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How to Make Out With Girls, Turn Women On, and Escalate to Sex

oi Hello again!

Today you are about to add more to your game! In case you have none (been there done that, by the way), get ready to have your mind completely blown!

I’ve been studying, learning and putting into practice concepts and foundations from many writers of relationship and man evolution materials. Thanks to men like Malcolm, today I have no problems setting up dates, making out with hot women and escalating the interaction to sex.

I am 29 and I have a confession to make: I am not Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel or Tom Cruise and yet I have high standards and I ONLY go out with hot women who make time to be around and to sleep with me. Good news is that you don’t have to look like any of these fellas to attract women.

In this article, you will be empowered with great concepts and techniques to add to your attraction skills, as well as some foundations.

Here’s what you are about to see:

·         She’s not like you, she doesn’t think like you

·         The lesbian way (or something to that effect)

·         Remember the school days

·         Turning women on and making her dripping wet for you

·         Making out – 1 step forward and 2 steps back

Making Out With Girls and Turning Women On

She’s not like you, she doesn’t think like you

That’s right, buddy! She isn’t a man without a penis! Guys make the constant mistake of thinking that women think like them! Stop that immediately!

Men are more attracted to looks first, then personality. Women are more attracted to combination personality and character first, then looks. This is biology and you can’t change it, accept it and embrace it. Sure women like a ripped belly and some nice defined muscles on a man, but luckily for us that’s not what attracts them or even turns them on.

I’ve constantly seen some pretty boys all dressed up, hair made up, all the cool accessories, cars and whatnot fail hard with women. I’ve heard women talking about how “the guy is handsome and hot, but he just doesn’t get it”. I’ve heard from attractive friends and even from women I had sex with.

What happens is that these guys are confident about their beauty, but have little or NO game and rely solely on looks. Because they find attractive women hot and want to have sex with them, they believe that women will have a female hard on and want to tear up their clothes just by looking at their beauty.

Sure the woman liked what she saw superficially. Body and face symmetry means robust genes that is attractive for reproduction. But she needs to know you’re not just another wussy loser who will kiss up to her, fail her tests, become submissive and do whatever the hell she wants. These guys fail hard and the worst part is that they keep on doing it. Only immature, low self-esteem, abused or abusive women go for these guys without regarding their personality first.

*A quick side note on human biology and reproduction: a mom wants to have a “sexy baby”. If the partner has robust genes (i.e. looks) there’s a big chance that the baby will have great genes. Having great genes and being sexy, the son or daughter is more likely to have more mating opportunities, thus ensuring reproduction. It’s a hard wired thing and most people are not aware of it. Let’s not drag it out, I promise to write a more detailed article on the matter that will give you a better perspective on mating and why people mate.

Once you realize women are attracted by a combination of character and personality first, you will see things from a different perspective and that alone will give you an edge and will also make you stand out from the rest of the herd.

The Lesbian Way (Or Something to that Effect)

I love bisexual women! I love lesbians and the things I’ve learnt from them! Nothing can give you more insight in making out than watching women tease each other.

Men’s arousal – think “light switch”. You turn it on quickly, no sweat.

Women’s arousal – think “oven”, or the iron you use for your clothes. It heats up slowly and keeps building the heat until it reaches a certain temperature, then it keeps on heating up until it reaches a new level. And so it goes until a woman reaches orgasm.

Bearing that in mind, women’s arousal must be sparked and built all the way to the top. If you read my last article “Reframing and regaining control”, you will remember the part where the girls made out. Drunk as I was, I learned a LOT from the experience.

Here’s what I observed and didn’t mention on the last article: the girls would get REALLY close to each other, feel each other’s warmth slightly then step back. Then they’d escalate it a little more. They’d get closer to each other’s lip, but they wouldn’t touch it, they were just teasing each other! Then one of them would whisper something on the other girl’s ear and the one listening would smile and bite her lips. Then they’d dance and touch each other lightly to finally progress to kissing. Talk about a mating dance live ritual! From there, they proceeded to the restroom where they spent several minutes. I leave the thinking of what happened there to you.

