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How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number (Without Asking for It)

how to get a girl's phone numberDisclaimer: This is one of the longest articles I have ever written on this site but it’s in my opinion the most complete guide ever written on how to get a girl’s phone number successfully.


Tell me if you can relate to this…

You’re out on the beach and you happen to notice an attractive woman who seems like just your “type”. She has long thin legs, a thin waist, big breasts, and beautiful blonde hair. She looks exactly like your “dream girl”.

You gather up the courage to approach her and you open her with a “direct opener” and you begin to make conversation with her and… it seems to be going well.

You and her are connecting with each other and sharing interesting things about each other. You and her can BOTH feel that “magical spark”.

You begin liking her more and more and she begins liking YOU more and more…

Your attracting for each other is increasing and building by the minute but then… she tells you that she has some important “errands” to run and has to go meet some of her other friends. 

The interaction begins to fizzle out and you begin to get worried and nervous. So you think to yourself “I better get her phone number while I still have the chance”.

You want to ask this girl for her phone number, but you don’t know HOW?

But for that moment you decide to set your fear of rejection aside and you ask her in almost a whisper of a voice “Can I have your phone number?”

She begins thinking to herself for a moment in response to your question and then she replys back to you “I don’t really know you that well yet, how about you give me your phone number instead?”

At this moment you recognize that she is declining your offer and is rejecting you but she is simply trying to do it in a nice way that helps you to save face.

You give her your phone number and the each of you exit the conversation and go you’ll separate ways.

You walk away from this conversation feeling defeated, rejected, and embarrassed.

“We both liked each other” you reason to yourself. “So how come she didn’t give me her phone number?” you begin asking yourself.

Why DIDN’T she give you her phone number?

It’s a very interesting question. Why are most men unable to get a girl’s phone number even when it seems like there is both mutual attraction?

The reason is because most men do not know how to get a girl’s phone number in a smooth way without making it seem like a big deal.

In this article I am going to show you how to get girl’s phone numbers while being smooth, effortless, and without even having to ask for it.

The Secret to Getting Any Girl’s Phone Number

There are three (3) main keys and tips that you must follow to successfully get a girl’s phone number.

The three (3) key tips to follow when getting a girl’s phone number are:

  • Getting a Girl’s Phone Number During the Height of an Interaction
  • Making Statements and NOT Asking Any Questions
  • Never Saying The Words “Phone Number” to a girl in the first place to begin with

I’ll explain each point in much more detail below…

Getting a Girl’s Phone Number During the Height of an Interaction

The absolute best time to get a girl’s phone number is when the conversation seems to be going good. This could be when the girl is laughing at your jokes or sharing a very personal interesting story with you and the two of you really seem to be connecting.

The point where most men go wrong when trying to get a girl’s phone number is that most men ask girl’s for their phone number at the wrong times of an interaction. 

For an example: Most men wait until the conversation with a woman begins to fizzle out and lose steam and THEN they try asking a girl for her phone number.

But you have to see it from the woman’s perspective:

She assumes that you and her obviously must not have THAT MUCH in common otherwise you and her would BOTH be enjoying the conversation and their would be NO awkward silences.

At this point of the interaction she is CLEARLY NOT enjoying spending time with you and is not feeling any sort of positive emotions and strong connections, so WHY would she give YOU her phone number and continue to feel this way?

Trying to get a girl’s phone number once the interaction begins to fizzle out or worse at the end of a conversation will usually lead to the failure of getting a girl’s phone number.

So when exactly is the best and perfect time to get a girl’s phone number?

Get a girl’s phone number at the absolute height of her interaction with you.

This could be when she is laughing at a joke that you may have said or when she is allowing you to touch her and get physical.

When you and her are both CLEARLY enjoying each other’s company, the only natural thing to do is for both you and her to exchange phone numbers with each other.

Always try to get a girl’s phone number once the conversation is going well and you can sense that the girl clearly likes you and is enjoying spending time with you.

Never Ask A Girl For Her Phone Number, Tell Her To Give It To You

Notice how in this article I have NEVER said or mentioned for you to ASK a girl for her phone number?

There is a very important reason why you do NOT ever want to ask a girl for her phone number:

When you ask a girl for her phone number, you are asking FOR HER permission.

