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How to Get Laid at College

christmas_girls_hot_adult_sexy_wallpaperCollege can be a fun and exciting place to meet new people and to have new experiences.

For many people, College is the time to party as much as you can and to have as much sex as you can.

I did not do that much partying in my College/University years but I had friends who constantly partied and so I always saw and experienced their fun activities.

I think that it is easier to get laid in College because there are a lot of girls there who simply want to have fun.

You can meet these types of girls at parties and it’s an easy way to hook up with them because they probably want to get laid at the end of the night.

Here are some tips on how to get laid at College.

Go to Parties

Like I talked about in my other article, “How to Get Laid at After Parties”, some girls are at these parties just to have some fun.

You are at these parties to have fun as well but you are not there to take advantage of overly drunken chicks, that’s not cool.

Like I discussed in detail in my other article, getting laid at College is a bit easier but most of the time it still requires the same amount of work as if it was with women somewhere else.

The point here is to build a connection with women and create rapport. Most girls are not going to sleep with you just because you’re attractive, even though some girls do which is cool!

However, in most cases, you can’t just expect women to want to have sex with you without saying a word.

At least create some small talk and show them you’re interested by giving them compliments and creating physical contact.

If they respond well to your advances, then ask them to come back to your place. Most of this is detailed in my other article (linked here).

Meet Chicks in Class

I know that it could be hard to meet chicks in class as it was my case when I first started University, but it is actually pretty simple.

I remember my first time I tried to start a conversation with a pretty girl in my lecture when I was in my first year. I asked her what the time was and that was it, nothing else.

I did not know what to say after that so I kept quiet the entire lecture. Good times.

Anyways, one thing you can do is to come to class 10 minutes before it starts and sit beside a girl you are interested in.

After you sit beside her and get out your laptop or whatever, ask her about how she likes the class. Ask her about last week’s readings and ask her questions relating to what was taught in class.

If it looks like she is having a good time talking to you, then at the end of the class, ask her for her number and tell her that you guys should meet up and study together.

Another thing you can do instead is to ask her if she wants to get something to eat after class, and this is an easy way to get an instant date.

If she agrees to come get lunch with you, then you can start asking her questions about herself and learning more about her on your mini date, creating attraction and rapport.

Once you guys start hitting it off after a few days or weeks of talking, invite her back to your place to hang out and watch movies and see what happens from there.

If she seems to be digging you, then start making physical contact by putting your arm around her and then the rest will fall into place.

Meet Chicks Randomly

One day I was in the library at College and was looking for a textbook for my class. I noticed a chick walking past me a few times like she was looking for something but couldn’t find it.

She kept walking past me back and forth like three times in the span of ten minutes. The next time she walked past me, I asked her if she was looking for a particular book or something.

She said that the librarian told her to look in a few aisles for the textbook she was looking for, and so she was looking for these aisles.

Anyways, I then asked her what her major was and she said it was social studies. I then asked her what she liked about social studies as I was generally curious.

This helped me to have a deeper conversation with her right in the library and create some connection. I asked her a lot of questions because I honestly wanted to know what social studies was all about.

At the end, I told her that she seemed pretty cool and that we should hang out for some lunch another day. 

I got her number, texted her a few times and then met up for lunch a few days later. After a few dates I invited her back to my place to hang out which led to more at the end.

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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