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How to Pick Up Girls at the Gym

gimI’m sure that many of you guys have seen a hot chick at the gym that you wanted to meet. 

Maybe it was the nice tights she was wearing or her body or whatnot.

There will always be that chick at the gym that infatuates you and makes you want to work out even harder and get in better shape.

Now you wonder how you are going to talk to this chick and make her your workout partner or maybe even date her in the future.

I rarely pick up girls at the gym because I feel like girls are there to actually workout, and not meet random strangers.

However, there will be times when girls are there and willing to meet guys, and these are the types of girls you should look for.

Now, how do we pick up these types of girls and know if they’re the ones that don’t mind meeting guys?

Here are some tips and cues to look out for.

She Starts a Conversation With You

This could be an obvious indicator that she’s willing to talk to you and thus it gives you an opportunity for a pick up scenario.

For example, one time there was this cute chick at the gym and she asked me if I was using the extra weights I had as she smiled at me. I told her she can take them but then teased her and said that it might be too heavy for her.

I said it in a playful manner and she responded well to it. However, she could have brushed me off and take it offensively, and that’s why you have to tease her in a playful and fun manner.

We talked about different workout exercises and what exercise she was going to do with the
weights she just got off me.

It was a brief conversation and at the end I asked for her number so that we can meet up another day and workout together. She gave me her number and I left home.

Moral of this tip is that if she starts a conversation with you about anything, this will give you an opportunity to pick her up.

She’s Giving You Indicators Of Interest

If you catch a chick checking you out and smiling at you or just appears to be interested in
you, then there’s an opportunity to pick her up.

The point here is to make it seem spontaneous. You can do the reverse role now in this scenario.

For example, if a girl is using dumbbell weights, you can go to her and ask her if she’s done with it so you can use them. If she seems happy to see you and polite, then you can go off and start a real conversation with her.

For example, after you get a positive response from asking her for the weights, ask her what exercise she’s doing with those weights and that you want to try out new exercises.

This is a great way to break the ice. After that you can ask her about herself and thus try to create a connection with her.

She Has A Mutual Friend

This one should be the easiest way to pick up chicks. If you have a friend that’s with a girl you
are interested in, tell him/her to introduce you to her.

Once you guys get introduced, you can ask her questions like what her major is and the courses she’s taking, etc.

This is an easy way to let her do MOST of the talking about her studies and the major she’s in and a GREAT way to ask her deep personal questions.

You can also ask questions like these in the other scenarios listed above.

– Perry Keith

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