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How to Develop Charisma

charismaaHave you seen or possibly known a guy who always seems to be the life of the party? 

It’s like his mere presence uplifts the vibe of the entire scene. Everyone is eager to meet him, talk to him or, at the least, be close to him.

He strolls in with an air of confidence that is so apparent, substantial and REAL that it’s almost as if it were cologne that he had sprayed on himself. You can almost SMELL it.

He’s always dressed razor sharp, wardrobe spot on and perfectly matching the occasion. It’s as if this man rolls out of bed in the morning looking put together.

He makes his way through the masses with his head held high, combining poise and grace with ruggedness and masculinity. He greets everyone with a warm, friendly smile and eye contact that makes them feel as if they were the only ones in the room.

To the men, he gives a firm and strong shake of the hand and a pat on the back with authority. He’s never met a stranger. In his presence, new acquaintances feel like they’re his friends and his friends feel like family.

He greets women with a seductive smile, a gentle shake of the hand and a vibe of confidence, strength and sexuality that flows from his hand through their body like electricity. They FEEL his essence.

Animals run to him. Children adore him. Men want to BE him. Women want to be WITH him.

What does this man have that you don’t?

Is it because he’s ridiculously good looking?

No, it’s not. Looks do matter, but not in the way you probably think. This man looks great because he takes care of himself. He exercises, eats well and takes care of his health. He’s immaculately groomed and he puts time, thought and effort into his wardrobe.

Is it because he’s rich and he drives an expensive car?

Nope. While this man is successful in life he does not receive the kind of attention and reaction that he does BECAUSE of the money he makes. The world is filled with fat, sloppy, unattractive millionaires who wouldn’t know an Alpha fundamental if it hit them in the face. Despite all of their money they don’t receive the kind of admiration that this man does.

Is it because he sold his soul to the devil?

No… well, maybe, but I highly doubt it. Although it would certainly make sense that any man who seems to get everything just right at all times must’ve worked a deal with Lucifer himself in order to obtain this kind of power.

The truth is it’s NONE of the above. So, what makes this man who he is?

It’s the fact that he is a MASTER at the fundamentals. As I previously touched on, he works out, eats right, dresses well and he’s always well groomed. In addition to, and because of these things, he is a very confident man who has tremendous BELIEF in himself.

He truly values himself.

Now, this self-value he feels is not arrogance, vanity or being conceited.  It is a healthy dose of respect and love from his self.  And, because of that, he is a centered, balanced, happy and successful man who has the ability to love others, give generously and be a positive influence on the people within his life.

All of these traits this man possesses, coupled with the fundamentals he has managed to master, create an ideal man who can be described in ONE word…


Charisma is what it is all about, gentlemen. Charisma is what makes people want to be near this man. It’s what draws them to him like a moth to a flame. It’s what makes people like, and in some cases, love him so much.

Charisma is why women become instantly attracted to him. Charisma, coupled with confidence, is also the reason why the few women who aren’t attracted to him, do not bother him in the least.

At this point you might be wondering, “How does a man become charismatic?”

Are some men simply BORN that way and the rest of us can only admire their abilities from afar?

Well… maybe. I think that yes, maybe some men are born that way. However, I believe the vast majority of charismatic men have successfully developed this trait and they have done so intentionally.

They’ve become charismatic by fully developing their fundamentals. They take care of themselves. They make it a point to learn every day. They set goals, challenge themselves and work hard to accomplish everything they set out to do. They have a “never say die” attitude and WILL NOT QUIT until they succeed.

There is never an easy road, paved in gold, on the way to their accomplishments, although they make it look easy. It’s the trials, challenges, learning opportunities and failures that they’ve turned into successes that make these men develop, grow and evolve into the men they become. It is BECAUSE of, not in spite of, the obstacles they face, and overcome, that they become the REAL, strong, confident, successful and charismatic men that they are.

These men also take a genuine interest in others. They definitely handle business within their own lives but they are not so selfish and self-absorbed that they never think of other people.

They get to know people by asking questions about their lives and truly listening. They know that people want and need to feel appreciated, respected and even admired at times.

Charismatic men are quick to extend their hand and help lift upon someone who’s been knocked down by life. They offer advice and support. They are strong men who can handle the weight of a person needing someone to lean on.

Charismatic men take care of their women, their children, their families and friends. They are a rock. They are the anchor for those they love when the seas of life get rough.

So, I challenge you…

Would you like to be a man who oozes confidence and sex appeal with women? 

Would you like to be the guy who makes everyone’s face light up when he walks into a room? 

Would you like to look, act and truly feel as if you have it ALL figured out?

If so, then starting TODAY, here and now, begin challenging yourself, setting goals and working your ass off to achieve everything you want in your life. Along the way, through this journey, you’ll develop so many strengths that will carry you through the rest of your life.

The great thing is, the experiences you’ll have, the adversities you’ll face and the confidence you will develop will all mold you into a charismatic man.

However, just fair warning, soon when you walk through the door….all eyes will be on you.

– Michael “The Wheel One” Wheeler

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