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How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

anxietyApproach anxiety is a common problem faced by men every day.

Approach anxiety is when a man sees a girl that he finds attractive, but the idea of approaching that girl and talking to her triggers a fear reaction.

That reaction often freezes most men in place, leaving their feet glued to the ground and their tongues stuck to the roofs of their mouths.

Every man wanting to better himself with women wants to learn how to overcome approach anxiety so that he can begin meeting and bringing new women into his life.

This article will show you how to rid yourself of approach anxiety forever so that you will never again allow a beautiful woman to walk out of your life.

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety In ONE Simple Step

For most men who have to deal with approach anxiety it’s a problem that is very frustrating and annoying. Seeing an attractive woman who you would like to meet but NOT being able to approach her is downright maddening. 

Fortunately, the solution on how to eliminate approach anxiety is fairly simple. It isn’t easy, but it is simple.

Go out and begin meeting and talking to women. LOT’S of different women.

Is That It?

It sounds overly simplified, but in reality it isn’t. Approach Anxiety is caused by a fear reaction; fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of being made a fool, and a dozen other social fears as well. Approach anxiety in this case is a phobia; the sufferer is paralyzed by fear and so is inactive. The goal is to learn to act in spite of the fear involved.

The #1 Thing That Prevents Most Men From Attracting Women is FEAR.

The ability to act and approach women in the face of fear is difficult, and it takes some practice to get used to.

This is often called exposure therapy when dealing with those trying to overcome their fears.

For instance, if someone were afraid of spiders for instance, they would be put in a room with spiders in a case. The person would move closer and closer to the spiders, until the fear response went down. Eventually the person would be asked to touch and handle the spiders. At every step the person is still scared, but has to learn to get past the fear and act.

Learning how to overcome approach anxiety and meet women works exactly like this. Even if you stutter through an introduction and make a fool out of yourself, you still acted. You still took action and approached that woman despite your fear. If you act often enough, it will become second-nature.

This is why it is so important for you to begin meeting and interacting with lot’s and LOT’S of different women. Because the more women who you approach and talk to, the less of a big deal that any ONE interaction with a girl will be.

And on top of that, by you continuously meeting and talking to more and more women, you will get better at holding interesting conversations with women, better at recognizing when a girl is interested in you and is giving you signals. and you’ll become much more better at getting a girl’s phone number in a much more smoother way.

If you want to learn how to really overcome approach anxiety, meeting women to you NEEDS to become a habit. You must set your own personal rule for yourself of “I am not allowed to go out anywhere and NOT say Hi to at least 3 different women that I find attractive”

There are a couple of very good reasons for why you would want to say this to yourself:

  1. YOU must personally find them attractive otherwise it doesn’t count. This exercise isn’t meant to teach you how to become more social, this exercise is meant to teach you how to talk to women that YOU find attractive
  2. By you giving yourself an achievable, simple goal, you prevent yourself from talking yourself out of doing the approach. If all you have to do is say “Hi” to 3 different women, you are much more likely to accomplish that because you are not forced to worry about what to say to the girl afterwards, hold an interesting conversation the girl, or even get her phone number. All that you have to do is say ONE word “Hi”

By forcing yourself to converse with women, you remove ALL of your fear and approach anxiety surrounding talking to women.

But if ALL of these tips STILL didn’t help you, there is ONE more tip that I can give to you to help you demolish your approach anxiety forever…

The ONE Secret Method for Eliminating Your Approach Anxiety FOREVER

If with all of the amazing tips that I have given to you on how to eliminate approach anxiety, you STILL find yourself not approaching the women you like and want to, here is ONE method that you can do:

Give yourself the goal that you MUST under any circumstances approach ONE girl per day.

Yes, that’s it, only ONE approach. You can approach more women if you like, but you MUST approach at least ONE girl every day until you find yourself naturally and effortlessly approaching women on your own without fear.

Here’s a little secret that you might want to know: The FIRST approach that you do on ANY particular day is ALWAYS the hardest.

Try thinking back to when you ever approached girls in nightclubs or out on the street or even in the mall: The first approach that you did that day was always the hardest, but once you managed to get that ONE approach out of the way, you probably found yourself approaching more and more women. LOT’S of more women without much effort.

That’s because whenever you make that first approach and even if it doesn’t go too well, your brain and mind tells you that “Hey, that wasn’t so bad and didn’t go as bad as I had thought. Let me try approaching another girl.”

When that happens, you begin finding yourself addicted to approaching women. You begin finding it difficult NOT to approach women. Approaching women becomes FUN because you know that the absolute worst that could possibly happen is if you approach a girl and if she isn’t all that into you, all you have to do is say the word “Next” and talk to the next girl.

And that’s my final tip on how you can overcome approach anxiety and begin meeting new (attractive) women.

Give yourself the goal and exercise of having to approach at least ONE girl per day and I guarantee you that after you get finish approaching the FIRST girl, you will WANT to approach ANOTHER girl immediately after that.

Approach anxiety is a very huge issue that many men deal with but… it’s very easy to fix.

All it requires is just a simple change in your mindset and how you look at and go about approaching women.

So get out there and begin meeting and talking to women and if NONE of these amazing tips helps you conquer your approach anxiety, then NOTHING else will.

– Malcolm Thomas

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