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How to Leave Girls Feeling GREAT After Having Sex With You

asianA reader writes in asking the following…

Hey Malcolm. I really enjoy your blog and information. I have been on this self improvement journey for quite some time and your site is honestly the most direct and concise I’ve come across. What are your thoughts on the morning after sex? How do you leave the interaction so both parties feel great about it?

This is a very important question and one that I have heard a LOT of men ask me from time to time.

How do leave girls feeling great about having sex with you and wanting to see you again?

How do you prevent sex regret in the women you sleep with?

And what exactly should you do after you have sex with a girl for the first time?

In this article, i hope to answer these questions.

How to Leave Girls Feeling GREAT After Having Sex With You

The biggest key and tip to avoiding any awkward moments after you first have sex with a girl and preventing sex regret in the women you sleep with is giving women AMAZING sex.

In other words, you have to learn how to make girls orgasm hard, fast, and multiple times. You have to learn how to make girls cum and get sexually addicted to you.

Once you are able to do THAT, trust me, there won’t be any awkward moments or feelings after you have sex with a woman AND women won’t feel any sort of sex regret for having slept with you.

So, the biggest key that I want to sink into your head is to learn how to make girls orgasm whenever you sleep with them. That is THE biggest tip to having things NOT get awkward ( and making her want to see you again) after you first sleep with a woman.

The second key to avoiding any awkward feelings after you first have sex with a woman is being able to talk to women in a very positive and emotional way after you first sleep with them.

You must be able to talk to her afterwards and REALLY get to know her as a person.

Here’s the truth: You can never REALLY get to know a girl until AFTER you first have sex with her.

How come?

Because women put up a facade and a false persona whenever they are out in public and interacting with people who they really don’t know. In other words, buried deep beneath every woman is an “inner slut” that is WAITING to be unleashed.

No girl wants to feel like a slut or be viewed as such, so women put up the false persona as a being a “good girl” and an angel when REALLY what she really wants, is to meet a man who can dominate her, lead her, and make her orgasm.

She wants to meet a man who understands women, and knows more about her body than she knows herself.

Because the truth of the matter is, when you are able to give women AMAZING sex, they will NEVER regret sleeping with you. Instead, they will be trying to make you their boyfriend, make you and her become “exclusive”, and try to see you more often.

The only men who women ever regret sleeping with are the men who SUCK at sex. In other words, these men don’t have a darn clue on how to properly please a woman, make her scream for more, and make her become sexually addicted to you.

What to Do After You Have Sex With Girls: Talk to Them and Relate to Them

This step is very important for you to follow and get right. After you first have sex with a woman you MUST talk to them and get to know them on a deep emotional level. In other words, you have to learn how to build an emotional connection with the women you have sex with.

Now, when I say you must talk to a woman, I don’t mean that you must talk to her for HOURS after having sex with her for the very first time, but you must set a good amount of time aside to spend talking to her and appreciating her as a person and a human being.

How do you talk to women after you first have sex with them?

Ask her questions about her personal life, ask her questions about her career or hobbies and where she wants to go in life. You can even ask her what made her decide to sleep with you in the first place?

You want her to get the sense that she made the right decision in deciding to sleep with you. And you should do this even IF all that you were looking for was a one night stand. You should STILL appreciate women and show them a great deal of respect.

If you are able to do that, if you are able to bond with women, connect with them emotionally, and gain their trust, women will never regret sleeping with you and there will be no awkward moments after having sex with her.

Instead of sex regret and awkward feelings, she will be feeling excited, excited about life, excited that she met a man who is both charming and appreciates her, and excited about potentially becoming your girlfriend.

THIS is what you should be doing after you have sex with girls for the first time. You should show girls that you care about them, that you admire them, and that you are there for them.

Do what is suggested in this article and girls won’t be having any regrets about sleeping with you, instead girls will be having regrets about not sleeping with you sooner enough.

In her world, you will become a man who is special, a man who is rare, and a man who is insanely attractive.

– Malcolm Thomas

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