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How to Handle Rejection From Women: What to Do When a Girl Rejects You

rejectionKnowing how to handle rejection from women in dating is very important for a man who is hoping to improve himself with women.

Lets face it, facing rejection from women and getting rejected by women is a part of the dating game.


There is a right way to handle and deal with rejection from women.

In this article I am going to show you exactly what to do when a girl rejects you and I will ALSO show you how you can use “rejection” to your ADVANTAGE. 

Don’t Shut Down

When you’re first starting out in the field, women can seem tricky. You could walk up to a very pretty girl and before you can even get the words out your mouth she’s dismissing you.  

It blows! 

No one wants to get rejected, but one rejection shouldn’t make you give up on getting better with women. There are many reasons why guys get rejected but it all comes down to process. 

A lot of other times it’s poorly selected targets. Another crucial factor in getting rejected by women is not moving fast enough. 

Many guys end up quitting, giving up, and not wanting to approach women anymore, but I’m going to tell you how to deal with the many different types of rejection.

The Right Targets – Outright Rejection

I meet girls who just don’t feel like talking or are in a very bad mood. I don’t take the rejection personally because I blame the rejection more on circumstance than on myself.  

I’ve been in the mall and attempted to open girls while passing “Hey Miss, I really like those boots” the girl replies thanks and keeps passing. 

I’ve also been trying to chat up women in line at the grocery store. “Hey, How are you?” the woman replies “Fine, thanks.” and keeps on walking. 

I don’t down myself because I know back when I first started trying seduction, I wouldn’t of dared trying to approach some of these women. I’m grateful that I now have guts to approach these women. I just shake the dirt off my shoulders, and don’t be cynical towards the next woman I run across.

I don’t get every girl I talk to, but I always keep in mind there is another girl. Different things appeal to different girls. 

I was at a party earlier this month where I met two girls who were friends.  One girl thought I was a douche and the other girl thought I was charming. Who do you think I spent most of my night with? I spent it with the girl who thought I was charming.

 I learned in my teenage years that you shouldn’t waste time on people who have no interest in you. Now some guys may be thinking “But Just Dave isn’t the whole point of seduction to get any girl I want?!” 

It’s a beautiful thought, but it’s not realistic. You have to talk to girls who look like that want to talk.  Pulling an ice queen is do able, but you have to work your way up to that point.

Too Slow – Auto Rejection

This is similar to outright rejection but this happens as a result of talking to a girl for an extended period of time and not making a move or teasing a girl too much. It happens when you miss an escalation window and the opportunity to either kiss a girl or move a girl. 

Women are not mind readers and don’t know your intentions unless you make them known. Many times you can push a women into auto rejection by not listening to her or being receptive to her input in a conversation. 

In other terms this is when a woman shuts down and begins busting your balls extra hard. Other times a woman could go to the bathroom and never come back. This happens when a guy tries to be a “bad boy” but over does it.

This one is actually YOUR fault! The way to fix this is to actually pay attention to the signs and cues she’s giving you. 

This is why you never want to follow a process step for step because you focus more on the process rather than the girl. The process is supposed to help you not cripple you. 

When you feel the conversation dying off, you need either attempt to make a move or do a number close. You just don’t want to talk endlessly to her. This is how guys end up in the friend zone.

Another problem is you don’t want to tease a girl too much because you may unintentionally hurt her feelings. Even when you do get a girl back to your home or her home, things can STILL go amiss.

Last Minute Resistance – No Sex Tonight Rejection!

Once again I was at a girls house this month on a first date, and she was giving me excuses saying how she doesn’t “Act like that anymore.” 

Now I know plenty of guys would settle passionate making out and cuddling with a girl, however I don’t. I play to win and the girl is just testing you. 

Example 1: Frame her as the chaser, and don’t be phased.

Girl: We’re not having sex tonight

Me: I’m not that easy lady, anyway how long have you lived on this side of town.

Example 2: Out frame her, and frame her as an empowered woman rather than a slut.

Girl: I don’t do that type of stuff anymore.

Me: What made you stop?

Girl: I don’t know I guess wanted to be in a relationship.

Me: I don’t know I love it when a girl is empowered enough and can make her own decisions and decide that she wants sex.  I think that’s the sexiest thing a woman can do.

Example 3: Don’t be too obvious

Girl: What do you want with me?

Me: Well first I want you to keep me company while I finish my drink.  Then we’ll see.

The thing you need to know about rejection is that before you were rejected you were being screened to see if you were a strong and powerful man. Women love to sleep with strong men. 

When a woman meets a man who can smash right through their tests their ecstatic and very wet. But the problem that most men don’t do when they get rejected is to look back honestly and see exactly why they got rejected. 

Guys who settle for make outs and cuddling normally end up roped into a relationship with that girl or end up in the friend zone as her cuddle buddy. This is why some girls will say, “I’m just not into you” or “You’re really nice but…”  Don’t reward her with time and comfort if she’s not returning the favor.  

Guys who push for sex and don’t settle get laid. You can’t be afraid to lose a woman! I’ve whipped my dick out and started stroking it in front of girls and she moved my hand and started stroking. Next thing you know we’re humping on the floor!

Cock block Rejection: Dealing with her friends!

You will normally encounter this when you’re trying to make an advance on a girl in front of her friends. Even worse it can be your friends that may end up intentionally or unintentionally end up cock blocking you. 

This happens when a friend notices a girl is talking to a guy who just seems off or shady. Girls are very protective of each other and will eagerly pull her friend away from you. Even IF the girl you’re talking is having a “good time”. 

Cock blocking can stem from jealousy either from one of the girl’s orbiters or a jealous girl friend.  This can be your fault of not making a good first impression on the group. However I have met girls who cock block just for the sake of cock blocking cause they like the attention.

The best way I’ve dealt with this is just being cool to the girl’s friends. You never want to be rude to her girl’s friends. If you’ve been cool to the girl and cool to her friends they will back off. They just want to make sure you’re not some sleazy guy or a creep. 

A lot of times girls think that their friend may be too drunk for sex, and they want to stop her from making a bad decision. Another thing I do is just grab the girl’s number as fast as possible and set up a meet at a later date. Then she can go back to her friends and I can go about my night. 

Remember to keep it simple and come off as socially suave. Her guy friends will try and tool you, just remember it’s out of jealousy. Just ignore him and focus on the girl, he’ll walk away feeling embarrassed. 

Retaking the Test: Observe, Test, and Implement!

If I failed a test 100 times, I’m not going to keep putting the same wrong answer to the same missed question. 

Now rejection WILL happen, but you can lessen the likely hood of it happening though! All it takes is an honest look at your process. 

You have to know what kinds of girls are receptive to your advances. You have try out new things to get the results you want. I’m trying to save you guys a boat load of time and lessen your frustration, I can only help you if you help yourself. This is why you must keep practicing your fundamentals everyday! 

When you have a sexy walk, smile, style, and voice among the other things, you will very rarely get blown out the water. 

Some girls will still not be into you at the end of the day, but many other girls WILL be. You can’t let ONE girl inconvenience your mission of talking to ANOTHER girl!

Keep track of your results and analyze what went wrong, and then go back out and PRACTICE.

Women can be tricky at times, but remember to not shut down!

– Just Dave

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