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How To Get Sex On The First Date Every Time

sex on the first dateA reader writes in asking the following question…

Hey Malcolm, how do you have sex with a girl in the first date?

Wanting to learn how to get sex on the first date is something almost every guy wants to learn how to do, and for good reason.

Knowing how to get sex on the first date with women will allow you to:

  •     Spend less time chasing and pursuing women and more time dating and sleeping with them
  •     Spend less time taking women out on expensive dates that does nothing but empty your wallet and more time pleasuring women and giving them orgasms.
  •     Turn a girl you REALLY like into your girlfriend with much less difficulty and hassle
  •     Allow you to come across as more confident and outcome independent because you know that you have the unique ability to bed women quickly

Make no doubt about it, learning how to get sex on the first date is a skill every man should want (and know) how to do. 

This article will show you precisely, clearly, and specifically how to get to sex on the first date every time, reliably and consistently.

Where Most Men Go Wrong Trying To Get Sex On The First Date

Most men who try to get sex on the first date go about it completely the wrong way, from the very beginning.

  •     Most men think (and believe) that you need to make girls like you and pay for expensive dates in order to get women to sleep with you.
  •     Most men believe that girls only go to bed with guys they know very well and are comfortable with (actually it’s the complete opposite)
  •     And most men think (and believe) that you need to wait until the third date to make a move on a girl and get her into bed

Believing all of these things (and sadly 95% of men do believe these things) is the prime reason why most men who attempt to get sex on the first date fail.

They go into a date with a woman thinking all the wrong things, making silly mistakes, and following rules that work against them in helping them to achieve their goal of getting to sex quickly on the first date.

Fact: Women act as mirrors to how YOU act and come across around them. As I talked about in the article “All Women Are Sluts: How To Bring Out A Girl’s Naughty Side” women will act in whichever manner that you perceive her to act in.

What that means is, if you treat girls like angels and “good girls” most women will give you the (false) image that they are not into having fast sex with strangers and does not do those naughty things. Which means that most girls will end up making you wait for sex, take them out on 4 or 5 expensive dates, and maybe sleep with you on the 6th date.

That’s a lot of maybe’s and if’s but the reality is, when you leave dating and sex decisions in the hands of women, when you come across as a guy who judges women, and when you take dating advice from your friends and family, you will be unable to get sex on the first date and most of the time, at all.

Men who are natural seducers don’t leave things up to chance (or worse, up to women). 

Men who are naturals: 

  •     Lead the interaction in the manner in which they choose 
  •     Focus on coming across as a sexy man and creating sexual tension 
  •     Get a girl’s panties wet and gets her excited to be taken home.

The guys who get sex on the first date have their logistics handled, have perfected and follow a certain pattern and routine when it comes to first dates that they have mastered, and focus their attention on giving women plausible deniability.

I will talk about each of these below…

Getting Sex On The First Date: Logistics Are Everything

When it comes to getting sex on the first date, logistics can either make (or break) you.

Not having your logistics handled is in my opinion, the #1 reason why men can’t get laid on the first date.

What are logistics you may be asking?

In a nutshell, your logistics is where you plan to take girls that you want to sleep with and exactly how you plan to get them there.

Most men don’t have a plan when it comes to first dates (which is why most men fail when it comes to getting sex on the first date).

What’s a good plan to have when you take a girl on a first date with the intentions of bedding her?

  • Set up the date for sometime after 7:00pm or when it begins getting dark (I’ve found setting up dates when it begins to get dark, sets a very sensual mood and gets women asking themselves “I wonder what’s going to happen and whether he will make a move?” which is the exact thought pattern that you want a girl to be having).
  • Meet her somewhere close to your house preferably only 5 to 10 minutes away from your house (Obviously you want to be the one in the interaction expending the least amount of effort, so you should always make sure to set up date locations somewhere close to where you live). 

Many guys when going on first dates, agree to meet a girl somewhere close by where she lives which may sometimes, very rarely work but most of the time won’t (and is again leaving things up to chance which successful people don’t do).

  • No Dinner or Movie dates. Meet her at either a local cafe or a coffee shop.

I really shouldn’t have to say this, but some men STILL believe that treating women to expensive dinner dates will somehow influence these women to spread their legs and go to bed with these guys. These men do not realize that them doing this usually has the opposite effect and result that they were hoping for.

Also treating women to dinner dates gets them putting on their provider signals and conveys the message that you are trying to become their next husband or boyfriend (which means that they will usually make you wait for sex in order to keep up with their “good girl” image that you have built inside your head).

By meeting up with a girl for a simple cup of coffee, it puts less pressure on a girl and removes the stigma of the typical dinner and movie dates that people have become so accustomed to seeing on television and the movies.

By meeting up and only getting something simple like a cup of coffee, it’s also just flat out cheaper for both the man and the woman (and removes the thought pattern of “Who’s going to be the one to foot the bill?”). 

In a nutshell, the goal of the first date should be to keep things both cheap and simple.

Here is a summary of the logistics side of the first date that you want to make sure that you have covered if you want to best maximize your chances of getting sex on the first date:

  •     Set up the date at a time when it begins to get dark (so she’ll be much more likely to have nothing else planned for the rest of the day and to help set a very sensual mood).
  •     Meet her somewhere close to where you live (so that when you get ready to invite her back to your place, transitioning happens smoothly and quickly).
  •     NO Dinner or Movie dates. Meet her at a coffee shop or a local cafe instead. (Doing this changes the context of the date from that of something romantic to that of something sexual. And doing this also let’s women know that you’re not trying to make them your next girlfriend which is very attractive).

By making sure that you have the logistical side of the first date handled properly and correctly, you help remove ALL of the guesswork that most men are guilty of having and going through.

