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How to Make Girls Laugh (Even If You Don’t Have a Sense of Humor)

laughI am going to tell you the secret to not only making girls laugh but also making people laugh in general.

When you know how to make girls laugh, it makes the entire pick up and seduction process run much more smoothly.

And before you think it… “No”, you don’t need to be a naturally funny guy or a comedian in order to make girls laugh whenever you want to.

Nor do you have to spend hours and hours memorizing funny jokes and reading books that supposedly “teach you” how to actually be funny.

I am going to show you how to genuinely be funny, make girls laugh, and make people in general feel really good and happy being around you and in your presence.

How to Make Girls Laugh: The Only Thing You MUST Do

Want to discover the #1 way to make girls laugh?

Say what’s on your mind.

That is it. That is how you become funny and make girls laugh at virtually everything (and anything) that you say.

Say what is on your mind at any given moment…

WITHOUT trying to be politically correct…

WITHOUT “hoping” that she likes the joke that you are about to say…

WITHOUT saying what is on your mind and then immediately looking at her and hoping to get some type of a reaction or a certain response back.

Simply say what is on your mind and you WILL make girls laugh. A LOT more than you used to in the past.

When You Make Girls Laugh, They Become Easier to Seduce and Pick Up

When you make girls laugh, their defensive walls and shields begin to drop.

When you make girls laugh, they automatically become much more agreeable and open to quick flings, one night stands, and open relationships.

By making girls laugh, you instantly become an attractive, alluring, SEXY man.

Other guys will begin to view you as cool. People in general will want to connect with you and hang out with you more often.

It is a fact that girls are much more in sync with their emotions than men are… AND girls also use their emotions to do most of their decision making.

Seduction is all about speaking to a woman’s emotional side instead of her logical side. Making girls laugh accomplishes this.

When a girl makes a decision using nothing but her emotions, she will later on backwards rationalize and justify the decisions that she has made in her past.

She will say and rationalize to herself “I did sleep with him very fast on the first date, but that was only because we had a very powerful connection with each other and we had lots of physical chemistry”.

This is how come some guys who are not naturally good looking do so well with women.

Despite not having traditionally “good looks”, these men experience so much success with women because they make girls feel at ease and very comfortable around them, and before you know it, girls are literally trying to pick THEM up.

How to Make Girls Laugh (At Almost Anything That You Say)

This post was probably not exactly what you was expecting.

You was probably expecting me to list some funny jokes that you MUST say in order to successfully make a girl laugh.

You was probably expecting me to reference some type of funny book that you MUST read in order to become a much more naturally funny guy.

You was probably expecting me to name a few funny websites that you “Had To” visit in order to learn and memorize some witty lines.

But doing all of these things is too try-hard.

Becoming a man who is able to make girls laugh consistently at virtually EVERYTHING that you say is something that must come natural. It is not something that can be taught but rather something that must be naturally learned through experience as well as trial and error.

The guys you see on the computer typing into the Google search engine “How to Be Funny and Make Girls Laugh” will never actually be funny and they will also NEVER make girls laugh.

These guys will come across as desperate, reaction seeking men who in the minds of women: “Are not able to get laid, and therefore must not be very attractive, and therefore she must not sleep with, and therefore is definitely, certainly NOT funny”.

The secret to truly making girls laugh and being funny is simple:

Say what is on your mind (and let it be natural, something that you would STILL say even if you were alone by yourself)

Do NOT try to be politically correct (because doing so will not come across as very natural and also because trying to ALWAYS say the perfect thing at the right time most certainly isn’t natural)

Do not place your sole focus on trying to make girls laugh but rather… focus on making yourself laugh and amusing yourself (and watch more girls laugh at the jokes that you say)

You CAN make girls laugh and the best part is… you don’t need to have a sense of humor in order to do it.

– Malcolm Thomas

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