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How to Get Out of The Friend Zone (and Stay Out)

How to Get Out of The Friend ZoneHave you been struggling to get out of the friend zone with a girl that you like?

Is there a girl who you like romantically (or sexually) but she doesn’t like YOU in that same way?

Has there ever been a girl in your life whom you liked and wish you had something MORE with but you was just to scared to actually make a move and progress things forward?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then you can consider this article a lifesaver. In this article I am going to show you how to get out of the friend zone (and stay out).

The Reason Why Most Men Get Put In The Friend Zone

Before I show you how to get out of the friend zone we must first learn and discover why men get put in the friend zone in the first place?

Why DO most men get put in the friend zone with women?

The reason why most men get put in the friend zone is because most men are too afraid to move fast with women and actually make a move. Most men are too afraid to actually “claim” women and make them theirs.

When most men attempt to ask a woman out, most men try doing it in a very beat around the bush way. Instead of being direct with girls, most men try and be indirect.

When most men finish a first date with a woman, instead of “claiming a girl” and kissing her, most men will give a girl a very “friendly” handshake.

Instead of trying to get sex on the first date, most men try to NOT make ANY mistakes and take things slow.

What do ALL of these things that men do have in common?

They all involve the men having an inherent fear of moving fast with women and taking action.

How to Never End Up In The Friend Zone Again

How do you avoid ending up inside of the friend zone with the women you like?

YOU have to be the first one to make a move (and you better do it fast).

You have to be the man and lead.

What this means is that:

  • Instead of you waiting to receive a signal of interest from a woman, you simply approach her and find out if the two of you both have some sort of a connection.
  • Instead of you waiting to get a signal before you try kissing a girl, you immediately begin gazing into her eyes, talking more sensual and slowly, and you kiss her passionately.
  • Instead of waiting to see and find out if a girl likes you, you immediately call or text her and ask her out.

The key to getting out of the friend zone (and staying out) is to be a man who doesn’t waste time, knows how to text girls and get them out on dates, and is able to take women to bed with consistency.

You don’t try and WAIT for that “perfect moment” before you approach a girl, text a girl. or ask her out, because guess what?

That “perfect moment” will never come. There is no “perfect moment” for when you should approach a girl.

Your thought process needs to become:

“Oh, there’s a cute girl. Let me go and meet her and see if her and I both click”.

The moment you spot or notice an attractive woman, your feet immediately begins moving inside of her direction.

And when you DO approach her and begin talking to her you do NOT ask her about the weather or what she does for work.

You approach her and you say “Hey, I thought you were attractive and I wanted to come say Hi. I’m Malcolm”.

What you say to her doesn’t actually matter at all. Your only task is to open her and be direct.

And once the two of you are connecting and beginning to really like each other, you don’t ask her out in a submissive and passive way such as “Hey, maybe we can hang out sometime if you’re not busy and you have some time?”

That’s how wimps and beta males ask women out (and you’re NOT one of them).

So you and her are both talking and connecting with each other and you ask her out in a very powerful and dominant manner such as “You’re a cool girl and I really like you. Let’s get a drink someday this week. What’s your schedule looks like?”

Notice the difference?

You’re asking her out in a very dominant and attractive way. You’re setting up the date RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT and asking her what her schedule looks like to figure out and handle logistics.

When you approach women and talk to them in this direct manner, you won’t EVER end up in the friend zone again. Women will immediately know what you’re about (that you’re a man who is interested in dating and sleeping with them).

And they will either accept your advances because they feel the same exact way about you or they will reject your advances and you and her will both go you’ll separate ways.

It makes no difference to you because you have an abundance mentality and you know how and where to meet girls.

You realize that beautiful women are in abundance and you ALSO know and realize thay wasting your time chasing ONE uninterested woman is foolish when there are TEN interested women right around the corner from you.

How do you stay out of the friend zone?

You find a girl who you like, you begin talking to her and connecting with her, you immediately get her phone number and ask her out, and if she DOESN’T respond?

Find a girl who WILL.

But…what if there’s a girl in your social circle who you like romantically that doesn’t like YOU in the same way?

How to Get Out Of The Friend Zone (and Stay Out)

The solution is simple. You immediately ask her out in a very calm and low pressure way such as: “You seem like an interesting person. Let’s meet up this week for a cup of coffee. What day are you free?”

If she tries coming up with a bunch of excuses about why she can’t meet up with you or she tries to avoid answering your question, then move on. She is NOT interested.

But don’t worry, there’s ANOTHER girl right around the corner who IS.

Why do I say that it’s better to simply move on once a girl views you as “Just a Friend”?

Because once you are in the friend zone, you are STUCK in the friend zone. That girl will ALWAYS view you as “Just A Friend”. She will forever view you as just an asexual male.

And when you are already STUCK in the friend zone and THEN you decide to make a move and try to kiss her she will retort back with “Tom, were just friends, I CAN’T do this”.

The key to learning how to get out of the friend zone is to become a man who is able to approach women effortlessly, get them out on dates and “claim” them as yours, and of course get those women into bed.

– Malcolm Thomas

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