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How to Get a Girl’s Attention and Keep It

attentionHave you ever seen businessmen walking in the streets and women give them double takes?

Or have you seen a guy getting many looks from women around him?

I have seen this lot’s and LOT’S of times because it’s good to learn from the best, right?

The guys that I saw getting looks from women had a few things they were doing right to get their attention.

Here is a list of some ways that you can get a girl’s attention (and KEEP it). 

Dress to impress!

If you want girls to check you out, you need something that you can show them that makes it worthwhile for them to look at.

Wear something fitted and not something baggy. You want to wear clothes that fit your body and not be too big or too small for you.

A common dress code I see guys my age wear is a blazer with a dress shirt tucked into their pants or jeans. They also wear dress shoes to complement their outfit. 

Stuff like this gets girls attention because it makes you appear professional. 

Try to find out the latest fashion styles for men and see if you can find something you like wearing. You can also wear jeans with clean shoes and a nice shirt!

As long as whatever you’re wearing fits you and looks good, you’re fine.

Obviously girls have different preferences and so don’t be surprised if only a few girls check you out.

Also, keep your nails short and trim your nose hair. Style your hair and put some lotion on your face.

These small things will help you get a girls attention.

Walk with your back straight and head high.

A good exercise to get the right body is to stand against a wall. Make sure your shoulder touches the wall and make sure your head touches the wall too.

This gives you the dominant type of body posture and makes you appear confident!

Do you think you will get a girl’s attention if you’re walking with a slouch?

Watch an episode of ‘Suits’ and see how Harvey Spector walks. He walks with dominance as his back his straight and head is high! He’s a great example of the right body posture and girls do notice stuff like this!

Combine these two and you have an awesome combination in getting attention from girls!

Once you get their attention and you see that they are interested in you, you can start a conversation with them.

You don’t even have to wait for indicators of interest, you can just approach them and start talking to them!

– Perry Keith

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