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How to Get Sexual With Girls In Clubs (and Physically Escalate)

sexual “I’m not going to sign up for a credit card yet. I am just shopping around, comparing terms and after I weigh the pros and cons of each offer, I will decide”… At least that’s what I told the five sales people I met with for a little benchmarking exercise.

The first four of them took my words for granted and politely informed me about their products. We exchanged numbers and I promised to call them at a later date. Those were the GOOD sales people.

But they didn’t stand a chance in front of the fifth salesman, who saw right through my bullshit and got my signature on the credit card application twenty minutes after I walked in his office. He was the GREAT salesman.

By now you may be wondering what the credit card story has to do with picking up women. Well, many guys picking up women in clubs out there are like the good sales people in my story, nice and affable, they exchange contact information with the ladies they meet and “hope” for a follow up call in order to make the sale.

Few guys are like the great salesman that seizes the day and sells on the spot. Honestly, how many phone numbers that you get in a club actually pay off?

How many girls don’t answer your calls or text messages?

How many girls even remember the next day exactly who you are?

How many girls are reluctant to meet you for a Day 2?

You may want to change your club game strategy from “getting the digits” to “getting laid that same night”. And the name of this game is SEXUAL ESCALATION.

How to Get Sexual With Girls In Clubs (and Physically Escalate)

If you read my last article about “How to Get a One Night Stand With a Girl”, then you know that my expertise lies in physical escalation and getting sexual with girls in clubs right off the bat, or what I like to call it sexual escalation.

As there are two sides to the coin, there are two sides to sexual escalation. There is the physical side, sometimes referred to as “kino escalation”, or simply “kino”, and there’s the verbal escalation during the conversation.

If you were to ask which is more important, I would wisely answer in a Dalai Lama fashion: “which wing is more important to a bird, left or right?”.

As true as that is in general, in a club setting, however, conversation is limited on account of the loud music and thus physical escalation gains major role. Besides, girls go there to have fun, not listen to some guy yap on and on.

There are two things that make physical escalation easy in a club environment: Loud music, which makes conversations nearly impossible, also makes it natural to touch a girl even before shooting your opener.

She cannot hear what you have to say unless the two of you are really close. Physical escalation in progress, do not disturb…

The other factor is crowds. Within five minutes of interaction at least twenty people will bump into you, especially if you are standing close to the bar. More reasons to be protective of her and hold her close.

Let us now walk through a typical club pick-up and highlight the use of sexual escalation.

How to Physically Escalate With Girls In Clubs: The Process

The approach: in a club environment it is downright impossible to open without SOME degree of physical contact.

Grab her waist, lean your head towards hers and speak close to her ear. Do that anywhere else than in a club and she will yell “take your hands off me, creep”.

In a club you will get away with it 99% of the time, provided that you choose your targets well.

If she has a boyfriend with her, it could get tricky. Scan the area well before you approach with physical contact and you should be fine.

This approach functions ALSO as a filter for attracted girls. Think of it as a compliance test: if she moves away from your touch, she’s either not attracted enough or just shy. If she stays close, keep contact while you talk to her.

After a successful club approach, you want to take it in one of the two directions that enable sexual escalation. You can keep talking to her, while keeping the physical contact and cranking it up slightly until you are making out. Or you could do what people go to clubs for, that is dance. 

Conversation: you will want to keep escalating all throughout talking. To that purpose, you should include some physical escalation routines alongside verbal escalation. Anything goes, from comments about how fit she is while touching her body to discussions about body piercings.

One of my routines is “guess in which nipple I have a piercing”. This gets a 9 out of 10 reaction of them touching my chest. Cheesy, right? As long as it gets the job done, it doesn’t matter.

Another routine I use is “I have silicone butt implants”, which results in the exact same effect.

Curiosity killed the cat. I usually segue her touching me with one of Mystery’s classical come backs, “Hands off the merchandise”.

These routines are aimed at outrageous party girls and may fail to get the desired reaction from the conservative crowd. The whole purpose is to get her used to physical contact with you and to build up sexual tension prior to making out. 

Dancing: The poet Robert Frost once said “Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire”. Had he been involved with the pick-up artist crowd, he would have said “Dancing is pure sexual escalation”.

