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How to Get Good With Women: Assume Attraction

mack lifeOne of the biggest breakthroughs that allowed me to get good with women fast was when I began to assume attraction.

What do I mean by the words “assume attraction?”

I mean that, whenever I would meet a girl, I would interpret EVERYTHING that she does as her trying to get ME into bed.

If a girl asked me a question, I would automatically ASSUME that she asked ME the question because she actually “liked” me.

If a girl began touching me while she and I were talking, I would automatically ASSUME that she was trying to seduce and flirt with me.

If a girl looked at me and smiled, I would ASSUME that she was trying to get my attention so that I would approach her.

And as soon as I started doing all of these things with women, guess what happened?

My success rate with women began to soar through the roof. I began to have sex with beautiful women fast. I was getting phone numbers and going out on dates with multiple women and it did not require ANY effort from me whatsoever.

Sure, I was approaching women with the mindset that they all “liked” me and wanted to seduce me (and perhaps some of them really didn’t) but my results did not lie.

I would approach a woman, begin talking to her, and make her laugh, and as soon as she started asking me questions… I would immediately assume the sale.

I would invite her home, I would set up a date, She and I would exchange phone numbers…

Sure, I did not get EVERY girl using this tactic (and NO man can), But I did manage to get into bed a very high percentage of them.

And that is what this article is ALL about… to show exactly why you must always assume attraction with every girl that you meet.

If you have spent a good amount of time trying to learn how to get good with women and you have NOT been experiencing the kind of success with women that YOU want… then this article is going to be a real game changer for you.

How to Get Good With Women (and Why You MUST Always Assume Attraction)

If you knew that you had the ability to give girls incredible orgasms in bed, would you approach women (with the intentions to have sex) and think of it as them doing YOU a favor or you doing THEM a favor?

You already know what you as a man are capable of doing in the sack, so you know with absolute certainty that ANY girl who ends up having sex with you is going to be LUCKY.

If you are a man who possesses incredible sex skills in bed, then it serves you right to assume attraction because not too many men walking this earth can do what YOU can do.

On the other hand, if you are a man who is great at talking to women and cheering them up and making them feel special, then you know that ANY girl who talks to you is eventually going to start feeling some sort of ATTRACTION towards you.

And because of this gut level instinct and your past successes and experiences, you would do well to assume attraction before you even begin talking to a girl.

And here is one other little secret: When you assume the sale (assume attraction), women will be much more likely to follow your lead.

It is an established FACT that girls follow men who are leaders. Women are attracted to men who know what they want in life.

So in order to become good with women (and fast) you must learn how to apply this concept towards attracting and seducing beautiful women.

So let’s suppose that you have been talking to a girl for 5 – 10 minutes and now it is time for you to assume attraction and get her phone number.

How would you do it?

I can certainly tell you how I would do it:

Me: I really enjoy talking to you. Here (I hand her my cell phone), put your number in, we have to hang out again sometime.

At this point in the discussion, the girl would usually immediately begin to put her number in my phone because I was confident, natural, and I had already ASSUMED the sale (that she was attracted to me and wanted to go out with me).

Here is my mindset whenever I interact with a woman: “Why would a girl NOT want to spend more time talking to, flirting with, and sharing the company of an attractive, sexy man like myself?”

That is the thought process running through my head before I ever approach a woman.

Before I ever approach a woman, I will automatically ASSUME before hand that she wants to meet an incredible, talented man like me.

I assume before hand that she wants to have sex with me. I assume before hand that she wants me to please her in bed and give her incredible orgasms throughout the night.

THIS is what it means to assume attraction.

Before you ever approach a girl, you assume before hand that she is ATTRACTED to you.

Most men fail with women because they will usually assume the exact opposite.

Before most men ever meet girls they are thinking to themselves:

“No girl wants to date me because I am ugly.”

“No girl wants to have sex with me because I do not have a lot of money.”

“No girl wants to date me because I am not tall and I do not drive an expensive car.”

If this is YOU, then immediately toss these negative thoughts out of your head. They are sabotaging your success with women and they are costing you great sex and wonderful relationships with beautiful women.

How can you expect a girl to be attracted to you if you are not yet first attracted to yourself?

Before you ever leave your house in the morning I want you to always boost up your ego (which will in turn, help to INCREASE your confidence.)

I want you to say things to yourself like:

“I am the most sexiest, baddest man walking this planet.”

“I am ultra smooth and sexy, and I am capable of doing a lot to please a woman in bed.”

“I am the SHIT and the most baddest motherfucker around.”

Women LOVE prideful arrogant men and THIS is exactly why. Men who are prideful and arrogant are attracted to themselves and this in turn effortlessly attracts women to them too.

How to Get Good With Women: Always Assume Attraction

If you are able to fully grasp and understand the concept of this post, then you will literally DOUBLE the amount of women you sleep with and take on dates almost overnight.

I am not kidding. Understanding and harnessing this ONE simple concept to always ASSUME ATTRACTION is the #1 thing that ALL bad boys do and it is ALSO the #1 thing that ALL nice guys fail to do.

Say that you are an attractive, powerful man. Believe that you are a very successful, talented alpha male.

Visualize all of your success in your head before it even happens.

They say that seeing is believing. Well in my opinion, when it comes to achieving success with women, believing IS seeing.

The truth is that we all create our own reality and whether we think we can or we can’t do a thing, we are right.

So if you want to really “get good” with women, then start believing that you already are a man who is good with women and watch your visions in your head begin to materialize in your present life right before your very eyes.

– Malcolm Thomas

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