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How to Intrigue Girls and Make Them Chase You

intrigueHere’s something that you probably already know: Most men are BORING and most girls realize this.

When the average guy interacts with a woman, he usually does his best to brag about the type of car that he drives or talk about how much money that he makes. He also will generally be very eager to tell a woman his ENTIRE life story and all of the interesting things about himself.

In other words, when the average man usually approaches and talks to women, he throws ALL of his cards out on the table and leaves NOTHING up to the imagination and gives women NO REASON to chase or pursue him.

This approach doesn’t work.

Women don’t like things just given or simply handed to them. They want to WORK for that information and most men give women no reason to work to find out or discover interesting things about them or no reason to put in any type of effort whatsoever to hold a conversation because…

The man has already told them EVERYTHING that there is to know about him and when this happens, most women lose interest in the man, their attraction for the guy plummets, and they… leave.

There is a much better way to talk and interact with the women you meet and in this article I am going to show you how to use intrigue to get girls chasing you.

How to Intrigue Girls and Make Them Chase You

The problem that most of these men make and the problem that most people in general make is… they don’t make people put in ANY effort whatsoever in order to learn things about them.

The more work and effort that you have to put in to get something, the more that you tend to value it

This is a basic fact of life. The things that people don’t have to work to get, they simply do not value as much.

Really think about it. What would YOU value more?

A car that you had to work the ENTIRE summer to pay for and get?

Or a car that was simply given to you by one of your friends?

The answer is obvious. We value more highly the things which take us the most effort to get,and making women work to learn unique things about you can get them to value YOU the exact same way.

Here’s an example: A girl ends up meeting 2 different men and she asks both of them what they each do for work:

Girl: So what do you do for work?

Guy 1: I’m a manager at the deli, I wake up at 6AM every morning and run the the cash register all day long until 3:30PM.

While the second man says: 

Girl: So what do you do for work?

Guy 2:I do a little writing on the internet for a marketing business that I started.

Which man is going to elicit a more better response and reaction?

Which man would you want to learn more about and learn more specifically about what he does?

Which man leaves you wanting to know and learn MORE?

The second man by a landslide and that’s because he only says very little about what he does and he doesn’t go into any details. His answers are extremely vague sort of like a politician. He doesn’t give a direct answer rather he gives her a half answer.

THIS is what building intrigue with the women you meet is ALL about. 

Giving women enough of an answer to where it satisfies whatever it is that she’s asking you about but NOT giving her enough detail in the answer so that you leave her wanting to know and learn MORE.

More Tips On How to Intrigue Girls and Make Them Chase You

Here’s a simple rule of thumb that I want you to follow from now on: Whenever a girl asks you a question that you would normally respond “Yes” to, instead of saying “Yes”, try answering her question in the most vague manner possible while still leaving her satisfied with your response.

That ends up looking like this:

Girl:Do you have a girlfriend?

Guy: Why do you ask?

See what you’re DOING here? 

You’re giving her a response, but it’s just NOT the response that she was looking for. She’s looking for a “yes” or “no” answer and you’re not giving her that. Essentially you’re flipping the script and turning the tables.

And what do you think you answering her question in this way does?

She’s going to want to know more and find out whether you REALLY do have a girlfriend or not. 

THIS is essentially how you get girls chasing you. She can’t rest until she figures out this mystery that she cannot solve (whether or not you actually have a girlfriend).

And the secret to getting girls chasing you and KEEPING them chasing you is this: NEVER give a woman a direct answer.

Just following this ONE tip alone will have girls eating out of the palms of your hands and eager to be around you.

And the reason is because you are not LIKE the average man who is eager to please and accomodate women and tell women EVERYTHING that there is to know ABOUT him.

You don’t give girls direct answers because you already know, giving women what they ask for is NOT the key to attracting and seducing them.

Begin using Intrigue to make girls chase you and you will SEE just how well it does for your interactions with women.

– Malcolm Thomas

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