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How to Get a One Night Stand With a Girl

one Note from Malcolm: This is a guest post from my friend Dan who is a master at getting one night stands and getting to sex with girls quickly.

In this article, he shares some tips on how to identify which women are looking for sex and how to go about approaching them. I hope you enjoy his post…


How do you get a one night stand with girls consistently?

What makes a one night stand truly “one night”?

How do you make sure last night’s affair does not turn into a “Bunny boiler” situation?

It all boils down (pun intended) to carefully screening the ladies that casually pass through your bed and saying “NO” once in a while.

How to Identify the Women Most Likely to Have a One Night Stand

As much as I tried to brainstorm reasons for which women have one nighters, I couldn’t come up with more than five reasons. Even when you really try to find additional ones, they still fit neatly into the previously labeled five. Here it goes:

  1.  sexual pleasure and/or fun, we will call her “Sexual woman”
  2. thrill of doing something new or “wrong”, or “Thrill seeker”
  3.  filling an emotional void, or “Sad girl”
  4. revenge one night stand or getting back at a cheating partner, or “Vendetta girl”
  5.  trying to secure a relationship with the man they’re having the one night stand with, to be called henceforth “Needy insecure girl”

I discussed the five reasons theory with at least a dozen women and they all agreed. Some of them I even had one nighters with, so it can be also used as a routine. You can thank me later :-)

Now for the question “who are they having the one night stand with?”, after much debate with my fellow wingmen I narrowed it down to:

  • “Sexual woman” and “Thrill seeker” have their one night stands with a man possessing some seduction skills
  • “Sad girl” and “Vendetta girl” have their one night stands with anybody available that happens to be carrying a dick, regardless of their pick-up skills
  • “Needy insecure girl” have their one night stand with a guy they perceive as “high value” or “relationship material”

If this were a corporate Power Point presentation, it would be time to insert a matrix and get on to the outcome of the one night stand, that is the practical application of the theory. 

A few words about each category…

How to Get a One Night Stand: The Sexual Woman

The “Sexual woman” is likely recently single, does not want to get onboard a new relationship for now and can be encountered in any age group.

She’s out to have fun with her girls, will drink moderately and sees through your game. She may call you a ladies man – denying you are one will lower your value in her eyes. Own your identity as a player, she will have the one night stand with a man that is upfront about his intentions.

She is comfortable with her sexuality and will take sexual conversations rather well, as long as you escalate the intensity. You will know when to move the party to your (or her) place and there will be little LMR if any.

If you spend the night at your place, she will not sleep over. If you go to her place, make a graceful exit after sex.

If you have a good chemistry in bed, she will likely want to get together again, no strings attached. She is less likely to be interested in evolving things to a relationship, and may have some other guys she’s seeing in parallel.

How to Get a One Night Stand: The Thrill Seeker

The “Thrill seeker” is young, experimenting with her sexuality and is likely coming from a conservative background. Think small town girl in her freshman college year in the big city.

She thinks you are hot and will sleep with you on a dare from her girls. Players and bad boys have the best odds of landing “Thrill seekers”.

Being less experimented with one night stands, she will put up heavy LMR. Often her big talk will fade in front of the prospect of sleeping with a guy she barely knows.

Buyer’s remorse will occur the day after but she will not acknowledge and will talk about her wild experience with her girls. She is also very likely to get dressed quickly and call a cab or ask you to leave without even taking a shower.

Seldom will call you or even answer your phone calls and messages, she will not be interested to have a friends with benefits situation. It’s a one time ONLY thing with her.

How to Get a One Night Stand: The Sad Girl

The “Sad girl” is at least in her late twenties, has been experiencing a relationship dry spell or a recent traumatic event.

The one night stand is an attempt to fill an emotional void. She appears depressed, negativistic and talks about her problems a LOT.

