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How to Pick Up a Girl

ui A lot of guys go about learning how to pick up a girl the wrong way.  

They make it harder on themselves by trying to memorize line after line. They get very limited results and become very frustrated. They slowly begin to believe that understanding women is impossible and will never happen. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s not necessary or practical to rely on lines to meet women.  Learning pick up lines and trying to recite pick up lines to women will only make you sound robotic. 

I’m going to share with you some tips on how to successfully pick up a girl you like and is interested in sleeping with.

How to Pick Up a Girl 

First big tip on picking up women  is learning to be presentable. 

I’m not saying you have to walk around all the time looking like a runway model. I am saying you should at least look put together.  

This is especially true for  day game and extremely important during night game. 

Women want a man who doesn’t look like a slob. You have to learn how to carry yourself well. Don’t be afraid to get in shape either. 

Overall you want a look that fits YOU. Don’t wear clothing that doesn’t look good on you or give women the right impression about you. 

This is why I tell guys to learn how to smile and look happy when interacting with women. No one wants to hang out with a downer. 

Remember first impressions are KEY.  Your looks will help you get your foot in the door. After you’ve gotten into the door, you must build a connection with the woman.

A lot of guys don’t know how to be charming or flirt with women.  

They over compliment women when they first meet them. Women LOVE getting compliments but you have to let a woman earn a compliment. Women don’t value men who compliment them all the time because they feel that the men who do so are underneath them socially. When women feel that you’re underneath them socially, they won’t want to date you. 

It’s also important to remember to not constantly talk on and on about yourself. Women love men who know how to listen and establish a connection with them. 

This is where talking to women about the right topics comes into play. You don’t want to talk to a woman about her dog the whole conversation because she’ll assume you’re ONLY interested in her dog. 

Rather be direct and tell a woman you have an interest in her.  You have to actually indicate your interest in a woman in order to get her attracted to you.

Direct opener example:

Dave: *Sitting at the bar notices cute girl* Hi, how are you?

Girl: Fine and yourself?

Dave: Good, hey listen do you like Starbucks?

Girl: Haha, yeah why?

Dave:  Thought you were cute and that we should get Starbucks some time together.

Girl:   That sounds good.

Dave: Here, let me grab your number *gets number* Let’s meet up tomorrow at around 2.

Girl: Sounds good can’t wait.

Dave:  Awesome, I’ll see you then. *exits Dave*

It’s really that simple. Notice in my example I made it clear I had an interest and my goal was to meet up with her again. 

Also take note that I didn’t use any rehearsed pick up lines. My opener was actually “Hi, how are you?” 

It wasn’t anything spectacular it was just something to get my foot in the door. I also made sure to properly close it and set up a date to see the girl again. 

Remember: the purpose of  getting phone numbers is to cement the fact that you and the girl have a date. Otherwise she’ll be wondering why you have her phone number and chances are she will flake once you try calling or texting her.  This is why a lot of times guys don’t get dates but they get lots of phone numbers. 

The biggest thing to remember too about picking up girls is to carefully select girls that look open. Remember you don’t want to comment too much on a girl’s looks. Women hate men that treat them strictly as sex objects. To get women as often as possible remember to be different. Don’t act like a typical man who doesn’t know how to properly speak to women.

The girl I opened was sitting by herself and looking like she wanted to be opened. This is why I typically steer clear of girls who look like they’re in a bad mood or that want to be left alone. 

Note in my example I got straight to the point too. I didn’t attempt to build rapport because girls love men that can move fast.   

I should also note that I was on a time constraint. Now if you have time to interact with a girl, go for it. Remember you want to lead the interaction. When you lead the interaction you let women know what you want and that you have direction. 

Now what you don’t want to do is come off as try hard! Women do not like guys who are douche bags and full of themselves. You can make jokes but you shouldn’t try to tear a girl down. 

Later Date: Most of the times when you pick up women  it’s to go out on a later date. Now if it’s early in the day and you meet women at bookstores you can do an instant date.

Dave:  What book do you have there?

Girl: *such and such*

Dave: Oh nice, I’m Dave and you are?

Girl: I’m so and so

Dave: Hey look, you look like you have an interesting taste.

Girl: Oh yeah?

Dave: Yeah let’s grab a seat over here so I can learn more about you.

Girl: Okay!

Notice I went a little indirect to get my foot in the door with a situational opener. Once I was in, I wanted to know all about the woman. 

The biggest thing about picking up girls is letting them know that you’re interested. Now I’m not saying confess your undying love to a complete stranger. I’m saying let them know you’re interested in getting to know them.  

If there is a girl you like and you want to start a conversation with her, simply make the approach. Don’t just stare at her, women hate to be stared at. Now you won’t get every girl you like, but women WILL admire your courage for approaching them. 

Along with that, approach women who appear to be receptive to your approach. Avoid ice queens and women who look like they don’t want to be bothered. 

Also, head to places that you have a genuine interest in being at. I go to bookstores because then I can talk to women about books and have thought provoking conversations. I also go to clubs on the weekends to find women who love to dance and cut loose. 

It’s all about finding your niche whether it’s day or night game. The biggest hurdle you’ll face is finding girls who compliment you and are receptive to you. Basically what I’m saying here is to find a girl who’s your type and that you’re very compatible with.  

You’ll have an easier time connecting with women who you actually have a sincere interest in. This is why I suggest picking up girls in places that genuinely interest you. 

Another example would be picking up girls at the gym or art exhibit. I also recommend to guys to expand their interests. This will greatly increase the number of women who you meet on the day to day basis.

Now don’t get scared off by approach anxiety. You can actually make a woman’s day by approaching them. Women love meeting sexy men who know how to interact with them!  

Don’t be afraid to touch a woman and build up sexual tension. It will only make her more attracted to you when you make a move on her.  

Don’t hide your intentions either. Don’t be shy or bashful but confident in your approach abilities. Always remember women know men want sex! 

Women love meeting cute guys, so go and meet some cute girls today.  When you actually go out with the intentions to just meet women and have a good time, learning how to pick up a girl becomes nothing but a very simple process.

– Just Dave

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