There is 2 reasons why doing this is BAD:

If you and the girl are both CLEARLY into each other and you and her BOTH have mutual attraction for each other, why do you NEED to ask for her phone number?

Why wouldn’t you ASSUME that she would simply give it to you?

By you asking a girl “Can I have your phone number?”, you are essentially causing her to think to herself and ask herself “Hmmm… That’s a very good question, CAN he have my phone number?”

Believe me, doing this is a very easy way to kill the seductive mood that you have set as well as destroy ALL of the sexual tension that you have built AND the girl will begin to think of reasons to herself about why she CAN’T give you her phone number.

She will reason to herself things such as: 

“There are many stalkers and creeps out there… maybe it’s NOT a good idea to give this guy my phone number”

“He’s asking me for my phone number… but I don’t want to seem TOO EASY… I better turn him down and play hard to get”

Asking for a girl’s phone number is BAD no matter how you put it.

But if you are unable to ask a girl for her phone number, how do you actually GET her phone number?

Tell Girl’s to Give You Their Phone Number…

The best way to get a girl’s phone number is to TELL HER to give it to you.

Yes, that’s right, don’t ask her to give you her phone number, TELL HER to give it to you.

ASSUME that she will give you her phone number and naturally follow your lead.

The truth is girl’s are attracted to men who are able to lead and give commanding statements.

A girl doesn’t want you to ask her “Can I kiss you?”

and likewise girl’s HATE it when men ask for their phone numbers and force THEM to make a decision. Girls are attracted to men who are able to make the easy decisions FOR THEM.

Could you imagine and picture in your head James Bond asking a girl for her phone number in a weak and very submissive voice “Can I please have your phone number, maam?”

I can’t either. And you know what, it WOULDN’T ever happen.

James Bond wouldn’t ASK girl’s for their phone number, he’d tell girls to GIVE IT to him.

What’s the best way to go about telling a girl to give you her phone number?

Here’s some statements that I’ve used with great success in the past:

“You seem like a cool girl, let me get your contact information”

“You’re a very interesting person, what’s the best way for us to stay in contact?”

The two (2) statements above have two (2) very important things in common with each other:

  • I am complimenting a girl at the height of the interaction where she clearly likes me and is enjoying my company.

This is very important: Don’t get a girl’s phone number when the conversation is going BAD, get her phone number when the conversation is going GOOD.

  • NONE of my statements include the words “phone number”

But why is this?

It’s simple really. Due to the lack of unattractive men living in today’s society, many women have begun associating the word “phone number” to mean a BAD thing.

You saying the word “phone number” causes her to remember the last 15 unattractive creepy men who “hit on her” asking her for her phone number.

How do you avoid and get around this problem?

Never include the words “phone number” when you try to get a girl’s phone number.

The statements I like to use is:

“Let me get your contact information”

A woman KNOWS you want her phone number but because you do not actually SAY the words “phone numbers” she intreprets the statement completely differently.

Another statement that I enjoy using is:

“What’s the best way for us to stay in contact?”

A quick note on this statement: I am not asking a girl for her phone number in the same way that the typical beta male or nerd asks for a girl’s phone number. 

My GOAL is to obviously get her phone number but I do it in a very roundabout way by asking her:

“What’s the best way for us to stay in contact?”

I know that the way most girls stay in contact with people nowadays is with their cell phones, so I think about the IDEA but SHE’S the one who SAYS IT.

Most girls at this point will usually respond back to me with:

“I know, let’s trade phone numbers this way we can keep in contact”.

And I will agree with them.

Yes, this statement is a bit sneaky but it WORKS almost everytime.

How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number Every Time (Without Ever Having to Ask for It)

Getting a girl’s phone number isn’t hard. Most men just have a very bad tendency to make it hard.

Successfully Getting a Girl’s Phone Number All Comes Down To:

  • Getting her phone number during the height of an interaction
  • Making statements and never asking ANY questions
  • Never saying the words “phone number” to a girl in the first place

When you know how to get a girl’s phone number you are able to get dates and move fast with women much more easily.

But of course getting a girl’s phone number is only ONE piece of the puzzle. You must also be able to successfully text girls and get them out on dates with you.

To learn how to better text girls and set up dates check out these 2 articles:

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Follow the advice in THOSE articles and in THIS one and you’ll be getting more phone numbers and filling your calendar up with more dates than you can handle.

– Malcolm Thomas

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