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How to Make Money Online: Step-By-Step

makingThe article Why You Should Never Get a Job or Go to College” has caused quite a bit of controversy, some good and some bad.

Some guys have read the article and emailed me saying that the article has changed their lives and their entire outlook on life.

Other guys read the article, liked it, but then emailed me saying that they wished I had went into more detail when it came to starting your own business and making money online.

Well gentlemen… in this article I will reveal the unadulterated truth on how to make money online and reveal what it takes (as well as what is necessary) to build a real sustainable online business.

How to Make Money Online: What Is Your Passion?

What are you passionate about?

What subject do you love reading about and learning new and interesting things about?

The answer to this question will reveal what type of online business that you should start.

Because let me tell you something, if you aren’t passionate about the subject that you are building your online business around then you will NOT last very long.

Your online business will not grow as fast as it could, your lack of enthusiasm will show to all of your potential customers, and you will fail to make any type of REAL substantial money.

You MUST be passionate about the subject that you are building your business around. You also must not be in it to make money, you must be in it to help people. Never chase money, offer LOTS of value and affect peoples lives in a positive way and let money chase YOU.

To effectively make money online, you MUST pursue something that you are sincerely passionate about.

To easily figure out what you passion in life is all you must do is ask yourself this ONE simple question: What would you do all day if you did not have to work?

Most people have something that they are very passionate about and enjoy doing on their days off from work (by the way, once you become good at turning your passions into money making opportunities you will no longer need to work).

Ask yourself what skills have you developed through time, practice, and persistence?

Whatever the skill set is, it is probably reasonable to say that you have accumulated more knowledge on the subject than the average person has. Well… most people would be interested in PAYING YOU to share some of your knowledge and information with them.

This is how an online information business works. You share valuable information that has the potential to make a positive impact on a person’s life and they give you money in exchange for the valuable information that you share with them. It’s a win win mutual beneficial relationship.

So you now realize that in order to make money online you will have to find a niche/subject that you are very passionate about and build an online business around that passion.

Of course there is more to making money online than just figuring out what your passion is so let’s move on to the next step…

How to Make Money Online: Find a Void and Offer a Solution

Once you have figured out what your passion is you must begin learning even more about your niche/subject.

Your goal is to find a void and offer a solution. In other words, you want to offer solutions to the biggest problems that people are having in your niche. Opportunities are abound, you just have to know where to look.

To use myself as an example, I created this website because I noticed that positive, motivating, and uplifting self-improvements sites for men were lacking. Most of the other websites out there focused on negativity, feminism, complaining, etc.

I wanted to create a website that would inspire men and motivate them to improve themselves and better their lives. Instead of joining men and complaining about our problems, I wanted to show men how to find solutions to their problems and fix them.

Being that my website focused on dating and seduction, I created products for men to help them learn how to better connect with women, talk to them, engage them, arouse them, and ultimately seduce them.

After a while, some guys told me that they wanted to learn how to meet women online and get dates and after hearing enough men tell me that they would be willing to pay money in order to fix this problem, I created an Online Dating eBook that taught men how to meet, attract, and date women online.

Other men had a problem, I offered a solution. I helped other men get dates and find love online, and they gave ME money in exchange for my very valuable information that helped improve their lives.

This is how you make money online: You have to help other people fix their problems.

You must first identify a common problem that people in your niche are having. After identifying the problem, your job as an entrepreneur is to find a solution in order to help them fix that problem that they are currently having.

Customers buy solutions to pain points. Establish the pain point and focus on it exclusively.

This is how you make people buy from you: You focus on helping them and they will in the end want to help you.

You focus on offering value and helping people better and improve their lives. You focus on developing trust and sharing your knowledge and wisdom that can help people excel better in life. After doing all of this, trust me, people WILL want to repay you the favor (it is simply in our nature to want to help other good people).

Once you have identified the common problem that people are having in your niche, create a valuable product around it and begin selling it for a very reasonable price. Do not focus on the money, focus on the knowledge and the wisdom that you will be sharing with the people in your niche.

The next step involves setting up a simple website to sell your product from. I won’t go into detail regarding how to set up a website because there is various FREE information out there on the web teaching you how to build and set up a website. If you are SERIOUS about making money online, you will do the research, put in the time, and learn how to make a website (that’s how I learned).

So the steps are:

Identify a common problem that people are having in your niche

Find a solution to the problem and create a product around it

Build a website and start selling your product from your website

Focus on the value that you are offering your customer instead of the price

If you can successfully follow all of the above steps then you WILL make money online. It is as simple as that.

How to Make Money Online

Successfully making money online involves impacting other people’s lives in a positive way. It involves offering value to people’s lives as well as offering solutions to the common problem’s that people face in your niche.

In school I was always taught to never question authority, follow the rules, line up single file, and be content with mediocrity. This didn’t seem right to me.

Why is it that I can’t be great, do cool stuff, have tons of money, and most importantly not have to get up so damn early ever day?

These questions led me to my only answer, entrepreneurship and making money online.

The truth is that learning how to make money online involves personal responsibility and accountability. Nobody saves you. Nobody gives you special gifts or abilities.

You go out there and you get them yourself, through butt loads of hard work, perseverance, and stubborn-headed resolve. You only get to be the kind of man you want to be by standing up and holding yourself accountable for making yourself into that kind of man.

ANYONE can start a business.. TODAY.. with absolutely NOTHING.. and make it work with one small caveat..

The ONLY requirement…

A personal dedication to your own success. An unwavering, unshakable faith that you have what it takes to do what many before you have already done.

The second doubt creeps in…

game over!

The only way to guaranteed success is never giving up. Always think positively, keep your mind focused on improving your future and improving yourself, and good things WILL happen to you.

It’s time to get up out of your chair and get some damn money. Create something from nothing and take control over your destiny.

– Malcolm Thomas

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