I realized later that I tease women similar to what I had seen that night, but after watching them I became more conscious of it and also more effective, as women started giving me better feedback saying “You know what you’re doing” or “I can’t resist the way you tease me”.

The lesbian way of teasing is great! Women know what other women like and how they like it. Women love teasing. Ever heard women complaining about men who want to go straight to the point and never do foreplay or do it poorly? Now you know why!

Remember the School Days

Remember the school days, especially when you were very little? Boys would tease girls mercilessly and childishly. Do you remember how the girls reacted to the restless teasing?

I surely do: they loved it! With words they said they hated it, but time and again there they were near the boys who picked on them about virtually anything!

I was the guy who NEVER teased girls, all the way up to adulthood. I thought it was wrong and mean, so I kinda tried to “protect” the girls. Not only did I gain nothing but affection and the access to the dreaded friend zone, but I also couldn’t understand how those girls kept dating the guys who constantly teased them.

Even today, as I observe people from different age groups interacting, one thing is for certain: women love teasing and being teased, regardless of age. Note: Women will also use “teasing” as a form of testing you for character and solid behavior and emotions.

The guys who were more successful with girls back at my teens were the guys who had the nerve to tease the hell out of the girls. Countless times I heard the girls gossiping about these very guys and then going out with them and even having sex with them.

Nowadays, not only do I understand why that all happened, but I also apply it so effectively it appears ridiculous and lame to the untrained eyes. I have spent enough time observing and studying different materials, and then putting it all into practice and I can tell you for sure that teasing is one the BEST things to get you and a girl going with a great start.

If you were like me back at school, it’s not too late to start teasing. If you were like the boys I mentioned back in the day and then stopped because you think it’s childish now, I urge you to cut the BS and start doing it immediately.

Turning Women On and Making Her Dripping Wet for You

Obs.: Please read other articles from Malcolm and his guests, especially the ones about attraction, dating, body language that turns women on and such. They will give you more depth on what attraction is and will make your life easier. I’ll go straight to the point here, okay?

Now that we tackled aside some concepts, time to talk about what and how to turn women on effectively

Let me lay out for you some things that turn women on: touch, teasing, strong masculine voice tone, strong personality and high character, sarcasm, fun, strong eye contact, you ignoring her, you not taking her too seriously, you not complimenting her, you not trying hard, you not buying her expensive stuff, you not trying to impress her, you being yourself and having fun. I know, a combo you probably didn’t see coming.

Turning women on and making them dripping wet for you is not as hard as you think, though. As I stated earlier, teasing is one of the greatest ways of turning women and having them see you as different from the others. Women are masters at teasing and they love it when you do it to them. You can tease women about anything. You can start banter whenever you want to. You can tease them about hairstyle, weight, looks, dorkiness level, nervous ticks, about not having a boyfriend. You can make assumptions from comments they make.

Bottom line: women like teasing so much I dare say they are hardwired to be attracted to it. By now you should already know that women hate being smothered with gifts and attention, they hate spineless men, they only use weak and low status men as relationship material (i.e. not to end up alone, especially after their 30’s), as good friends and suppliers and nothing less.

By teasing women in the right way, you are conveying your confidence and your personality in a fun and very different way. Weak and low status men would NEVER tease or bust a woman’s ball! Ever! On the contrary: all they do is pay fake compliment and other forms of flattery in hopes of getting laid.

Success story about teasing: I recently had sex with a stunning, rich 21 year old university blonde with perfect body. I must add that my income is average to high, not even close to hers and I don’t even have a car, which she does. I do happen to know what women like though, and that suffices for me.

