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How to Get Laid at After Parties

afterThe stuff I am going to discuss in this article is from my own experience and from my friends’ experiences for when we all used to party together.

As many of you probably know, I was a shy and introverted person during my high school and my University years, but this had changed during my last year in College/University.

I had went to a few parties during my first year in University but nothing had happen besides getting rejected.

I also had went to a few parties in my upper years and I still did get rejected but I also had some success as well.

I think that the whole atmosphere at after parties is more laid back and chilled out.

People are having drinks, listening to music, playing beer pong and whatnot. It’s a fun environment and even more fun when there’s pretty women you want to meet.

Here are some tips on getting laid at after parties which I learned from my own experiences and through my friends’ experiences as well.

Having a mutual friend makes it much easier to meet women

If you’re at an after party, there is a chance that you know a few people there and this will help you meet women much quicker.

For example, if your friend says hello to a woman that he/she knows and you are interested in her, then tell him/her to introduce you to her. Something simple such as, “Hey, this is my friend _____”.

Once you guys are introduced, you can start asking her questions about herself. Ask her what program she’s studying in and try to build a connection with her by asking her deeper questions.

One thing I do after I first meet a chick is that I tell her to be my beer pong partner because it’s a fun and playful thing to do. I would initiate physical contact by giving her high fives whenever she scored a point.

The point here is that after you meet her, you have to build a connection and you have to do most of the listening.

You can also compliment her on things such as how she has a contagious laugh, basically anything that you really mean and is genuine.

What if you don’t have a mutual friend?

Well if you don’t have someone to introduce you, try to give quick smiles to every girl you are interested in.

By a quick smile I mean that if you’re walking past them, just make eye contact for half a second and smile, then turn away and continue walking.

If you notice that she smiled back or appeared interested, then next time you see her, say “Hi, you’re really cute and I had to introduce myself, I’m _____.”

Now this obviously doesn’t work on every girl and you will get rejected sometimes, but if the girl is attracted to you she will spark a conversation back with you.

After the introduction, you can make some small talk and move on from there.

The point in meeting chicks is that if they don’t seem interested after you start talking to them, then just make an excuse and leave.

There is no point in having a conversation if she’s not having fun, so leave and find other chicks that actually enjoy your company and are having a good time with you.

Starting a conversation is one thing, but having a FUN conversation is another. 

You need to start a conversation and observe that she is having fun talking to you in order to get laid at the end of the night.

Make an Excuse to Leave the After Party

Once you meet her and talked to her for a while, you need an excuse to get her back to your place or her place.

For example, if you guys were talking about movies you wanted to watch, then you can tell her to come back to your place and watch it.

If she said she likes a particular movie, then ask her to come back to your place to watch it. This is my own approach, and you can always come up with your own way of getting a girl to come back to your place.

Some of my friends were direct in their approach and just asked the chick to come back to their place and hang out.

Every girl responds differently and so either method could work.

Once you get her back to your place, you can start by initiating more physical contact such as putting your arm around her.

If she seems responsive to your moves and starts touching you back, then you can slowly progress to making out and the rest falls in place.

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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