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How to Meet and Date Shy Girls

shysWanting to learn how to meet and date shy girls is something that every man wants to know how to do. And with good reason.

Shy girls are usually some of the most absolute smartest, intelligent, and nicest girls that you will ever meet. And on top of that, shy girls are usually the most loyal type of girlfriends that a man can ever possibly have.

But how do you actually meet and date a shy girl?

What is the best way to approach a shy girl?

How should you talk to them?

And what do you say once you begin a new conversation with a shy girl?

This article is written for the man who is NOT interested in only meeting and dating party sluts. The man who is NOT interested in only dating girls who talk a lot or wear the most flashiest revealing clothes.

This article is written for the men who want to meet a girl who they can feel comfortable showing off to their family and friends and knowing that she will not cheat on him.

So if you are ready to learn all of the secrets to meeting and dating shy girls, then read on…

How to Meet and Date Shy Girls

As a man, it is our job and rightful duty to approach women. As men, we are given to the role and task of having to begin the first conversation with a new girl.

Now, this is not necessary ALL of the time. There are SOME women out there who are SO sexually forward and bold who will begin talking to a man first. But these types of women are RARE, and relying on this slim unlikely chance is BAD if you have a goal of becoming more successful with women.

As men, we usually have to begin talking to a woman FIRST if we like her and then after we have already begun the conversation, the girl can begin to contribute more and more to the conversation afterwards.

And this is doubly true if you want to meet and date shy girls.

A girl who is shy will NOT NEVER make the first move. She will expect the man to begin talking to her first and then after the man has began an interaction, she will begin to loosen up and get more comfortable expressing herself.

So what exactly does this all mean?

If you want to meet and date shy girls, you will have to beat your approach anxiety and make the first move.

This means approaching women if you are in a bar or a club. This means sitting next to a girl and beginning an interaction with her if you are in a coffee shop. And yes, this rule equally applies to online dating as well.

Whether you are meeting girls in the daytime or you are trying to get laid at night time, you are going to HAVE to make the first move if you want to meet, date, and have sex with a shy girl.

Now, with all of that being said, approaching and talking to shy girls is MUCH more easier than you are probably thinking. And here is why…

Shy girls are not used to seeing confident men approach them. 

Most men are too shy themselves so most men will NEVER ever gather up the balls or the courage to approach a shy girl.

These men would much rather watch internet porn and jerk off before they ever dare to approach and talk to a shy girl. To these men, the mere thought of getting rejected would be too much pain for them to bare.

But if you are one of the rare, few men out there, who DOES have the courage to approach and talk to a shy girl, you will become one of the very few men who she will be more inclined to date.

Because by you being one of the few rare men who can approach a more reserved shy girl like her, you show CONFIDENCE which will immediately cause her to become instantly attracted to you.

In her mind “This is a REAL man who is not afraid to go after what he wants.”

So the first secret to meeting and dating shy girls is to overcome whatever approach anxiety that you have because by doing so, you will effectively eliminate 99% of the competition out there.

How to Approach and Talk to a Shy Girl

So you approach a shy girl and you manage to capture her attention. What should you do after that?

Begin talking to her the same way that you would any other girl.

Ask her interesting questions about herself. Keep the focus of the conversation on HER and try to make HER do most of the talking.

A person’s favorite subject is themselves, so ask her questions about what she likes, ask about her passion, her hobbies, her dreams. Find out if she enjoys traveling. In other words, really get to know her.

The sad truth is that most men today cannot even hold a very basic normal conversation with a woman. They think talking to women into some big type of event when really talking to women should be very effortless. Talking to girls should be FUN.

And successfully talking to shy girls is really about building a very strong and powerful emotional connection. Getting her to feel comfortable expressing herself with you and standing in your presence.

What you say to a shy girl is really irrelevant. As long as you say SOMETHING, be direct, honest, and confident, most shy girls WILL respond well to your advances.

So the only major thing that you have to really worry about when it comes to meeting shy girls is remember that it is your job as the man to make the first move. After you do that, the rest of the seduction and pick-up process is really a piece of cake.

Where to Find a Shy Girl

Beautiful shy girls are everywhere EXCEPT in bars and nightclubs. Most girls who frequently visit bars and nightclubs are not shy girls, they are usually attention validation seeking whores.

Genuinely beautiful shy girls will rarely ever visit or hang out in bars or nightclubs.

So where exactly do shy girls hang out and frequent?

Look around you. Shy girls are literally EVERYWHERE.

Shy girls are in bookstores, coffee shops, cafes, parks, the mall, shopping centers, the grocery store, and even online.

If you want to meet a genuine and loyal shy girl, all you have to do is look around you.

Day game is PERFECT for meeting a beautiful shy girl who you can trust and have fun bonding and connecting with.

And here is another way to tell if a girl is shy or NOT…

Shy girls dress in normal looking clothes.They do not wear revealing mini skirts, large amounts of make-up, or a bunch of nail polish. They simply dress NORMAL.

Here are some other ways to identify and spot a shy girl:

Most shy girls will generally try to avoid eye contact if they really like a guy

Most shy girls will speak more quieter

Shy girls tend too generally smile much more too. They are overall much more happier human beings than other girls.

The Benefits of Dating a Shy Girl

There are many benefits of dating a shy girl over a more extroverted kind of girl.

Shy girls will generally have a lot less sexual partners.

Shy girls are much more loyal and will be less likely to cheat.

Shy girls have a more better personality than other girls and are easier to get along with.

Shy girls do not typically get drunk and have random sex with a bunch of random men

You are less likely to get an STD from a shy girl

Shy girls are overall much more nicer

Shy girls are more ladylike and are comfortable letting you be the man and lead them

Other Tips to Help You Meet Shy Girls

Always make sure to look good and dress sharp. As always, your appearance plays a factor when it comes to meeting women.

Lift weights and be in good shape. Come on, working out is good for your health and it makes you look more attractive, Period. There is absolutely NO reason for you not to be regularly lifting weights and getting stronger.

Speak loudly and make strong eye contact. Women (especially shy girls) LOVE men who are able to confidently look them in the eye. This instantly comes across as attractive and makes girls want to have you more.

How to Meet and Date Shy Girls

If you follow the advice that I have laid out for you in this article, then pretty soon you will find yourself meeting and dating a TON of beautiful and intelligent shy girls.

Like I mentioned earlier, Shy girls make great girlfriends and they can even sometimes really surprise you in bed because they are much more eager to please.

Now go out there, and charm those shy girls socks (and panties) off.

– Malcolm Thomas

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