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How to Make a Girl Like You

blopThis is the million dollar question, well not really, but I’m sure many guys are trying to find out how to make girls like them.

This article is from my own opinion and experiences, and so every girl is different but this article should help you attract girls.

First of all, most guys are pretty shallow in terms of what type of girls we are interested in.

Most guys have their own preferences in women and so we are attracted to girls who fit our preferences.

Preferences could be whether or not she is a blonde or brunette, tall or short, or anything dealing with her looks.

Now since most of us are shallow, we expect women to be the same too right?

Well not every girl is going to like a guy strictly based on his looks, and I’m sure girls are less shallow than us, but you obviously can’t say that’s a fact.

I felt that girls were really shallow in high school, going for guys who were good looking or popular.

However, when I started University, I felt like girls were also looking for other things besides looks. This is why I saw average looking dudes making out with gorgeous girls.

Now we ask ourselves, how do we make a girl like you?

I always say this and I am a firm believer that you have to make a connection with her!

There will be girls that don’t care about making a connection and are attracted to guys simply based on their looks, status or whatever. If you are lucky to attract these girls because of your looks or whatnot, then good for you!

On the other hand, there are girls that want to have a connection with you so that they are comfortable around you and get attracted to you.

Think about it, most girls are not going to sleep with you or get attracted without you saying a word to them.

I remember one time this girl was checking me out and giving me indicators of interest such as playing with her hair and smiling at me. I went up to her and started talking to her.

However, I sucked at socializing with her and I just did not know how to talk to girls. In the end, I got no phone number and she told me she had to leave as she quickly walked away.

This comes to show you that even if you’re average looking, some girls won’t be attracted to you because you don’t know how to talk to them.

She told me where she was working and studying and this was the perfect opportunity for me to dig deeper and ask her more about herself, but I did not do any of this!

How could a girl who was attracted to me lose interest so fast?

I’m sure it was because I couldn’t connect with her and I sucked at being a good listener.

So how do we make a girl like us? Connect with her!

Ask her questions about herself and do most of the listening in the beginning! 

Paraphrasing works too in creating a connection! People feel a connection when someone else paraphrases what they say back to them.

For example, if a girl says “I can’t wait for summer, I love going to the beach.” You can simply say this information back to her (paraphrasing) by saying something like, “Yea summer is the best time of the year, and I love going to the beach too!”

See what I did here?

I basically said whatever she told me back to her but with different words.

I believe that if you paraphrase what someone says to you, they feel a stronger connection because they feel like you actually understand what they’re saying!

This works well with creating a connection and rapport with women along with asking her questions and doing most of the listening. 

In summary, ask questions and dig deeper into your conversation with girls. It’s great to sometimes paraphrase what she says as this helps to build rapport and a connection.

Once you feel like she’s interested in you, ask her out on a date and take it from there!

You have to move forward in your interaction by asking her out on a date because this shows her that you are interested in her.

If you don’t ask her out on a date or compliment her etc. then she might place you in the friend zone.

Until next time,

Perry Keith

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