Sex with her is boring and she will get clingy afterwards in an attempt to keep filling the void. She will want to spend the rest of the night together regardless of the location and will be offended if you try to leave or ask her to do so. Actually, she may use sex just to get some company out of you afterwards.

Men should stay away from this type, as they can be very emotionally draining and cause too much drama to be worth the notch on the bedpost. Can get to “Bunny boiler” status.

How to Get a One Night Stand: The Vendetta Girl

The “Vendetta girl” is trying to get back at a cheating current or ex partner. For her you are just a means to an end, a penis with a man attached to it. There’s NO seduction going on, she wants to get you to bed and will be straight about it.

This girl is on a mission to get laid. Most times she will ask you to take the party someplace private. She will not disclose her reasons until maybe after the fact. Her girlfriends will probably cock-block if they are around, although she has been known to shop around by herself to avoid just that.

Highest drama for the buck potential out of all types. Will most of the times develop severe buyer’s remorse. To be avoided like unprotected sex with a street hooker. 

How to Get a One Night Stand: The Needy Insecure Girl

The “Needy insecure girl” thinks she’s getting lucky by sleeping on the first night with the man of her dreams.

If you’re a 9, she’s an 8 but no more than one point away, else she knows she doesn’t stand a chance with you. Has used the method unsuccessfully in the past to get man, but keeps trying.

Will NOT initiate the sexual interaction but will let YOU do so. Whatever you want to do, she’s game. It takes the least effort to have the one night stand with her, a simple invitation for drinks at your place being enough.

She will be submissive and laugh at every lame joke you make. Most of the times is smart enough to stay away from player types as boyfriend material types are her bread and butter. Definitely she’s looking for a relationship.

She will at times try to use the sex as leverage, playing LMR just to get you making verbal commitments for doing things together like going out with her friends or hanging out. Will make repeated attempts to contact you after the one night stand. Most likely go go “Bunny boiler” on you. Man beware!

How to Get a One Night Stand With Girls: The Process

Before you begin your ladies man journey, you will have mostly one night stands with the “Sad girl”, “Vendetta girl” and the “Needy insecure girl”. Drama included.

By differentiating yourself from the “nice guy” category and into the player ranks you will also graduate to the more rewarding one night stands with “Sexual women” and “Thrill seekers”.

You will have learned to recognize and avoid the “bad” three types and as a bonus, you will no longer become a target for the “Needy insecure girl”.

Players who want it easy should stick to “Sexual women” and “Thrill seekers”. Fun with no harassment the day after sounds like a plan. The others are too high maintenance to bother with. If, however, you recognise one of the other categories and you still want to go for it, keep these few things in mind. 

Do keep it fun and casual. You are an adventurer, a man not to be tied down (unless it’s a sexual thing). 

Do own your identity as a player. Only good things can come out of it, such as girls disqualifying themselves from a one night stand that they are not ready for.

Don’t go to your place. Go to theirs or spend a few bucks on a hotel room if you have to, it’s worth the comfort of keeping unannounced visitors at bay. I’ve had a “Needy insecure girl” ring my doorbell drunk at 3 A.M and another one watching me from the car parked across the street. Creepy as hell! If they insist on going to your place, cross your fingers and hope for the best or just say NO.

Don’t make promises. You would only give them a reason to call you and become clingy. I once may have hinted to a “Needy insecure girl” that she could spend a few nights at my place until she finds suitable rent (bullshit, I actually told her she can just to get in her pants). Ended up with a “live in girlfriend” I didn’t want or need and it took me a couple of months and a loan never to be repaid just to get her to leave. 

Don’t behave like a “nice guy” would. That includes but is not limited to cuddling after sex, excessive kissing, sleeping over, ordering food for the post-coital munchies. Bad, bad, bad! Take a shower and leave. It was fun, bye now!

Two things are common to one night stands and alcohol… they are both to be enjoyed responsibly and they both will give you a hell of a headache if you compromise quality for quantity.

– Dan

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