One of the things I did to get the banter started: I playfully commented on the fact she kept on wearing large tops to hide the fact that she is actually chubby. Girls are VERY sensitive about their weight and because I am confident and playful and because she knows she’s hot because all other guys are all over her buying her stuff (as she later revealed to me), she laughed and started saying she’s not fat and she’s super hot. I said she is not and she’d better start wearing some slim fit tops to impress me or I’d confirm my impressions that she’s fat. She laughed even more and said she didn’t need to prove anything.

Next time we met, guess what she had on? A super tight top revealing all of her beautiful curves and a flat belly to go with it. Then she texted me: “see how fat I am”? I said: “You are so obedient! You dressed just as I had asked! I like that, keep up the good behavior and maybe I’ll invite you out to have some fun with me.” She kept texting me and I kept on teasing her about many other things, such as her silly mannerisms (all girls have many by the way, just pick one and have fun), and calling her mama’s girl and brat for being rich.

We had sex on our first date. After having some bite to eat, I simply said I would crash in a cheap hotel and I told her to come with me. She didn’t offer any resistance whatsoever!

You read that right: a wealthy and incredibly pretty woman who has guys buy things for her and take her places, a woman who is used to travelling the world was more than happy to have sex in a cheap hotel with a guy on her first date!

Here’s some more gold for you, straight from the source: After having sex and a lot of fun in the room, she revealed to me how she dumped guys all the time, especially in parties, discos and such. She told me of the 2 guys who were taking her to expensive places and buying her gifts and how she would NEVER have sex with any of them. Of course I teased her about that too by saying she’s a show off and how she sucked for trying to get my approval by telling her stories. I just can’t help it when the opportunity to tease presents itself!

Note: I actually didn’t say what her mannerism was until after I had her naked. When we were out on the date, I just commented: “there’s something you do with your mouth and it’s super cute and dorky”. She insisted I should tell her and she got very curious. I said: “I’m not telling you…otherwise you will be conscious of it and stop doing it”. Later when I told her she laughed and said no one had ever told her that and even today we play about it. It became our “unique thing”.

*Let it be said that you should tease because you like doing it, because you have fun with it. You should tease for your amusement and hers: you better not tease a low self-esteem/unattractive woman, especially when it comes to looks! I tried it a few times just for the sake of it and not only do they not get it, but they even might get offended. They are very likely to take it seriously and make quite a scene out of it. Also, don’t just tease in order to have sex. Tease your female friends too, for fun! They will love you more and be more comfortable around you! But be prepared to be teased back haha.

Making Out – 1 Step Forward and 2 Steps Back

Most men make the fatal mistake of rushing things once they are alone with a woman. Women in general hate that and if you act like that you are very likely to become negative gossip material in the girls’ circle and ladies rooms.

Making out towards sex is all about escalating everything. I like the “1 step forward and 2 steps back” approach. There is no formula for that, but below you will find a nice example of what women love. You will find that it will work time and again and it will have women begging for your presence more often.

You start out with light kisses and non-sexual touching. Kiss your girl gently on the lips, on her face while you softly touch her face and her hair. Then, you go for her neck and ears while touching her face, hair or holding her hands.

Try this: Try smelling her on the neck and hair. I don’t mean simply sniffing her, I mean really smelling her, deeply feeling her perfume, her natural and artificial scents. Women go crazy when you go back to primal instincts such as smelling. Try smelling her first gently then a little stronger and whisper on her ear: “hmmm…I love your smell…”. Regardless of your level of intimacy with the girl, she will start breathing heavily and/or moan. Plus, it is extremely likely that you will be the first one who’s ever done that to her. Kudos for you.

Women love kissing so just keep going for it. I found that the best thing to do is to have women bagging and hurrying you for escalating. Simply do not do as they wish. Keep on escalating. Start caressing her boobs gently, touching her belly from underneath her clothes. Then go back to kissing her neck, her face etc. Pull her hair slightly. Touch her tits more firmly now. Depending on her clothing, pull one of her boobs from her clothes and bra and start sucking on it gently. If she offers a little resistance, learn to spot when she’s just doing it so she looks “hard to get” and keep going further. Don’t stop touching her if you are sure she’s loving it. Hold her hands against a wall or any surface you’re on. Trap her and start kissing her and sucking her tits. They love being with a dominant and strong man! They crave for it!

