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How to Impress a Woman

impMany guys spend hours searching the internet hoping to find the ultimate pick up line or routine that will allow them to impress a woman.

Guys spend lots of money every day buying expensive jeans, designers shirts, expensive shoes, all with the sole purpose and “hopes” of impressing a woman.

Some guys will even brag to women about the kind of cars that they drive, the type of job that they have, how expensive that their house is, all with the sole purpose to impress a woman.

Well, the truth is, you do not have to do ANYTHING of those things in order to impress a woman.

A girl does not care about what type of car that you drive. She does not care about how much your shoes have cost you. She does not even care about how prestige that your job is.

The only thing that a woman really cares about is YOU.

The kind of man that you are. How you choose to live your life. How you decide to spend your time. The rules that YOU decide to live your life by.

A girl wants to know do you stand up for your convictions and what you believe in.

Are you the kind of man who goes after what he wants despite the type of opposition that he may face.

Are you the type of man who is comfortable being honest, open, and REAL.

Are you a man who quits and gives up at the first sign of difficulty and struggle OR… do you persist on and keep on trying.

Are you willing to OWN everything that you say and not back down or will you simply turn into a coward,a wimp, and apologize.

Women do not care about your material possessions. The objects you own, the people you know, the things you’ve done, or the places you’ve been.

Women care about how you are as a person.

Are you able to make a girl feel special and satisfy her in bed.

Are you able to connect with women on a deep emotional level and find out who she really is as a person.

Are you the type of man who can give a girl what she truly wants.

How to Really Impress Women (Without Even Trying)

You know, the funny thing about dating and picking up women is that the guys who really try to make girls “like” them, inadvertently cause girls NOT to “like” them due to their try-hard behavior.

The guys who try to be overly nice to girls just to try to sneak their way into a girls pants, ends up NOT accomplishing that goal and going home to jack off to internet porn.

And by the same token, the guys who try to actively impress women, ends up coming across to women as fake, NOT real, not masculine, a “creep”, and many other things.

You do NOT impress a woman by trying to impress her. The way that you impress a woman is by first impressing yourself.

Are you happy with the life that you are currently living?

Are you satisfied with your financial life and your career?

Are you happy and satisfied with your current physique and the shape that you are in?

If you are not yet happy with ANY of those things, then YOU are not impressed with yourself and your accomplishments.

You attract women into your life by being a man who can offer VALUE to other people.

And if you are not currently living the life that YOU want to live, then guess what?

No girl is going to be impressed with you because you have not yet impressed yourself.

In order to impress women (without trying) you must create the life that YOU want to live.

You have to focus on only doing the things that makes YOU happy and helps you to develop in life and LEARN.

You have to do stuff that is productive for your long-term future. Things that will help to make your life easier as you get older.

So the key to impressing women isn’t to buy fancy clothing, shiny shoes, or ANY of those things.

The REAL secret on how to impress women is to become the kind of man that you KNOW that you can be.

If you can do that, then you will not have to worry about ever trying to impress a woman again.

You will impress women naturally, without even trying or thinking about it, and… you will be impressed with yourself too.

– Malcolm Thomas

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