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How to Get Laid When You’re Broke

Loving couple in the car embracesI recently had a reader write in asking me how to get laid when you’re broke and more importantly, CAN you get laid when you are broke?

The answer to his question is “Yes”, you definitely CAN very easily get laid when you are broke, and in fact, this is exactly how I used to get laid and have sex with lot’s of pretty girls.

You do not need money to attract girls or get laid BUT… Having money does make doing so a little bit easier.

That being said, I am going to reveal a strategy that you can use to get laid with hot girls consistently even IF you are dead broke, in the process of filing for bankruptcy, or about to get evicted.

Simply utilize these simple strategies that I share with you here and watch the amount of women that you take to bed and make orgasm soar.

How to Get Laid When You’re Dead Broke: Can it Be Done?

Yes, it is very EASY to get laid when you are broke and have no money. And the reason for this is because having money does not necessarily equal getting laid. And in fact, displaying wealth to women can sometimes PREVENT YOU from getting laid.

How so?

Well, think about it…

A girl and a guy is about to sleep together for the first time and the guy all of a sudden makes it his BUSINESS to let this girl know (either directly or indirectly) how much money he has or makes.

Now this girl is suddenly going to start thinking logically about her decision to sleep with this man so quickly.

I mean, is sleeping with this man so FAST such a good idea? After all, it IS just the first date?

Perhaps she should let this man *wait* just a bit more longer so that he does not view her as too easy or a slut?

Yes, that sounds like the PERFECT idea.

And as a result of all of this logical thinking, the girl ends up making the man *wait* 3 or more dates before finally deciding to get intimate with him (and that’s if she ever does).

The point?

Displaying lot’s of wealth in an effort to attract women will usually end up backfiring unless you KNOW how to do it in the correct and proper way.

And this further goes back to my point about money not being needed in order to successfully get girls into bed or even make girls WANT to get intimate and sleep with you.

To accomplish this, all that’s needed is “gameand a reliable and repeatable system.

And this article is designed to help you successfully accomplish BOTH.

How to Get Laid When You’re Broke: A Reliable and Repeatable System

Here is the exact system that I have personally used to get laid back in the days when I was dead broke.

I would either hang out around Bookstores or Coffee Shops and I would simply start conversations with the women I liked.

I know, this sounds like simple common sense.

I did not use no elaborate pick up lines or routines, I did not perform any magic tricks, voodoo tricks, or rabbit tricks.

I simply approached the girls who I thought was cute and most importantly, I started talking to them.

Then after effectively communicating with them for a bit and establishing some rapport and building an emotional connection, I asked them out and we traded phone numbers.

Now keep in mind that throughout all of this, the girls knew very little about me. Most of the girls barely even knew my name.

But this all goes back to the main point that I am trying to convey: A girl does not need to actually know you, or even “like” you, in order to SLEEP WITH YOU.

How come?

Because girls do not think about sex in the same way that us men do.

For us men, we think about sex logically. If we see a girl and we like how she looks, and she meets our general (and bare minimum) appearance criteria and threshold, we will 9 times out of 10 want to sleep with her.

But women do not think about sex (or even dating) this way.

Women approach the aspect of dating and sex emotionally. If a man and her are the perfect fit, have lots of things in common, and would compliment each other really well, then that STILL is not enough.

There has to be something else involved that would compel this girl to sleep with this man. Something more.

Perhaps she doesn’t like something about his appearance. Or perhaps she doesn’t like where he went to school. It could be any reason, even an unimportant one in the grand scheme of things.

And this is why you must make it your job (no scratch that, your MISSION), to talk about yourself as little as possible when you first meet and talk to girls.

And the reason for this is because women are actively looking for reasons to disqualify you. Meanwhile us men are always looking for reasons to qualify women.

I have had a TON of girls tell me this themselves after I slept with them. They told me that they were about to sleep with certain men UNTIL the men started talking and talking and talking and ended up saying something utterly stupid, or offensive, or downright DUMB.

When you’re trying to get laid, especially when you’re broke, talk about yourself as little as possible. In fact, talk less in general.

Let women do MOST of the talking. Let women PROVE themselves to you. Let women try to impress YOU. Let women qualify themselves to you. Let women invest in you.

One of the KEY things that we teach here at Women Attracted is to let WOMEN do most of the talking. Here are a few articles to help you converse and talk to women better:

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And we have PLENTY of OTHER articles that can help you converse better with women.

But the gist of most of these articles is the same: Let women do MOST of the talking, let women PROVE themselves to you, let women work harder to impress and invest in YOU.

How to Get Laid When You’re Broke: NO Dinner Dates Allowed

In truth, dinner dates are not SO bad like many men think.

Yes, I do advise men repeatedly NOT to pay for dates. Yes, I do advise men to chase after sex on the first date. Yes, I do advise men to touch women a LOT and often on the first date.

But NONE of these things have anything to do with having actual dinner dates with girls. This is simply stuff that men should be doing in general.

So why do I say no dinner dates allowed?

Because you are broke. That’s why. Remember 😉 ?

The simplest date that I used to take girls on back in the days when I was dead broke, had NO cash, and did not have a single penny to my name was coffee dates. Most of the time I let the girl pay for her and my drink.

Then from that point going forward, the date proceeded as normal with lot’s of touching, laughter, banter, storytelling, and connection building.

But what if you don’t have your own place that you can bring a girl back to?

How to Get Laid When You’re Broke and Have No Place

This part is simple. To get laid when you’re broke and you don’t have your own place that you can bring a girl back to, simply escalate either in her car OR… Invite her to a neighborhood park, sit on the grass, and quickly escalate from there.

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually HARDER to sleep with girls in your bedroom than out at public places. The reason for this is because whenever girls go back to your place and see your bed, nothing but SEX instantly runs through their mind.

When girls are hanging out with you in PUBLIC, having sex is usually the LAST thing on their mind. Which means that their walls and defenses will be down. Which means that you will usually have to overcome NO (or very little) last minute resistance because everything happens so SUDDEN.

How to Get Laid When You’re Broke

If you’ve been falsely thinking or assuming that you need to have money just to get laid then fear not.

You do not need money to get laid,

You do not need to be good looking in order to get laid

You do not need to have big muscles to get laid

Yes, all of those things help but NONE of it is necessary.

All that’s required in order to successfully get laid with hot women is confidence, the right mindset, the correct strategies, and a system.

And with this article, you now have it.

So what are you waiting for?

Take action and put this information to good use.

– Malcolm Thomas

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