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How to Flirt With Women (and Create Attraction)

how to flirt with women Flirting with women does not necessarily come naturally to most men. As a matter of fact, sometimes their efforts fall short and may simply be misconstrued as trying to be polite and too friendly.

In other cases, they may come off as being too pushy or forward. However, there are a few tips that ANY man can use to convey interest in a woman’ that will definitely NOT be missed. 

Learning how to flirt with women does NOT need to be difficult or hard. Most men make flirting with women a huge monumental task when in reality flirting with women should be something fun that you simply enjoy doing.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be flirting with and creating attraction with the women who YOU desire most.

How to Flirt With Women: Body Language is Everything

While this sounds simple enough, it really is not that easy. Men should be aware of their body language when trying to flirt with a woman. Simply put, he should keep his hands out of his pockets and lean in during a conversation.

This conveys openness and interest. For example, lean forward and make contact by placing a hand on her lower arm while talking. This shows obvious interest without making the woman feel uncomfortable. 

Another thing that it is important to do when flirting with women is incorporating a LOT of touching to create a more sexual vibe and to avoid having women throw you in the friend zone.

How to Flirt With Women: Make Good Eye Contact

Sexy and Powerful Eye contact is essential when flirting with any woman. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Many men feel that the “stare” is sufficient, but this can be downright creepy for some women though.

Make eye contact, hold it briefly and then smile. Nothing can be sexier to a woman or more obvious than eye contact with a very warm smile. To further add to the effect, do this a few times throughout the day or evening, so she knows that it was not by chance. 

The reality is that most men are too afraid to look attractive women in the eyes and most men spend too much time walking with heads down and displaying terrible posture that is very unattractive.

Make use of powerful and seductive eye contact and the women you flirt with will feel a very powerful connection to you.

How to Flirt With Women: Tease When Appropriate

Teasing a girl is always a must when flirting. Grin, say something to gently “pick” and laugh with her about. Not only do women love a good sense of humor, but nothing says he is flirting with you like the man who knows how effectively to tease a girl.

How you actually go about teasing a girl will depend on the individual woman though and should often be reserved until some interaction has taken place, such as a few brief conversations. It is important not to come off as being cocky or arrogant. 

How to Flirt With Women: 3/4 of Flirting With Women Involves Listening

As I have said before, becoming a good listener is crucial if you hope to succeed with women.

Men who are great listeners display good attractive traits to women.

On top of that, getting women to do most of the talking is how you make women feel an emotional connection with you.

The man who talks, talks, and talks does NOT attract women. The man who listens, listens, and listens is able to attract girls to him with ease.

How to Flirt With Women Successfully Every Time

If you have noticed, this article did NOT discuss much on what you should actually talk about with girls when you are flirting with them. That is because what you say to girls does NOT matter.

It is the sexual vibe that you convey to women that matters, it is how you touch a girl and arouse her that matters, and it is about maintaining heavy eye contact in your conversations with women.

Men who know how to flirt with women in the right way have no shortages or problems with getting dates, having women respond to their text messages, and seducing the girls who they manage to get on dates.

Begin following just a few of these simple flirting tips and you will never fail to get a girls phone number or go home alone again.

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