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How to Meet Girls During the Day (and Effortlessly Attract Them)

daytimeWhen many men think of meeting girls the first place that comes to mind is the nightclub where they can get drunk and use liquid confidence to their advantage.

Getting drunk doesn’t allow you to improve and you can barely talk in nightclub settings. The girls there have the attention span of a fly and there bitch shields are extremely high and alert; most of the time, they won’t even let you speak.

There are cock-blocking gay friends, friend zoned guys, and sometimes even the girl’s girlfriends.

If a guy goes to a nightclub to find a new girlfriend for a serious monogamous relationship he must be completely messed up in the head.

Most girls at nightclubs are full of themselves and completely messed up in the heads. Almost all girls at a nightclub are there for attention and to get drunk. Some might be there to get laid but that’s it. They are not there hoping to find a new boyfriend that they may get engaged to in the future.

There are many negative things in a nightclub that you don’t have to deal with when you are learning how to meet girls during the day time. In the day, girls are not expecting an approach so their bitch shields are low. They will most likely be nicer and more receptive to your approach.

The fact that you’re confident enough to approach during the day without alcohol will be a HUGE turn on for them; makes it so much easier when girls just get attracted to the fact that you approached during the day. It shows a lot of confidence because you are comfortable with approaching during the day where there are unwritten rules about not approaching girls and everyone stares if you do.

If you can get past the opener then all you have to do is tease her a little and have a conversation with her. Girls love to talk and they like it better when they can tell who the person they are talking to is.

In nightclubs the girl is usually drunk and it’s too dark to clearly see people’s faces and if you can’t see the girl’s face clearly, how do you know she’s hot?

Usually men will not approach a woman during the daytime which makes your approach a lot more special and it’s something that she will remember. All women have this dream of being swept off their feet during the day. They want a handsome man to walk up to them, meet them, and make them wet when they are out doing their daily chores.  

Women respect daytime approaches more than approaches during the night. The reason for this is because most men who approach at night are usually douchebags, players, and pick up artists; not an alpha male who has his life together.

Usually the only men strong enough, mentally and emotionally, will approach during the daytime so it clearly sets you apart from all the other men in her life.

Day game is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it can be a bit harder than night game at times.

Many men, who start off trying to seduce women, start in the night clubs (mainly because of the alcohol but there are some men who start off by doing day game). Usually it’s because they might be too young to go to nightclubs or they don’t have enough money to constantly buy drinks and pay the cover fee; I was one of them.

Day game was like a roller coaster ride for me with a huge amount of success (I considered number closes to be successes at the time) and then kept going down for a long time until I pulled out and finally it started going up at a steady pace.

I still remember my very FIRST approach:

I was extremely nervous and didn’t even know how to hold a conversation. Even with all that the huge increase in heart rate, I still went up to her and told her I liked her hair. From there I started talking for a while and asked her if she was going to the school dance (I was in high school). She said she might and we started talking a little bit about what I was going to wear.

Then nervously I asked for her number and she told me to give my number to her; which I did. I never got a text or a call from her but that’s when it all started and I’m happy she never contacted me again because if she did then I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Approaching during the day is not difficult once you get over the fear of women. It all comes down to how much you believe in yourself. One thing you should know is that you will never get over the fear of women completely. It will always be there but it will be so miniscule that you won’t even notice it after enough approaches.

Day game is similar to night game; the only difference is there is no alcohol. Alcohol is no good for improvement anyways because you can’t remember what you did.

My simple way of meeting women during the day starts off with a compliment (for beginners) or a comment/ question (for men with some experience).

The reason why I don’t use compliments anymore is because it puts her at a higher value in her mind and she thinks of you as a typical guy. I mean think about it; does a king ever compliment his workers unless they deserve it?

Obviously not so I don’t compliment them unless they do something I like. Then I follow a simple model of say something, keep saying something, joke around, and lead her to the next stage.

To go into detail with this, you can ask either an open ended question like “what are you doing today?” or make an assumption “you look like you are coming back from a concert or something; just look at the way you are dancing around”.

Then you can continue the conversation with more open ended questions, comments, and all of this must be done while teasing her.

Day game is not complicated; actually it’s extremely easy to get started with. Day game mastery however, is extremely hard but is definitely worth pursuing in the end.

– Flamingace

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