Facebook Profile

It’s arguable that this is the most important step for you to follow.

You get this step right and girls on Facebook will flock to your profile in droves, try to friend you first, or even send YOU a message first.

You get this step wrong and no matter WHAT you do afterwards you will fail and you be unable to pick up any girl on Facebook.

So you have to make sure that you get this step right first and then worry about everything else afterwards.

What are some general keys to having a somewhat attractive Facebook profile?

Make sure that you have some very flattering and attractive photos of yourself.

DO show pictures of yourself hanging out with some attractive ladies.

Yes, contrary to popular belief showing photos of yourself interacting with beautiful women shows that 1) girls like to hang out with you which is a good thing in and of itself and 2) having photos of you hanging out with other women gives you preselection along with social proof

Make sure that your Facebook profile shows that you’re a social guy who is all about having FUN and doing new and interesting things.

So what you can do here is post some photos of you at the park or perhaps at the beach playing volleyball,etc.

Just make sure that your photos gives the message that you’re a peoples person and is all about having fun and living your life to the absolute fullest.

Make sure that your Facebook profile reveals something special and unique about you

This is an easy step. Simply ask yourself what you are very passionate about? What is it that drives you and makes you wake up bright and early in the morning?

Everybody has a certain hobby or unique interest that they are passionate about and women LOVE men with passion.

Whether you are passionate about your business, a special type of talent that you are trying to improve on, a new book you are writing, a website that you are building and working on, make sure that you talk about it on your Facebook profile.

You want to give the impression that beautiful women are a part of your life but they are not the sole existence of your life. You want to meet a girl who can join you on some of the adventures of your life and who can add to your life.

If you make sure to apply these steps to your Facebook profile then you will be miles ahead of all of the other guys are too busy chasing women on Facebook instead of improving themselves and successfully picking up girls on Facebook.

Tip #2: Friend Her and Send Her a Message

By now you should have an attractive Facebook profile set up that will no doubt make girls intrigued and curious about you.

The next step is for you to find a cute girls who seems fun, single, preferably lives close by in your area. Ideally, it should be a girl who knows some friends of yours, a girl from your school, or a girl who is in your extended social circle.

Next you want to look at her Facebook profile and get somewhat familiar with her page. Learn about her interests, find out what she’s about and how she interacts with her friends, where she likes to hang out, and the food that she enjoys eating, etc.

This will let you learn more about her personality so that you will be able to build an emotional connection with her.

This next step is your choice, you can either friend her first and then send her a message, or you can send her a message first and then friend her, it really makes no difference.

The first message that you send to her could be something related to an interest or a hobby that she mentioned in her profile page or if you recognize her from a former school of yours, you can ask her what she is currently up to in her life, etc.

If you do not know the girl and you want to send her a message, you can ask for her opinion on something and this will definitely make her respond back to you. Women enjoy offering advice and giving their feedback and personal opinion on things so use this to your advantage.

After she responds back to your first message, begin connecting with her. Exchange interesting stories with each other, relate to her, find out what she is very passionate about, find out whether or not she enjoys traveling, etc

Your goal is to make her feel special while she talks to you and to get her more invested into you and the conversation that you are both having.

After a little while of you and the girl conversing with each other, set up a date. You can simply say to her “Let’s meet for a coffee or a bite to eat next week” then arrange the time and date with her.

You can following my “text messaging blueprint” to ensure that the Facebook to Date transition goes along as smoothly as possible. Then after you meet up on the date, invite her back to your place, and make sure to sexually satisfy and please her in bed.

How to Pick Up Girls On Facebook

Successfully picking up girls on Facebook is NOT hard provided you are following a simple process that WORKS.

And the truth be told, there are MANY advantages to picking up girls on Facebook as opposed to picking up girls in real life.

On Facebook you can talk to multiple different women at once and speed up the dating and seduction process.

This is not really possible in real life because when you are picking up women in real life, your goal is to talk to one girl at ONCE and isolate her and get her alone, which can sometimes take a considerable chunk of time.

On Facebook you can talk to girls in your underwear at 10:00 in the morning before you have even taken a shower.

This is not really possible in real life because the women you approach in real life will be paying very close attention to what you are wearing, your body language, how you walk, etc.

And the best reason of all, on Facebook rejection doesn’t really hurt in the same way it does in real life.

So hopefully, this article has given you some pretty effective strategies that you can use the next time you attempt to pick up a girl on Facebook and if it does… well that was the whole point of me even writing this article to begin with.

– Malcolm Thomas

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