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How to Eliminate Flakes: STOP Getting Phone Numbers

Today I am going to give you the #1 secret to eliminating flakes from your life completely.

This is THE trick and secret to stopping girls from flaking on you.

To stop girls from wasting your time.

To stop yourself from wasting mental energy thinking about a girl or becoming OBSESSED with her.

Want to know the secret to how I eliminated flakes from my life completely?

I stopped getting phone numbers from women. Yes, I totally STOPPED.

And instead, I started becoming more aggressive and pushing to get more one night stands and first date sex.

I STOPPED trying to make girls like me and just get their phone numbers…

And I STARTED approaching girls and trying to bring them home.

The Biggest Mistake Most Guys Make (and Why THIS Mistake Causes Them To Get Flaked On)

Most guys consider it a success to get a woman’s phone number. Most men really do.

Most guys will approach a girl, start talking to her, the girl will begin to like him, he notices this and immediately asks for her phone number… and then he leaves.

And THIS is why this man will probably get flaked on.

Here is the biggest mistake that causes most men to FAIL:

Instead of pushing the interaction with women the furthest they can, they settle for getting JUST a phone number instead of inviting the girl on an instant date or trying to get the girl home.

One of the things that allowed to me achieve faster success with women was having the willingness to push the interaction the furthest that it could actually go.

Talking to a girl and continuing to escalate to the NEXT phase in the seduction.

Meeting a girl and seeing just how FAR that I could progress an interaction because my goal was to GET LAID.

Not to only get a phone number and “hope” to eventually get her out on a date.

Not to ask for her phone number and then call it a “success”

I pushed every interaction the furthest that it could go because I had the goal to bring a girl back to my place and have sex with her quickly.

Here is the process that I run nowadays when I first meet women:

Me and the girl begin talking and connecting with one another.

I lead her by the hand and visit another area of the place that we are at or I say “Let’s step outside to get some air”

We talk some more and find out what else she is doing that day or night and IF she is free, I give her an invitation to “come chill at my place”.

Most girls will usually agree to this provided you present it as low-key and not make it a big deal.

If the girl refuse then I will change the subject and talk to her a little bit more. Then I will find out what her schedule looks like later on in the week and I will propose a date.

At this point, most girls will agree to the date and then usually THEY will suggest that we trade phone numbers because now we have an actual REASON to do so.

Are you beginning to see WHY using this strategy is SO much more effective than just trying to get a girls phone number?

STOP Getting Phone Numbers, Start Lining Up DATES

At this point in my life, I no longer ask girls for their phone numbers because… I no longer need to.

If I meet a girl who I like and she ALSO likes me, I will either try to have sex with her that SAME day OR… I will set up a date with her right on the spot and then she will usually suggest the idea that we trade phone numbers.

If you are man who is sick and tired of getting flaked on, of getting stood up on, or getting USED and ABUSED…

Then STOP only trying to get phone numbers and START trying to get SEX or at the minimum DATES.

I no longer run “game” because the truth be told, it isn’t necessary. I simply live my life as an attractive and successful man and opportunities fall into my lap.

Want to eliminate flakes from your life for GOOD? Stop getting phone numbers and start getting sex or dates.

Because ask yourself…

If a girl does NOT agree to have sex with you or go out on a date with you, then why are you actually getting her phone number to begin with?

– Malcolm Thomas

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