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How to Get a Sexy Male Voice (That Attracts Women)

how to get a sexy male voice The very first thing that women hear when you first speak to them is what your voice sounds like.

And this could be a good thing (depending on how sexy and appealing of a male voice that you have) OR a bad thing (if you have a very unattractive and unpleasant voice that women do not enjoy hearing).

But if your goal is to attract women with the least amount of effort, then taking the time and effort to develop a powerful and sexy male voice is one of the most rewarding things that you can possibly do.

And really, it’s not that difficult.

As a matter of fact, It is easy to comprise a mental list of men, famous or not, who have very sexy voices.

Here are some powerful tips to help you get a sexy male voice that attracts women….

Tip #1: Find Out How Your Voice Sounds to Other People

The best way to discover how your voice sounds to other people is to listen to a recording of it.

When you talk, the speaker allows you to hear your voice vibrate through your vocal cords, head, and chest. In all words, you hear what you actually sound like from a completely different perspective. 

Also, when you listen to a recording of your own voice, you hear what the listener does, which may be a thinner, higher-pitched sound as the voice travels through the air, instead of the deeper, lower frequency vibrations that gives your voice that sexy quality. 

Understanding what you sound like to other people is your first step to developing a sexy male voice because this will allow you to find out what areas of improvement that you need to work on with your voice, which brings us to my next tip…

Tip #2: Begin to Practice Deep Breathing

Practice deep breathing and speak to maximize and control airflow from your diaphragm, the muscle between your lungs and your stomach.

Not only will deep breathing calm your nerves and relax your muscles, but it ALSO creates the constant flow of air required to enable your voice to project and resonate.

When a person is relaxed, the voice sounds more smooth, confident and sexy.

Tip #3: Practice Talking More Slower

A man who talks slow, is a man who has a very sexy voice. I talked about this greatly in “Sexy Body Language Tips For Men That Naturally Attracts Women”. But essentially, you want to learn how to slow down the pace of your speech.

The slower pace allows you to breathe deeper, giving a richer undertone to your voice and additionally allowing you to say your words much more clearly.

Talking slower also provides you the opportunity to pause between sentences and phrases more effectively, creating interest and intrigue in what you are about to say.

Tip #4: Vary the Volume of Your Voice

This does not mean that you have to whisper all the time to in order to develop a sexy voice. It simply means to vary the volume of your voice tone to keep women guessing and hanging onto your every word.

Also, speaking in a lower volume increases sex appeal and adjusting the volume of your voice during a conversation also adds interest to your voice.

Learn how to vary the volume of your voice tone and will surely develop a very sexy voice.

How to Get a Sexy Male Voice (That Attracts Women)

Taking the time to get a sexy voice does take some patience, training, and getting used to. But it’s also a skillset that will last you an entire lifetime and allow to come across as a very powerful man.

Most men either have very unattractive whiney voices OR they have very low whispery type voices and women struggle to hear what these men are saying to them.

But the man who puts in the effort to get a sexy voice and become more attractive to women is very rare and different.

Begin to practice the above techniques and tips on how to get a sexy male voice…

Train your voice so that speaking in a warm, resonate sexy voice becomes natural and exercise your voice to give it that calm, relaxed tone that is not only pleasant to listen to, but also sexy.

And… approach the next Hot girl that you see and try implementing one of the tips that you have learned and read about today.

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