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How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone (and Build Muscle)

testiTestosterone is practically the essence of life in men.

It gives us energy and propels us to put more effort into our goals. It’s what gives us the animalistic rage in the bedroom and because of this we are men.

It’s the main reason why we have more muscle than women and usually men with lower testosterone also have lower muscle mass and more fatty tissue.

Men with more testosterone look better and manlier compared to feminine males. More testosterone means more facial hair, less stress, less anxiety, calmer and clearer mind, more muscle mass, less fat, and an overall better life.

Aggression is usually what we think of when we think of a male with high testosterone, but that’s what the feminist movement has stuffed into our measly brains.

The media and all the feminism ideologies have forced us to believe that men with higher testosterone tend to be aggressive and have a short temper; that is bullshit.

First of all men are supposed to be aggressive; if we weren’t humanity would not have survived this long. Men were the protectors of the families and if they weren’t aggressive, you would not be here reading this article. Men were also the hunters as well and without high testosterone, they would not have the strength and endurance for long hunts.

Now when a feminist says high testosterone is not good, tell her “your tits are saggy”. Prove her bullshit theory about how high testosterone not being healthy and allow her to bask in her naïve glory; she doesn’t know shit.

Now when you go to a doctor and you get a blood test done for your testosterone levels, the doctor might say everything is fine and your T levels are healthy … fuck the doctor. Most of them have barely any clue as to what is healthy and what’s not; they tell you exactly what they read in a textbook.

Men’s testosterone levels today are much lower than they were before so the doctors will compare you to average testosterone levels of today’s men; that’s not what you want. Your grandpa probably has more testosterone at the age of 70 compared to you right now.

The generation before us was healthier and had higher testosterone levels mainly because there wasn’t as much processed food around and men actually did work instead of sitting around jerking off to a woman banging some other dude (I find porn extremely gay).

Men before lifted a lot of things and worked a lot of construction jobs so they had lean muscular bodies; yes, some were fat but there will always be one infected apple on a tree of nice, red apples. Hard work raises testosterone and lowers stress. High T levels might be the reason why your grandpa never had any problem with women and seemed like a massive bad ass.

Testosterone is the sex hormone for males; it attracts women like a special pheromone perfume. With higher testosterone, a man will seem more confident, purposeful, and may even seem like a better lover to women subconsciously (game is mostly subconscious).

Your body language will say you are a sex-worthy, confident, and a risk taker. You will also be seen as someone with a plan; that’s the magic of high testosterone.

Your mind will be clearer and you will be more relaxed instead of aggressive and frustrated like most feminists say. You will also have more drive towards your goals and you will feel like your best self; full of energy and life.

If someone goes to the doctor’s saying they have low testosterone, most likely a doctor will prescribe testosterone injections, patches and gels, and tablets; none of this is actually needed most of the time. Low testosterone is usually because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Let’s look at an average man’s daily life:

A typical male wakes up at around six thirty in the morning and gets dressed for work.

If he’s married and has kids, he has to deal with his wife’s problems and help his kids get ready for school; this already decreases his testosterone.

Then, he drives to work and gets frustrated because of the traffic on his way to his workplace; frustration and stress will decrease testosterone and increase cortisol which is a catabolic hormone.

Then he will get to work and listen to his boss yell at him for being late and then he will be handed work that needs to be finished by the end of the day. The boss has practically yelled at him so much he feels weak and useless and on top of that, he’s stressed out about the work he has to finish.

It’s finally time for lunch so he goes out to eat some unhealthy food from a fast food restaurant. All the years of eating at fast food restaurants for lunch have given him a few extra pounds and a spare tire. Males with high testosterone are usually lean and have healthy diets.

The man goes back into his workplace, which is supposed to be ergonomic but is actually giving him all sorts of pains and aches all over his body.

He finally finishes work and instead of saying bye to anyone he just heads home, exhausted.

The moment he gets home he asks his wife what she made for dinner; she says nothing and she starts complaining about how she’s extremely exhausted.

They both somehow make themselves a half assed dinner and go to sleep; they haven’t had sex in weeks.

As you can see a man with low testosterone has an extremely depressing lifestyle but now let’s look at the lifestyle of a man with healthy levels of testosterone:

This man will usually wake up with a hot girl (wife, girlfriend, etc.) lying beside him who will make love to him before he goes to work.

His work will usually be something that he enjoys doing; personal training, photography, etc.

For lunch, he will eat extremely healthy because he takes pride in a healthy and aesthetic physique. His lunch will have a lot of fat and protein and enough carbs to keep him happy throughout the whole day.

Then, right after work, he will go straight to the gym and hit a quick work out with weights.

As soon as he gets home, he will check through his work and plan out everything so he’s stress-free for tomorrow.

If he’s married or has a girlfriend, he will spend some time with her, otherwise he will go out with his friends and enjoy without drinking (drinking lowers testosterone).

Simply, having high testosterone is the result of a good diet, workout program, happiness, and a good sex life without porn.

By doing all of this you will attract more girls, be happier, and feel more energetic overall.

– Flamingace

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