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How to Make the First Phone Call to a New Girl

phone callMany guys dread making the first phone call to a girl that they like.

Why is that? The most common reasons are not knowing what to say, not knowing when to call, etc.

I intend to help you solve this issue in today’s post but first I must make a disclaimer. I rarely call girls nowadays because truthfully, when you know what to text a girl, calling girls isn’t necessary.

However I’m aware that certain guys prefer the traditional way of arranging dates with a girl, which is by calling her.

Well here are the 3 things you must do to succeed at talking to women on the phone.

My 3 Tips To Successful First Phone Calls…

When is the right time to call a girl? Well first off you should not call a girl any later than 2 days after first meeting her. Preferably you should call a girl the very next day after getting her phone number.

Why is this important? Because if you wait too long to call a woman, she will sometimes fail to remember exactly who you are, which is usually a death sentence for seduction. Another reason you should not wait too long to call a girl is because of competition.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the old saying that “Fortune Favors The Bold”. Well in seduction this saying translates to women are most attracted to men who are confident, know how to lead, but who also… Move Fast.

Girls want to date the men who are able to take care of them emotionally and displaying leadership traits while moving fast helps girls associate you as a very strong emotional caring guy.

The guy who has the balls to call a girl is usually the guy who ends up getting the girl. Plain and Simple.

Now another tip is to never call girls on Weekends. Calling a girl on a Friday or Saturday night basically subcommunicates that you have no social life. Girls aren’t attracted to losers or guys with no ambition.

They are attracted to guys who has got things going on in their lives. On Friday and Saturday nights you should be meeting women, NOT calling them. So call women no later than 2 days after obtaining their numbers and only call women Sunday through Thursday.

What To Talk About On The Phone…

Another thing many guys struggle with is knowing what to say to a girl on the phone?

My motto is simple. Be direct and get to the point.

She already knows the reason why you’re calling her so don’t waste time on small talk.

Fluff talk don’t make women interested, it only causes them to become disinterested.

(Remember Never Chase Girls, instead get women attracted to you.)

When talking to her on the phone, ask her simple things such as how her day is going and try to vibe with her for a couple of minutes. No later than 3 minutes after calling her, you should pitch a date.

Why should you pitch a date quickly instead of waiting? Because the longer that you hesitate to ask her out, the more nervous you will become, which will inevitably cause you to NOT ask her out.

Make sure to handle logistics and such over the phone and tell her you can’t wait to see her. That’s it. It’s not complicated.

Truth? There is no perfect thing to say to a girl on the phone. Simply ask her out and if she’s interested, she will accept your offer. If she’s uninterested she will decline your offer.

Making the first phone call to a girl isn’t hard.  As long as you make an effort to call girls immediately after getting their number instead of waiting for the perfect moment, you will be successful.

Now me personally, I hardly call women nowadays, not because I don’t like to, but because I don’t need to.

Calling women is simple as long as you keep it basic, direct, and to the point.

– Malcolm Thomas

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