By having your logistics handled, you also make things easier on the woman. It’s a known fact that women are drawn and attracted to men who take the lead and are able to make decisions. By you making sure that you have your logistics handled, you ARE taking the lead and being attractive.

How To Have Sex On The First Date: What To Do During The Date

Now I will cover in detail, exactly what to do during the date with a girl to help you maximize your chances of getting laid and sleeping with her on date #1.

Your goal while on a date with a woman should be to make interesting conversation, build an emotional connection, and get to know her.

I have already covered exactly what you should say and talk about while on a date with a woman in the post “What To Talk To Girls About On A Date”.

However, what I WILL add here is that you want to convey the image to women that you are a guy who doesn’t judge and likes women who are adventurous and spontaneous and free-spirited.

You also want to begin touching a girl during a date and using kino. Women become sexually aroused when you touch them. They also become more comfortable on a date when you convey the message that you are comfortable around her and this helps let women know that you want to be more than “just her friend”.

You also want to keep the topics of the conversations focused on HER, so that she can share her passions, hopes, fears with you and begin getting more invested and connected to you.

As long as you concentrate on coming across as cool and with a chill vibe, your first date with girls will run smoothly.

Which brings me to my final point…

How To Get Her Back To Your Place And Get To Sex Quickly

This is the section you’ve been waiting for, the part where I share with you my foolproof method for getting women back to my place and sealing the deal.

One thing you should subtly mention during your conversations with women on dates, is something that you would like to show her that is back at your place. It ends up looking like this:

Girl: “Yes, I really enjoy reading books and bettering myself as an individual. I am so big on self-improvement.”

Guy: “Yeah, I totally agree. I get totally fascinated by reading interesting things. Hey, by the way, there’s this awesome new website that I HAVE to show you. It is totally awesome and you are going to absolutely LOVE it.”

What the guy is doing here, is he is setting the stage for him to have a REASON to invite this girl back to his place.

Why does he need a reason like this you might ask?

Because women need what is known as plausible deniability, that is she needs an excuse that she can tell herself before she goes back to your place just in case something happens.

Basically, she can’t be apart of the planning phase of her own seduction, she wants to be able to shift the blame and say that “It Just Happened”.

And girls to do this all the time, especially when they talk to their girlfriends. You will usually hear them say something akin to “I don’t Jen, I was at his place having a drink and we was looking at Books and one thing led to another and it just happened.”

Why do girls do this you might ask yourself?

Because girls don’t want to come across as “too easy” or come across like a “slut”.

Whenever you plan to invite a girl back to your place, ALWAYS make room and give a woman plausible deniablilty. You will see your seductions run much more smoothly once you do.

What To Do Once You’ve Gotten A Girl Back To Your Place

This is the part where most men screw up and cost themselves the chance to sleeping with a new woman.

The biggest mistake I see men make once they’ve gotten a girl back to their place, is moving too slow.

Whenever I get a girl back to my place, I give myself no more than 10 minutes to make a move.

When you wait longer or try to wait until “the right moment” to make a move, you give yourself anxiety, put the burden of making a move on the woman, and always end up never making a move and going to sleep with blue balls.

The solution to this problem is to stop thinking about the potential problems that can arise from you making a move and physically escalating. In other words, you need to get out of your own head and STAY out. Remember, in order to succeed with women, you NEED to act quickly and get them alone with you in the shortest amount of time possible.

Another tip that you can use and something that I always do is, as soon as a girl comes inside your house, tell her to take off her shoes. You should do this for 2 very simple reasons:

  1. Doing this shows that you care about keeping your house clean, which is attractive in and of itself and  
  2. more importantly, it makes the girl subconsciously believe that she is going to stay longer and it’s 100x easier to sexually escalate on a girl once you’ve already gotten her shoes off.

Another tip is for you to immediately take her back to your room and sit on your bed and make sure that you have no where else to sit down in your room except on your bed.

Obviously, all of these tactics are done subtly but they are of great importance if you want to maximize your chances of getting sex on the first date.

Sealing The Deal And Taking Her To Bed

So you’ve gotten a girl back to your place and you and her are now in bed together.

So the question on everyone’s mind is, how do you get to sex and make it look natural?

Good Question. Simple Answer.

You begin to talk more slowly and sensual, and you also begin to give your girl sexy, lingering eye contact. You then begin slowly touching her and carassing her back and legs.

Generally at this point, I will usually kiss girls and sexually escalate from there, and most of the time they won’t resist it especially if you’ve done a good enough job on the date getting to know a girl and coming across as a sexy and charming man.

But… what she offers you some last minute resistance?

Here’s what I do whenever that happens. I immediately stop escalating, go back to talking about whatever conversation we were talking about and then after 2 or 3 minutes I try escalating again, but…

Instead of trying to sexually escalate again with a kiss, I offer to give her massage.

Who’s going to turn down a nice and innocent massage 🙂

By the time I am massaging her, I can sense that she is becoming more and more turned on…

So I usually tell girls to turn over but I tell them to keep their eyes closed.

Then I take out my dick and begin teasing her pussy with my dick but I do NOT insert my dick into a pussy and begin sex, rather I keep on teasing her and after a certain point, she begins wanting me to fuck her and she begins begging me to put my dick inside her.

And at that point, I simply seal the deal. Congratulations, you have successfully seduced this woman and you will seduce the other 100 girls who you meet and go out on a date with after her.

How To Get Sex On The First Date Every Time Consistently And Reliably

If you use these tips and tactics that I have given to you, then you WILL get laid and have sex on the first date every single time.

It is a fact that women have higher sex drives than us men do, and in order to properly seduce a woman you simply need to set the right mood, come across as a charming and attractive guy, and of course be a dominant man and take action.

-Malcolm Thomas

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