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How To Identify YOUR Type of Girl

tueDo you know YOUR type of girl?

Or are you ‘color-blind’ when it comes to chicks?

This article teaches you how to quickly identify your type of girl, so that you can save yourself time and get laid more often NOW!

How to Identify Your Type of Girl

Do you know your type?

By that I don’t mean blonde or brunette or anything in that order.


I was going through some of the articles on Women Attracted, and I realized that the website has a certain type of girl in mind which is clearly displayed in most of the articles.

What type of girl is that you might ask?

She is a sexy, very attractive female, who knows exactly what she wants in terms of what kinda guy she wants to sleep with.

She is flexible, and is looking to be opened up by a direct opener since she doesn’t like guys who waste her time beating around the bush!

She is the kinda girl who will sleep with you on the first date not because she is a horny slut (ok maybe a little 😉 ) but because she is honest with herself about what she wants.

She is also good relationship material (don’t you think!).

Now for the Ultimate question:

How Do I Get My Type of Chick?

1: Direct Approach

I know it takes a lot for the inexperienced guys to walk over to that chick they have their eye on, and spit out their intentions.

But think of it this way, would you rather go indirectly only to confuse yourself, make a fool of yourself, and end up FRIEND-ZONED!

Wisen up!

Be Direct!

2: Don’t Doubt Yourself

The chick you’re seducing knows why you’re talking to her (you used the direct approach remember?).

The worst thing you can do at this point is doubt yourself.

See, the minute you announce your intentions to the chick, she starts calculating whether or not she’s going to sleep with you!

If at this point you lack confidence or don’t have your “inner game” in order, you can forget about ever getting laid!

Relax, she’s human too and probably even more nervous than you are.

Learn to enjoy the seduction process.

There’s the part you feel like a dumb kid in a math class, trying to solve a difficult equation, other times you’re in your bed having sex with a beautiful woman seconds away from climax!

You can’t have one without the other is what I am saying.

3: Get Laid

If you have gotten through all that congratulations, but it’s not over yet!

You obviously are having a good conversation with the chick, using a little bit of your fundamentals and you’re now creating an emotional connection.

This is the best time to get her number, set up a date or if you’re lucky to be in a quiet place, PHYSICALLY ESCALATE!

I am assured that from the above you know what chicks to look out for, if you want to get laid fast and consistently!

Always a pleasure,

Dylan Simeon

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