Keep escalating while you dance and encourage her to grind against you. As much as possible, avoid doing this in a place in the club where you become the “center of attention”. Same goes if her friends are watching. It may trigger her “anti-slut defence” and ruin the whole process. 

Once the dancing gets hot and heavy, go for the make out. 

Making out is the next step of sexual escalation and the cornerstone of club game. You will want to do that early in the night, but not until you have built enough sexual tension.

This is yet another compliance test, as a girl that is reluctant to make out with you will be equally reluctant to spend the night with you.

You can make out either while dancing or in a remote place of the club, away from the eyes of her friends. Avoid the “chaperone effect” of her friends talking sense into her for making out with a complete stranger.

As with all things pick-up related, calibration is the key. You don’t want to overdo it, there’s little point to getting her all wet before you leave the premises. 

Chilling out towards the end of the night is another good moment to escalate. By now you would have already been making out for the better part of the evening and she’s quite familiar with being touched by you.

As you chill on a couch you will be talking some more and you could encounter some shit tests from her. The most common is “we’re not having sex tonight”. My answer is a playful “No way, you need to take me out for dinner and a movie first” which defuses the situation and flips the script on her for being the one who suggested sex.

Another common one is the question “are you looking for a relationship or a one night stand?” to which I reply “let’s take it one thing at a time, enjoying each other’s company and we’ll see where it leads”. Be prepared to get all sorts of crazy talk.

Do NOT ask her “Let’s go to my place”, or any question about the outcome of the evening, that would raise a logical answer from her instead of an emotional one.

One night stands happen best without talking about them. Sex talk is fine, as long as you exude confidence. You can pull off lines such as “I want to rip your clothes off and do nasty things to you” as long as you are being congruent. 

Leaving the club gives you the last opportunity to escalate sexually before the night is over, one way or another. By leaving things to chance at departure time you could jeopardise your entire efforts of the evening. Own the logistics and you will own the outcome.

Whatever you do, avoid her friends providing the means of transportation, be it their own car or sharing a cab. I advocate driving to the club if you can spend the evening without drinking alcohol. Think of your car as a mobile bedroom or at least the gateway to your bedroom. If you absolutely MUST give her friends a lift home, make sure her address is last on the list.

If she gets in your car alone, drive to your place, with a twist. I make a point of asking her during the evening which area of the city she’s living and drive first in that direction. If she doesn’t ask, “where are we going” within the first three minutes, I turn towards my place. If she asks “where are we going”, I reply plausibly “to your side of town, give me some directions when we get there”.

Even if she asks the dreaded question and I end up driving her home, I still have a trick up my sleeve. I park the car halfway between the “just stopping by briefly” and “parked for the night” position.

With the engine running, I start making out with her again. This time, anything goes. We might end up doing it in the car or on the car. She might invite me up to her place for a night cap.

Don’t hold back on anything, escalate all the way. If she’s not willing to take her clothes off, after some ten minutes of making out, I pull the gear shift lever in D and drive to my place. I have NEVER gotten a “Stop the car, I want to leave” or anything similar so far.

What this gambit does is imply that a one night stand was not on my mind, but it “just happened”. Things got SO heated I just HAD to take action.

And now, for the less favourable “taxi situation”. When you get in the taxi, give the driver your address. Risky, but effective. It is implying that you are BOTH going there. Again, she may object, in which case you can reply “we’re having a night cap”. If she STILL objects, it’s likely not going to happen that night anyway.

You can keep making out and sexually escalate in the taxi, some girls are even turned on by the presence of a third party and will go wild. Some are not, so you may need to keep your hands to yourself. That’s why your car is definitely the best choice. 

How to Get Sexual With Girls In Clubs (and Physically Escalate)

The steps above are not linear and in sequence, except for the approach and leaving. Anything else may happen or not several times and in different order throughout the night. Feel free to use these tactics when you take a girl to the club for a Day 2, not just for club pick-ups.

And as a final thought, I will paraphrase the famous real estate agents saying, “club game success is about three things: sexual escalation, sexual escalation and sexual escalation”…

In the end, it all comes down to ONE question, are you a GOOD salesman or a GREAT salesman? 

– Dan

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