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How to Get a Girlfriend… in 5 Easy Steps

ooooo Getting a girlfriend is fairly easy when you’ve been talking and sleeping with multiple women. 

Many men go about getting a girlfriend in some of the worse ways possible. They focus on a girl and develop oneitis.  This keeps men from talking to other women and bringing new women into their lives. 

Other times guys are so desperate to have a girlfriend that they settle for ANY girl. Guys can also get in the habit of scaring off girls by being too needy and clingy. This will make women run far away from you. 

Let’s take this step by step on how to get a girlfriend. This will be after you’ve gotten the ground work on your fundamentals. 

Remember, you won’t be able to get a girlfriend if you don’t already know how to properly talk to women and build an emotional connection with them.

How to Get a Girlfriend

1. First you need to already have women in your life, and if you don’t go out and meet at least five new women each day.  

When you’re constantly out meeting and developing new relationships with women, you develop an abundance mentality.  You also get preselction and social proof working on your behalf, since women LOVE seeing you talk to other pretty women. 

Along with that you also don’t get overly attached to any particular woman. This is a very important step to successfully getting a girlfriend because you need to know what you’re looking for in a relationship. 

Most guys don’t have standards or qualities they’re looking for. It would be the equivalent of going to a dealership and saying you want a “car”, but don’t give any detail on a particular type of car. Sure, some women may act the same but at the end of a day they have different qualities that set them apart from each other.

However, don’t go out each day and tell women you’re looking for a relationship. Most women you will meet even while they are looking for a relationship just want to have fun and see where it goes. They’ll view you as a guy who doesn’t have options and commits to the first girl that likes him back. 

You have to be going out on plenty of dates already. This way you will begin to know the different types of women you find attractive. You’ll start finding out what kind of girl that you are compatible with. You’ll decide if you want a quiet shy girl, wild party girl, or a cute laid back girl. 

You should already be going out on your own, and approaching different women regularly. Then you’ll be use to closing the deal with women who find you attractive!

How to Get a Girlfriend: You Must Already Be Having Sex With LOTS of Different Women

2. You must already be sleeping with women. LOT S of different women. I’m not saying fuck anything that walks, but you DO want to have a good mix of different women in your life. 

Believe me when I say this, when you’re sleeping with a girl sooner or later she’ll want MORE from you. Women eventually get tired of having a friends with benefits arrangements because they don’t satisfy all their needs. 

This is why women coin the phrase “talking” they’re trying to see if a guy they’re sleeping with will commit to them. If the guy doesn’t commit to the woman, she’ll move on and stop talking to the guy. 

Now when you’re great in bed and can give women amazing orgasms women will want to keep you around. Women will ask about the OTHER women in your life and try to figure out how serious you are about them. They’ll want to get to know you.

3. Now when you have a particular girl you’re sleeping with and you find her interesting, bring her around more. I mean cuddle with her after sex and talk to her, REALLY get to know her. 

When you actually start treating a friends with benefits like a girlfriend she’ll pick up on it. She’ll want you to start to define the relationship. Then you set the framework for the relationship. 

*How often will you see her?

*How soon will you meet her friends/family?

*Will you still be out with the boys and will she still have girl’s nights out?

As the man you have to establish the rules with her for the type of relationship you want. I tell women I don’t celebrate holidays other than Christmas, Thanksgiving, and each other’s birthdays. I tell them those are the holidays that are culturally most important to me. 

I also tell women that if they’re working I’ll pay for some things, but I won’t pay for everything. I tell them we’re a team, and I want us to help each other succeed. I tell them that I won’t be acting like a single guy and I expect them to not act like a single girl. 

I’ve developed these terms to prolonged my long term relationships. I tell women I don’t date women I’m not serious about. Remember that sex doesn’t make a relationship. It’s great taking a women through a whirlwind of emotions, but you have to determine what kind of relationship you actually want.

How to Get a Girlfriend: Never Rush Into a Relationship

4. Find out if she’s right for you, you shouldn’t rush into a relationship with a girl. 

Some girls are great in bed but don’t offer much of anything else. You want a girlfriend who’s going to encourage you and be there for you. The same way that you want to be there for her. 

Find out about her family and her background. A lot of guys end up in crazy unbalanced relationships because of desperation. Don’t commit to a girl until she commits to you. This means that until you guys are official, don’t stop meeting and talking to other girls. 

Guys bring me sob stories about this “perfect” girl and two weeks later found out she’s dating another guy. Until, you’ve landed that job, you must keep applying to other places and doing interviews. Once you’ve gotten that callback and signed the paperwork and it has all been processed, then you can enjoy. Until then keep meeting and dating new women. 

Women will sometimes throw out “I don’t want you talking to other girls”. When you hear that, ask them if they’ve stopped talking to other guys. If she’s quiet, just tell them you don’t believe in double standards. 

Women will not hesitate to tell you “we’re not official” or “I’m not your girlfriend”. This is a test to figure out if she really has you or not. When a woman feels like she has you, the challenge is over and you’re done. Women want to feel like they’ve accomplished something when they make you their boyfriend. 

Take these as caution signs as you’re out meeting new women.  Don’t love her for strictly her body, love her for her mind.  Women want to feel special and know that you understand them. They want you to be that special guy that drives them nuts and can give them all those crazy emotions.     

How to Get a Girlfriend: Make it Happen

5. Let it happen, this is the last most important step. You’ll be surprised at times when that girl you thought hated you eventually wants to be your everything. When you’ve been sleeping with a woman, and been getting to know her. She’ll want to turn it into something more with you. She’ll view you as an important piece to her life. 

Remember don’t be too desperate and come on too strong. Play it cool, in a “I want you but don’t need you way.” This makes girls go CRAZY, when she eventually gets tired of just sleeping with you. 

When she asks where this relationship is headed, and you believe she’s the one for you let her be. If you don’t believe she’s right for you and you have doubts let her go. Just don’t ever date a girl just to date a girl.

– Just Dave

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