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How to Get Women Into Bed (and Overcome Last Minute Resistance)

resistanceKnowing how to get women into bed and overcome last minute resistance will help you sleep with girls more easily, feel more confident in your interactions with women, and come across as a very sexy and powerful man.

But what exactly is last minute resistance in the first place and when exactly does it actually happen?

Last Minute Resistance happens when a girl is giving seconds thoughts about having sex or hooking up with you.

Sometimes you goofed during the interaction either during a transition period, or something happened to kill the vibe. Other times a girl could be on her period and not want to gross you out. 

There are many variables as to exactly why a girl could be giving you resistance, but the number one way to handle it is by staying calm and NOT being afraid to walk away.

Be Seamless: Make it seemed like it just happened and that it was supposed to happen. You have to know how to handle comments and objections that fly out of a girl’s mouth.

It’s important to remember to keep talking to a girl during traveling to destinations as well.  You don’t want things to get weird. That’s why it’s important not to be too eager, you have to play it cool.

Example 1

Girl: “Did you just bring me here to do this.”

Me: “Actually I brought you here for a drink.”

This makes the girl seem like the chaser and the initiator of sex. I also have girls sitting on top of me in either in my car or couch to help create this image.

Girls will then begin to see that they really did want you and you’re barely putting in the effort. This makes you come across as so much more sexier to them. 

Example 2

Girl: “How many women have you brought here?”

Me: “Only the ones I like.”

Girl: “Did you sleep with all of them.”

Me: “Only the ones that were special.” or “Somebody’s really curious about my habits.”

This lets the woman know that you do in fact have “standards” and that you don’t just bang everything that has a pussy. It ALSO ramps up your attraction because she can tell that you’re being pursued by OTHER women.

However, only a few and special women ever get this far. Keep in mind that I often frame women as the chasers so she’s working very hard at this point to get me.

Spin It on Her: Women love to say this line right here a lot, “We’re not having sex tonight.” My favorite response to that is a calm. “I’m not that easy love.” 

You just took the ball out of the court and hurled it over the fence she just realized her trump card isn’t real. You just illustrated to her that you want her pussy but you don’t need it.

In fact just walking away from the interaction is a powerful tool to overcome resistance. Don’t get needy and emotional and try to reason with her. Instead just ignore her objections.

Example from a recent lay:

Her: I don’t have sex in cars.

Me: * still kissing her lips*

Her: *kissing back* You’re not even listening

Me: I’m waiting for you to climb off me so I can drive to my place.

Once again frame her as the chaser and pursuer, once she realizes how silly she’s being and that she does want you, not a problem.

Instead of asking her to kiss, just kiss her. Make sexy comments on her body if she’s in your place and she dressed up sexy for you, she wants you. 

Don’t Force Her: I always leave girls the option to leave should they want too. 

I make two solid pushes for sex and if she says no verbally and is trying to push me off, I let her go. I tell her I don’t want to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. I then let her leave, they may want to stay but I only let them stay only if they want to.

Leading: The main thing is just lead, and don’t ask questions. Don’t make the girl lead let her follow YOUR lead. 

To keep momentum going to throw a girl off her game, when I’m making out heavy with her is to stroke my cock.  She often wants to go in or will start stroking herself. 

Women LOVE the opportunity to sleep with a sexy man (especially a sexy man who knows how to make girls orgasm). Show yourself as one and she’ll love you for it!

If a girls on her period, let her know it doesn’t bother you and put a towel under her during sex.

Condoms: I often keep condoms in my jackets, wallet, car, or any place I will be at. Some girls like condoms and others don’t. However the way you put it on makes the difference. 

I put on a condom when girls are at their horniest. I whip them out my pocket and put it right on my dick while making out with a girl. It’s on their before she even realizes it’s on. 

Keep the condoms on hand just in case a girl wants one and you don’t have one. Otherwise the mood will be loss, especially by the time you get one. She will have changed her mind about having sex with you. 

How to Get Women Into Bed (and Overcome Last Minute Resistance)

In the end last minute resistance can be avoided by properly framing the interaction and giving the girl the right expectations of you. 

Don’t hide your intent to sleep with her, let her know it through your actions. Remember that if she wants to leave, let her, never be afraid to walk away. 

Don’t let her try to hold you by the balls by telling you what to do, decide for yourself what YOU want. 

Girls try to use sex as control, but you have to have sex control and not give in and become her drone. 

I’ve masturbated in front of girls who thought I desperately needed her pussy. She joined in once she realized a good load would be going to waste.

Be smart about it!

– Just Dave

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