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How to Pick Up Bartenders and Waitresses.

crazyHave you ever went out to a restaurant or a bar and saw a beautiful woman serving you or serving drinks behind the bar?

You wonder how many times she gets hit on in a day and that you have NO CHANCE with her because there will always be some guy whose better than you who already chatted her up and tried to get her number.

These girls must be used to the typical moves that guys make such as calling them cute and/or trying to show off their wealth so that they become attracted to them.

This could work on some girls because not every chick is the same, and so some chicks may actually like it if you compliment them directly or be attracted to your wealth.

I think complimenting bartenders and waitresses is a great tactic in these type of scenarios, but I personally wouldn’t use it as the first thing in an interaction.

If you are at a bar and you are interested in the bartender, a good way to break the ice would be to ask her what her favorite drink is so that you can order the same one as her suggestion.

Girls love to give their own opinions on anything they enjoy talking about and so I’m sure she would love to tell you what her favorite drink is.

If she genuinely seems interested in you or gives off a nice vibe, you can tease her after you try the drink and say that it tastes funky or something.

You have to say it in a fun and playful manner otherwise she might take it offensively.

If she responds well to your tease and laughs, then you can create a conversation with her and start asking her questions about herself.

Bartenders and waitresses are usually very busy people because they have to tend to numerous people, and so this strategy works more effectively if you go visit them when work is usually slow and not many people are there.

Less people means that they have more time to talk to you instead of getting in trouble from their managers for talking too much.

Sometimes girls will have to stop talking to you just because their managers are watching them or the restaurant/bar is busy and so don’t blame yourself if she has to quickly cut the conversation short.

That’s why if you go to a bar/restaurant during its quiet hours, you have a better chance of picking up waitresses and bartenders.

If you’re at a restaurant, you can ask the waitress what’s her favorite dish and then start a conversation from there.

You have to know that waitresses and bartenders have to be nice to customers and so even if they’re not interested, they will let you off nicely, so it’s more like a win-win unless you’re a total douche-bag to them.

Moral of story, go to a bar/restaurant during slow hours so you can have a better chance of picking up a waitress or bartender.

Then start off a casual question about her recommended drink/food dish and then continue off into a conversation with her.

– Perry Keith

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