Be a multi task man: Don’t just focus on one thing at a time! While you suck on her tits, for instance, keep massaging her belly, her hair, holding her hands etc. A combo of “naughty touch + innocent touch” is a killer move: for example – you hold her hand while you suck her tits. You massage her face with one hand while you reach for her panties. You caress her hair slightly and look into her eyes with passion as you finger her pussy mercilessly. Just make sure you can do at least two things at a time.

Leave her upper body and yours naked and go on top of her. Let her feel your body on hers as you go back to kissing her lips, neck etc. Start touching and grabbing her thighs near her pussy. Start reaching for her pussy while you go back to sucking on her delicious tits. Take off her pants or shorts and dry hump a little. Women love dry humping and you can even do it in sex positions.  Try dry humping her doggy style while you slightly pull her hair.

Most women will wanna suck you first. Just relax and let her do the job. Some girls prefer that you just lay back and watch her show. Some like it when you touch them while they’re at it. I personally prefer to eat them first and have them begging to return the favor. The best blowjobs I’ve received have all been after I ate them. By now I think you got the idea of 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

By the time you actually get to fuck her, she will be so wet from all the escalation and anticipation that her orgasm won’t take too long to happen. As I said before, there is not a formula for this and some girls go wild at the early stages. I had girls stop me from sucking her tits to rip off my pants and suck me. I had girls telling me to fuck them immediately because they couldn’t wait anymore. It depends on the girl and on your skill level. The more you do it and the more girls you have sex with, the better you get at it and the more women will want you.

Some more pointers: Don’t be afraid of talking dirty to girls. Most girls love it! When I’m making out with a woman and we’re kissing, I’ll reach out for her ear and say “your mouth is amazing…show me how you suck my dick”. I’ll also say while looking in her eyes “I’m dying to French kiss your pussy”. You have no idea of how girls will react positively to that! They will go wild and they will wanna prove themselves to you.

Don’t be afraid of being dominant in bed. Tell them what you want: turn around, stand up, sit here, suck me, etc. Make sure you compliment if she impresses you with her skills.  Girls love it when you say how good they are in bed and they will improve their performance even further just for you! If she does a good job at blowjob, make sure you say things like: “wow…you know what you’re doing”…”you are so delicious…you should stop…please” (of course they know you’re just teasing and actually want more). Or my personal fave: “hmmm…you should teach other girls that you know…you’re incredible at this!”. They’ll smile and laugh and give you more and more!

The same goes for when you are eating her: let her know how nice she smells and tastes. “I could eat you for half an hour…you taste so good” Sniff her pussy and lick it to your heart’s content.  Needless to say you will be probably the first guy to be so complete in and out of the bed.

About slapping, I’m a big fan. Most girls love some spanking, some like it lighter some harder. They will let you know, provided you take initiative and spank them. The ass is mostly ok for girls as far as spanking goes. As for the face, my experience is that they will let you know somehow if they like it or not. I don’t really care about what they think so I’ll either slap and see what happens, tell her I feel like slapping her face and watch her reaction or simply ask if they like being slapped on the face, in which case I make them beg me to do it.

Making Out With Girls and Turning Women On 

I hope that through this article you gained more depth in what goes on in a woman’s head and also in how to turn women on and how to make out with them more effectively.

I sought not to teach you how to turn them on and how you should touch your woman, but to enrich your life with some ideas that will definitely add up to your game and current skills.

If you got something positive out of this article, then I’m already happy for helping you. Know that becoming great with women and dating is not about being a player and tricking women into having sex with you through fancy techniques. It is about being the best man you can be and about making women happy, making them meet at least ONE man in their lives that made them feel something different, even if for ONCE.

I truly hope that you become this one man in these women’s lives. I truly hope you reach the level of success you desire.

– Logan

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