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How to Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Women

fear Just the thought of striking up a conversation with an attractive woman is enough to send many men into a cold sweat.

If you suffer from this fear of approaching women, you could be missing out on many great opportunities.

The only solution to this problem is to overcome your approach anxiety and learn to approach women with confidence.

To help you do this, here is a simple guide on how to overcome your fear of approaching women.

Quit Making Excuses for Yourself

When you see a woman you would like to talk to, do not let yourself make excuses for not approaching her.

“She’d never like me anyways,” “She’ll think I’m weird,” or “She might be busy,” are not legitimate reasons for walking away.

Do not let these negative thoughts creep into your mind.

As a matter of fact, use these excuses as reasons for why you should go and approach her.


Because almost every single guy is saying these exact same excuses to himself so the competition is very little.

Use the excuses as motivation to overcome your fear of the approach and to face your fears head-on.

Ask Yourself How You Will Feel If you Don’t Approach Her

If you are still feeling nervous, take a moment to consider how you will feel if you do not approach her right now.

Will you regret it later?

Even though you may feel nervous, this feeling will only last for the first few moments as you begin to talk to her.

This is much better than living your life constantly wondering, “What if…”

And every guy experiences that feeling of why didn’t I approach that hot girl when I had the chance.

Let Your Fear Motivate You

It is totally normal to feel a little nervous, but you cannot let these feelings keep you from introducing yourself to women.

Instead, let your fear motivate you.

The rush of excitement you will get from meeting an attractive woman is similar to the rushes that other people pay for when they go on roller coasters or bungee jump.

So enjoy the butterflies in your stomach, and let these feelings motivate you to make something happen.

Learn How to Be Fearless

This may sound cliche, but by presenting yourself in a genuine way, you are much less likely to be rejected. 

So now that you are ready to approach the woman you are interested in, remember to be fearless and go after what you want.

Nothing will turn a woman off quicker than a man trying to put on an act (or in other words use indirect game), especially for attractive women that are getting hit on frequently.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Women

This guide has shown you tips to help you conquer your fear of approaching women.

Remember to ban all negative thoughts and let your fear motivate you to act.

Rejection is always better than regret, so learn how to be fearless and go for it.

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