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How To Get Girls With Ridiculous Consistency

nowEvery man who comes across the dating advice community does so because he wants to learn how to get girls with consistency.

He doesn’t want to take a girl out on a first date and “hope” to get laid, rather he wants to go out on a first date with a woman he likes knowing, confidently that he will get sex without having to spend lots of money or waste a lot of time.

This article will show you the key to getting girls with consistency using one of my most reliable and repeatable methods.

How To Get Girls With Minimal Effort

The key to getting girls attracted to you on a regular basis is first learning how to approach them on a regular basis.

You must look forward to approaching women whenever you begin your day. And it also has to be something FUN that you enjoy doing too.

When you turn meeting women into something that you enjoy doing, you enable yourself to shortcut your learning curve and bat approach anxiety to the side.

Most men do the complete opposite of this. Most men make meeting women a boring task (or work) that they hate doing. And when these guys approach girls, this type of thinking and mentality seeps out and rubs women the wrong way which comes across as unattractive to women. This is a major turnoff.

I want you to learn to adopt the opposite mindset that will enable you to achieve true success with women. I want you to go out before approaching girls thinking “Wow, time for me to go meet some cute girls and better myself and learn more about the opposite sex”. THAT is what your thinking needs to be like before you even approach a woman.

You need to be looking forward to interacting with women and learning more about them and turning yourself into a more attractive man whom they respond positively to.

Stay In Set Longer And Do NOT Eject From A Set

Most men who first begin learning how to get girls make the terrible habit of leaving a set way too early. What these men will do is they will approach a woman and begin a conversation with her and then at the first awkward silence and appearance of tension, these men will excuse themselves and eject from the set. 

Do NOT Do This.

The only way to improve your success with women is by learning how to step outside of your comfort zone and deal with the tensions and awkward silences that you will inevitably run into.

And here’s another secret: Tension is GOOD and is your friend once you first begin talking to a woman.

The guys who women don’t feel ANY tension around is normally men who girls have already friend-zoned or men who girls think of as their brother. You WANT women to feel tension around you. If a girl feels no tension around you, then you will be unable to create SEXUAL TENSION when speaking to her. You NEVER want a girl to feel too comfortable whenever she is around you.

Improving With Women Is A Mile Run and Not A Sprint

The way you improve with women is gradually. You will begin seeing gradual improvements in your interactions with women after your first 20 approaches or so.

Change isn’t sudden, instead change happens gradually.

When you get into weightlifting with the goal of putting on 20 pounds of muscle, you don’t suddenly gain 20 pounds of muscle after your first week, but rather after working out 3 times per week and eating a healthy diet, you will begin seeing your body transform positively week after week.

Sometimes YOU won’t notice it but OTHER people will.

Success with women is exactly like this. You don’t one day decide that you are going to learn how to pick up girls and then tomorrow you’re dating a supermodel.

Rather you improve by going out to the malls and the bookstores and approaching dozens of different women and making tweaks and improvements along the way. You will improve gradually the more that you approach women.

How To Get Girls Reliably and Repeatably Every Time

Improving with women is a journey that you must choose to embark on, it is an adventure that you must decide to take.

Will you face rejection and some struggles along the way?

Of course, BUT you will ALSO improve your skills with women by leaps and bounds. You will begin to notice patterns that women will do once you approach them, tests and questions that women will throw your way that will learn how to solve, and eventually after a certain number of approaches, you will realize that you have seen it ALL.

You will begin to become unfazed by ANYTHING that women throw at you because… well, you’ve seen it all and you already know how to best respond to this shit-test that this girl is throwing you or that question that this girl is challenging you with.

Meeting girls will begin to become FUN for you (and it is) and meeting girls will begin to become like a “game” that you need to beat.

The key to getting girls is for you to turn meeting women into a habit and into something that you very much enjoy doing.

You have this blog which is completely FREE and reveals a whole host of methods and tactics for you to use but more importantly you have YOURSELF.

The key to getting girls is to get out there and to begin actually meeting them. Only when you do that will you be able to find true success with the opposite sex.

– Malcolm Thomas

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