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How to Make Male Friends (and Get a Wingman)

male friend If a man is dull, boring, has poor taste, and limited hobbies if any, chances are he has very few male friends if any at all.

The few male friends that this man might have, might have the same interests or lack there of.

For a man to make new male friends and get a wingman, there are certain steps that he must take in order to accomplish his goal.

In the next few paragraphs, we will talk about some ideas that a man must take in order to make male friends and get a wingman. 

Why Would You Want to Make Male Friends (and Get a Wingman)?

Why would a man who is looking to improve with women want to find and make male friends (and get a wingman) in the first place?

It really does beg the question…

Heres the truth: Having a legion of men who are your friends can help you meet girls much more easier. When it comes to picking up women (especially in bars and nightclubs), everybody knows everybody.

Having male friends can help you learn about the different women who you are interested in meeting BEFORE you approach them. Having this knowledge (and Intell) will allow you to open these women much more smoothly and effectively. 

  • You will be able talk to these girls about topics that you absolutely know these women are interested in talking about.
  • You will be able to learn about which exact women are single and looking to hook up and meet a sexy man just like yourself.
  • You will even be able to use these new male friends as social proof and preselection (especially if these men are cool).

I have already discussed “Why you shouldn’t have any female friends” if you are looking to improve with women, and that’s true. Having female friends is a complete waste of your time. Having male friends on the other hand is different.

And it’s not only just women that your male friends can help you meet and introduce you to…

  • Having male friends who can give you some awesome fashion tips and feedback is a very valuable thing to have.
  • Having a male buddy who can arm you with some field-tested fitness tips to develop an attractive male body is an awesome thing to have.
  • Having male friends who can tell you where the best places to meet women are is something that every guy can put to good use.

In all honesty, there is NO REASON why a man shouldn’t take the time to learn how to make male friends (and get a wingman).

What Good and Use is Getting and Having a Wingman?

Another question that we must next answer is this one. Why would a man want to get a wingman?

Well, as a man who is hoping to pick up women, having a talented wingman can prove very valuable to you for many different reasons such as…

Having a wingman will allow you to approach and talk to girls in groups with much less pressure because your male friend will be able to talk to the other girls in the group while you can focus all of your attention on attracting the girl who you do want and isolating her away from the group.

Having a wingman will give you somebody to talk to when you first get to the club or bar which automatically makes you become more sociable and puts you into a more talkative mood which is crucial to have if you hope to attract women.

Having a good wingman will allow you to handle your logistics much better because he may have a place closeby that you can take your girl in order to get to sex quickly.

In all honesty, the pros of having male friends and a good wingman by far outweighs the cons.

But what are the best places to find and make male friends (and good wingmans)?

The Best Places to Make New Male Friends (and Get a Wingman)

The first thing that a man might do to make new male (or guy) friends and get a wingman is to find a hobby where he can make some new male friends. There are a number of ways a man might choose to accomplish this.

He might join a gentleman’s club. A gentleman’s club is a great place where men can get together and talk about everything from sports to business strategies, and other business related topics.

If he is not interested in a gentleman’s club, he could join an athletic club if that is more to his interests and hobbies. This way he could meet other men either single or married who share similar interests that he might be able to eventually get together with and do things together outside of the club for fun. 

If the man is in the workforce (see: Why Dating Women at Work is a Bad Idea), he might find other men who work in the same profession to get together with outside of the office.

This way they might have some of the same interests to discuss and have things in common. Even if they do not have everything in common, at least they might be able to find certain things that they can do together outside of the office weekly or monthly or more often if time allows for it. 

How to Make Male Friends (and Get a Wingman)

Learning how to make friends with the men you meet will allow you to meet and attract women with ease.

And more importantly, having a good wingman will help you approach girls who happen to be in groups with more ease while simutaneously arming you with insider information about the various diffferent women in any setting.

Take the time to learn how to make male friends and implement these tips that I have given to you and you will find yourself dating the girl of your dreams.

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