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How to Pick Up A Girl Who’s with A Male Friend

male frieHave you ever seen a hot chick with a guy and asked yourself if that was her boyfriend or just a friend/cousin/brother?

This happens a lot and it makes guys skip on talking to her because most of the times they assume that it’s her boyfriend.

The stuff I am going to talk about may work better in a college/school type setting. If you want to pick up a girl who’s with a male friend out in public, then go for it.

One thing you can do is wait for her male friend to leave and then go in for a direct approach.

When the male friend comes back you can ask her if that’s her boyfriend or whatnot. If she says it’s her boyfriend, it’s best to just back off and try picking up another chick.

However, if it’s just a friend, then continue the conversation and then briefly get her number and leave.

It gets awkward if you’re talking to the girl while her male friend is there with her. He’s just going to stand there and do nothing or may join the conversation.

Either option is fine but just don’t talk to her for too long, get the number and tell her you’ll text or call her later.

If you are at the mall or any other public setting, you can go up to her while her male friend is gone and ask her where the nearest Starbucks is and then say that you thought she was cute and needed an excuse to talk to her.

Be ready for possible rejections, it will happen.

I believe that picking up a chick whose by herself is similar to a chick with a male friend. One of the main differences is that she’s with a male friend who could be her boyfriend or just a friend.

The point here is to have a normal conversation and ask the extra question of whether her male friend is her boyfriend or not.

If it is her boyfriend, all you have to say is thanks for letting her know where the nearest Starbucks is.

This is a great excuse to end the conversation and leave if you find out that the guy she’s with is her boyfriend.

– Perry Keith

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