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How to Get What You Want (with Women and Life)

abcTired of not getting what you want?

Change the Cycle NOW!

As humans, we are very impulsive creatures with needs that must be filled.

But it seems that with time, man has revolved up until a stage where when he goes up to a lady, and hears the word “NO” to WHAT HE WANTS, he goes home with his tail between his legs to jerk off to internet porn!

Well guess what, that ends!

You’re ending it!

You have a choice: Continue the cycle of getting rejected or you can MAN UP and get what you want!

How to Get What You Want (with Women and Life): The 4 Steps

Step 1: Adopt a go-getter Attitude

The second you see that beautiful chic get your ass over there (I prefer the direct approach since it goes well with this attitude).

I don’t care if you stammer or mumble it’s called learning on the job (you’ll get the hang of it don’t worry) just lay the ground rules i.e. who you are,why you’re talking to her and what you want e.g.

DYLAN: Hi, am Dylan

LISA: Lisa

DYLAN: I heard you laughing in the distance, and I had to tell you (brief pause)… that’s a cute laugh you got there.

LISA: (giggles) Really?

DYLAN: There’s this cool restaurant I’ve been meaning to try round the block, let’s see just how infectious that laugh is 😉

LISA: Okay, lead the way

Simple, fun, awesome, and to the point!

Now when you get there don’t just sit there like a dummy admiring her boobs and laughing at every thing she says.

Step 2: Fundamentals (don’t forget them)

Indulge her, if you’ve mastered your fundamentals you know she does most of the talking. But don’t be stupid and take the backseat.

LISTEN to what she is saying.


During the high notes of the conversation create sexual tension between the two of you e.g.

LISA: … and that’s how my dog passed away.

DYLAN: That must have been really tough on you, (reaching out for her hand) but you’re a fighter, it’s actually something I admire about you.

Don’t hold on too long, leave her wanting more contact. That’s how you build the tension.

Step 3: Take Her Home

If you’re a good student and have aced the above, then get her to your place A.S.A.P.!!

If she is passionate about drawings, tell her it would be a shame if you did not show her a painting back at your place or if she loves music, tell her there is some music on your laptop she just HAS to listen to.

See where am going with this?

Get her home and sit her down so she knows she isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Be sure to sit close to her too.

Step 4: Seal the deal!

You’ve got this far. You know it. She knows it.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Look deep into her eyes and say this in your head (not out loud or I’ll personally come whoop your ass!)…

‘I GET WHAT I WANT’ then kiss those lips you’ve been dying for! Set your mind free and enjoy. You deserve it 🙂


That my friend is the guide to getting what you want. The above scenarios are not pick-up lines, nor to be memorized. Get the message and understand it is all I can say.

Till next time 🙂


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