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How to Have a Great First Date With a Girl

first dateNote from Malcolm: This is a guest post written by a personal friend of mine who goes by the name Southern Gentleman. In this article he shares some tips on how to have a great first date with a girl that ends with sex. I hope that you enjoy his post.


GOOD JOB, you managed to successfully get her phone number.

But now what do you do? well, you should ask her out of course.

Many guys have a difficult time figuring out how to have a great first date with a girl but it’s actually a lot easier than you think especially if you know how to read people, BUT IF YOU DON’T it’s ok, because I’m going to show you how to always have successful first dates, and throughout this article I’m going to give you ideas of where to go, how to dress, what to say, and how to act.

How to Have a Great First Date With a Girl: Where to Go

Ok, well the hardest thing about the first date is figuring out exactly where to go. This depends on if she trusts you enough to let you pick her up. If picking her up isn’t a problem then say this when you ask her out.

Dress like you’re going on the best date of your life when you pick her up and carefully notice what she has on…if she has on jeans and tennis shoes take her somewhere like the mall, park, amusement park, etc….if she wears a dress then take her out to eat (but do NOT pay for the date), to an interesting museum, or somewhere elegant….

if you know her personality then it’s a million times easier, if she’s an artist take her to an art museum and talk about art duh… Essentially you want to subtly find out what her personal interests are and make your first dates include her hobbies and personal interests. 

But above all else… The golden rule is NEVER ASK HER WHERE SHE WANTS TO GO, it takes away your manliness and makes you look less confident and weak.

How to Have a Great First Date With a Girl: How to Dress

Now here’s the thing on how to dress: NEVER OVER DO IT but also NEVER UNDER DO IT….what i mean is never wear a tuxedo to a date unless it’s to a black tie affair.

Also never go with a tank top on and jeans…..you want to leave a good first impression and make her think that you can dress. 

But remember that the way you dress depends on the place you’re going….the best thing to wear is; a button down shirt, a nice t-shirt, and if it’s cold outside then wear a sweater or jacket….

For pants you want to always wears either jeans or khakis, wearing anything else will be disastrous if you end up changing venues….for shoes you either want to wear NICE sneakers or very casual shoes like sperry’s or converse.

Cologne is very key, if it’s a night even wear something musky (not the bad type of musky) if it’s a day even wear something fruity (like polo red) always wear a body wash/soap to match the cologne and always wash your hair (you never know where the day/night will lead) also never ovedo any scent. For cologne, a little goes a long way, and keep it focused on upper chest and shoulders (the place her head will go when she hugs you).

How to Have a Great First Date With a Girl: What to Say 

Well you’re on the date now but what should you talk about? 

it might be silly but think James bond, don’t focus on what you say but how you say it,

Body language is key and can be a real deal maker.

Make a lot of good and sexy eye contact. Holding eye contact makes you look a million times more confident….the only time it’s weird to keep eye contact is when you look away and it makes you look like a weak creep…

Display good listening skills and really listen to what she is saying and actually have a valid answer instead of “oh that’s nice”.

Say things that’ll make her laugh, tell funny stories about your life but keep them PG or maybe PG-13…..never get too explicit (let your body language do that) it’s ok to act goofy but if you do it too much it’s going to be hard for her to respect you, but at the same time being too serious will kill you.

Don’t be afraid to touch her, but gradually do it, don’t immediately touch her butt lol..but start with shoulder or boldly her hair, things like that which leads to seduction…..if you stare a girl in her eyes while keeping a charming smile, close body contact and play with her hair she WILL melt in your arms….but like i said don’t immediately do things like that, let it happen gradually.

How to End the First Date With a Girl With a Bang

So you had an awesome date and you want to end it on a good note…..you have 3 choices… 

If you want to escalate it to fast sex, then give her the best kiss she ever had and try your best to let her invite you in, but be warned if you didn’t make good enough eye contact, or touch her enough, then she’s not going to invite you into her house let alone kiss her…..

Now you could just go home and look like a complete wimp, (life is all about risk and if she denies you then you did something wrong and you need to work on it, BUT DON”T let it kill you, many guys have hard times with dating).

And the last thing is what i call the “switcharoo” it’s when you’ve been seductive the whole night (she’s basically begging you to have sex with her) you get in real close, you grab her by her waist, look her in her eyes, move your face closer and closer and you gently push her off and walk back to the car…….

THIS WILL MAKE HER MIND EXPLODE (but be warned this is very hard to do, one mistake can result to failure) she will go home wondering what she’s done wrong, what she needs to change, how can she get you to love her, was she sexy enough and all this, successfully do this and the second date WILL lead to sex (trust me i’ve done this at least 9 times).

How to Have a Great First Date With a Girl Every Time

If you took the time to read all of this, then I know that you must care about this girl and I promise you that if you be natural but at the same time take my advice you will have a successful first date that will lead to a second date (or maybe even sex).

All these books and stuff tell you HUNDREDS of ways to be a robot (a person that knows what to say but does it in such an unnatural way that it doesn’t work).

Learn how to be natural and follow the tips and advice that I have given to you and you WILL be successful. Good luck on your first date.

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